mountain tops - PTH is like climbing a mountain until you see the light

The Path to Healing

"The Path to Healing is merely that which enables the self to awaken to the true self, to understand the behaviors that lie within, to understand the characters that are either endorsed or hidden from view. It is to be made available to those students who seek to truly understand the self, those who are willing to focus upon the negative and to place themselves in the hands of a Teacher until sufficient negativity has been released so that their own Teacher may then step forth and be heard. The Path to Healing is a teaching that is intended for those who have awakened; it is a teaching that can also be utilized to aid those who have yet to awaken." 

- Ascended Master Kuthumi

Where to start? A quick start can be found at Lesson Plans -> PTH Quick Start area. A more thorough understanding can be gained by reading the PTH Book Disciples Guide(recommended). (For those that like bullet points, see: Lesson Plans -> Lesson Plan Study Guide). The book is organized by presenting the lesson plans from both a positive and negative view. For the positive view, the Master of Light are a contingency of masters led by Kuthumi who have dictated the material presented. The negative view uses a literary technique of the “Dark Lords” to give a view based on how the lower fields of consciousness keeps the student from reaching higher for better solutions.

Creating an account allows you to create and Display Chart information, and is a good way to jump-start in learning about the self. Also under your Account (which replaces the Login/Signup menu selection when signed in), there are preferences where you can change your Settings. There is no limitation on the number of charts. This is a free site. We provide the information, but it is up to you to do the work. Without getting a good familiarity with the background information, the reports can be difficult to follow. As long time students using PTH, we are happy to answer any questions using the Contact form on the site.

Under Lesson Plans, the Questionnaires are designed to see how well you know yourself. The Lesson Plan Study Guides are a condensed summary of the major lesson plans. To use, it is assumed you will have familiarized yourself with the material. Lesson Pairings is a short guide on how the major lessons of any two people can interact with each other. Planet Changes is a 24-hour view of the lesson for any date selected. This can be helpful if you do not know your time of birth, or just want to see how the lessons change over a 24-hour period.

Under Teachings, the Teachings Index is an index by topic taken from excerpts of class sessions with Te Auna. The names mentioned, Te Auna Ra Ka (the physical teacher) and two of the students, Sol An Ka and Loereve Raa Ka are the names that Kuthumi knows us, and addressed us by, as his students. Selected Teachings are self-standing teachings given specifically for the website. Since the passing of Te Auna, we, her students, will continue to go through the material we have received over the years and will update the website accordingly. Additional material may be provided for those truly dedicated students who desire to learn more.