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The Path to Healing

Recognizing the Soul’s Mission
The soul’s mission endows natural capabilities upon the student at birth, ensuring that the role chosen by the soul can be performed, once the blockage has been identified and removed; these inherent abilities instill desire in the student, to perform the role chosen. To uncover inherent capabilities that have been prohibited by blockage, the student need review the life experiences. Recognition of the inner desire may or may not be recognized by the student. This exercise is intended to uncover abilities that lie within, overwhelmed by blockage, prohibiting appropriate performance of the role designated by the soul at birth. This role has been chosen by the soul to prepare the student for the true mission of the lifetime, which becomes apparent once the role has been performed appropriately with great consistency.

Indicate behaviors and abilities that can be observed within your life experience.

Abilities & Behaviors Yes
I have a great desire to assist others
I enjoy sharing my life experiences, in order to aid others
I do not like for my offerings to be questioned
Others naturally seek my assistance when in need
I provide unique insights, allowing others to view their lives differently
I am always willing to assist another, even to my own detriment
I am capable of retaining large quantities of knowledge
I love to share my knowledge with everyone
I am capable of learning anything that captures my interest
I do not like for others to teach me
I prefer to learn from my self
I desire for all to agree with my assessments
I am willing to nurture others when I receive something in return
I am cognizant of those who seek to use me and will decline my assistance
I am unwilling to assist another when there is no benefit to my self
I am desirous of close personal relationships
I change partners frequently, if I feel I am not appreciated
I do not believe that others nurture me without expectation or obligation
I willingly support others that do not support me
I am often lonely
I am told that others take advantage of my good nature
I have no expectation when offering support to another
I am gullible and trusting
I yearn deeply for relationship with another
I think of my self, first and foremost
I am detail driven when tasking mentally
I enjoy seeking proof that supports my beliefs or theories
I provide little weight to all things unprovable
I am skeptical and suspicious
I frequently doubt others intentions and motives
I am vigilant to others that seek to prove me wrong
I prefer to work independently
I do not like uninvited advice or guidance
I seek to eliminate the interference of others
I do not like to work as a team member
I enjoy competition of any sort
I endorse independence and abhor weakness
My contributions are typically superior to any other’s
When mentally engaged, all else falls away unnoticed
I believe that joining with others weakens my stance