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The Path to Healing

Recognizing the Retreat
Arrival at the retreat segment of the circuit can occur at any time within lesson presentation. Traversal of the battle plan is not mandatory, for the student may determine to abandon the lesson immediately following the engagement; the sooner the student arrives at the retreat, the less energy has been created, thereby supporting, as much as is possible, appropriate conclusion to be drawn while in this segment. If arriving after battle, the energies have increased exponentially and the student is spent; for the battle waged has utilized positive energies to pursue victory. Having determined that the battle was either won or lost, the student arrives at the retreat, provided once again with opportunity for lesson integration.

The goal for the student is to achieve understanding of the lesson; failure to do so grants permission to the soul to store the energies within the bodies, to be utilized to magnetize future lessons of similar content, in order to teach. Minimal catalyst will be needed in order to engage the student as long as these energies remain in residence, thereby providing additional opportunity to the student to learn. Recognition of new behaviors that herald the student’s entry into this segment is vital to lesson integration; the student need understand that, to avoid energy storage within the bodies, the final opportunity for lesson integration is at hand, calling forth the soul, seeking assistance, opening the self to the other, informing of the self’s desire to integrate the lesson favorably for each, is necessary in order to garner the soul’s approval for lesson integration.

Denote the behaviors that appear for the self when the battle has ended.

I still feel conflicted, unable to resolve the battle.
I retreat to gather strength and will usually confront the other later in an attempt to reclaim victory.
I abandon the battle, having determined that the other is wrong and not worthy of the fight.
The battle has been won and my rightness proclaimed; known by myself from the start.
I departed the battlefield having determined that it was not worth the difficulty encountered.
The battle was abandoned, for it was infinitely less important than I presumed when entering.
The battle was lost, for I could no longer bear the interruption to peace and harmony.
The battlefield was abandoned, as I no longer had the stamina to maintain the warrior stance.
I left the battle in order to seek the proof necessary to claim my victory.
The battle was abandoned due to the strength of the other’s proof of my wrongness.
The battle has been lost, with damages extensive to my self; the experience must be warehoused, for the pain is too great to observe it closely.
The battle was aborted due to the betrayal of another; faith in the battle cannot be retrieved.
The battlefield has been abandoned, for proof is far-reaching, proving my self right and the other wrong.
The battlefield has been abandoned, for proof is far-reaching, proving my self wrong and the other right.

The retreat signifies abandonment of the lesson; the student no longer has the strength to continue forth to lesson integration, for all energies have been expended in the battle. It is imperative that the student begin to identify behaviors that sap the strength, prohibiting lesson integration, ensuring that energies will be warehoused within the bodies to magnetize future catalysts, where the lesson is presented again and again, until it is learned.