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The Path to Healing

LP – Shame: A Study of Line 3 energies

Challenges of the LP

The challenge for the student with this lesson plan will be to learn to treat the self and all others with honor and respect. Past life infractions have drawn the soul to choose this lesson in order to teach more appropriate behaviors. The lesson plan will provide opportunity for the student to diminish the self or another, resulting in shame. This action varies from one of guilt, for this lesson plan indicates that the student has misused the personal power to damage the self or another.

To honor the self means to fully embrace the self, accepting the foibles that naturally come within the life experiences, admitting defeat, committing the self to more appropriate behaviors in future. To respect the self means that honor has been upheld; the student has put forth its best efforts and recognizes that failure is a necessary peril to be encountered with lesson presentation. Refusal to embrace that the self makes mistakes causes a failure within to accept others; the student views failure as unacceptable, something that must be hidden. This lesson plan is intended to teach the student that admitting the mistakes is desirable, enabling the self as well as others to learn.

A road map of LP energy influence and → its potential results
  • ➣ Mistakes have been made and the student is unable to embrace this natural component of lesson presentation → the student has determined that the other cannot be forgiven for the infraction
  • ➣ Lesson presentation will be focused upon teaching the student proper treatment of the self as well as others → failure to integrate the lesson strengthens field connectivity endorsing the bitterness felt as a result of lesson failure
  • ➣ The student is unaware of the true value of sexual union, is often indiscriminate, with leanings to promiscuity → depending on the belief system, this pursuit may be squelched or endorsed
  • ➣ Joining with another in sacred union is prohibited by the constant field connection, → the funneling of bitterness and contempt eliminates all possibility of this joining
  • ➣ The student declines to open the self fully to another → amplifying the desires built within when only the physical connection is endorsed
  • ➣ Failure to integrate the lesson → causes the student to grow more embittered
  • ➣ Rather than observing the self’s behaviors and determining those areas in need of modification → the student continues to pursue the desire, flinging the self headlong into situations that guarantee shaming of the self or another
  • ➣ Misuse of power is the result of the student forcefully taking that which the sense of entitlement endorses as rightfully belonging to the self → the other is viewed as an instrument to be used to receive that which is desired
  • ➣ Gratitude is rarely expressed, for the student has not recognized the contribution of the other → this behavior brings future lesson to the self where the self is used and gratitude withheld
  • ➣ The student abuses the self or another and does not understand the impact of the behaviors → this lacking causes the student to continue to pursue that which satisfies the emotional and physical components of desire, remaining heedless of the ramifications to the spiritual path
  • ➣ Continued diminishment of the self or another → will bring physical ramifications to the student, for it is this that the soul uses to draw attention to the abuses that must be corrected
  • ➣ The student must learn that abuse of another → will result in future abuse for the self, for this lesson alone ensures that karmic repercussions will be provided to the offender in future

The Student Illustrated: Who am I and what do I want?
Characters: The self has become hidden from the self and the student is averse to mining that which lies within
  • ➣ The student has not learned to love the self - it is believed that the self is unworthy of love due to past transgressions that cannot be forgiven
  • ➣ The physical body instills the desire for that which is likely to result in diminishment of the self or another, for it is this activity that causes the most damage to the spiritual path
  • ➣ The student is focused upon the physical and the emotional components of sexual union, heedless of the damage that is being done, exhausting vital energies when expended upon another that is not the beloved
  • ➣ Continued failure to integrate the lesson causes the student to hide the escapades of the self, for it is known deeply within to be improper - this hiding causes the student to lose sight of the true self and the character is created that makes the self appear to be more acceptable to others
  • ➣ Failure to receive acceptance of the character enrages the student, for the self cares only for what the self wants - others are expected to provide that which is sought.

Desires: The student must learn that the self’s desires are no more important than another’s and that pursuit which diminishes another will ultimately damage the self
  • ➣ The physical body provides the testing ground for the student with this lesson plan, as it is ripe with opportunity for diminishment of the self or another
  • ➣ The student does not understand the desires - pursuit however, is not hampered due to this lacking
  • ➣ The student is compassionless, caring little for the impact of the self’s behaviors upon another, for the desires of the self are all that is nurtured
  • ➣ The student is filled with desire that overwhelms the physical body
  • ➣ The student will maintain a voracious appetite for all things sensual or will have no appetite at all

The Focal Point: Diminishment of self or others
Personal Power: Abuse of the personal power to obtain the desires without concern for the impact upon another will be a focal point of this lesson plan
  • ➣ Employment of others in the attainment of one’s personal desires is natural to the life existence - it is when diminishment of the other is a result that the other has been used improperly and correction need be made
  • ➣ Power is utilized to take from another that which rightfully belongs to the other so that the self may be satisfied -- diminishes the other
  • ➣ When the own personal power is relinquished to another due to the demands made of the self by the other – diminishes the self
  • ➣ The human must learn to protect that which rightfully belongs to the self, for there are many who will willingly take another’s power, thereby diminishing the human’s prospects for soul evolution and lesson integration
  • ➣ The student must recognize when another has been instrumental to the accomplishments of the self - ego will encourage the student to take that which is desired from another without provision of recognition and gratitude

Sexual Energies: Improper sharing of these energies drains the student, creating deep desire within for repeated interludes for the need becomes insatiable, resulting in diminishment of the self’s abilities to move forward upon the spiritual path
  • ➣ The sacred union is intended for the beloved, for it is a joining of the four bodies: the mental, the emotional, the spiritual, and lastly the physical
  • ➣ The student who joins with another physically before the other bodies have joined prohibits the sacred union, for great energies only become available when all four have been joined
  • ➣ The student has improperly placed the physical body first, being averse to experiencing the vulnerability that is naturally experienced when joining openly with another through the emotional body
  • ➣ Sexual energies have been wasted, for the physical body is merely satisfied, while the emotional and mental bodies have been ignored
  • ➣ Sharing of unconditional love with another through the sacred union grants healing powers like no other
  • ➣ All energies residing in the outer bodies may be removed through this union
  • ➣ The goal of the lesson plan: the removal of all current, as well as past life energies that reside within the astral bodies

Breaking Free
  • ➣ Understanding the lesson, admitting the mistakes made upon the path to learning is necessary
  • ➣ The student must focus the attention upon the behaviors that endorse diminishment of the self or another
    • Recognition of abuse of another is necessary to minimize future lessons - refusal to recognize the abuse guarantees lesson of equal proportion, drawn to the student to awaken this recognition
    • ◆ The student must learn that all are to be treated with honor and respect including the self
    • ◆ Recognition must be made that it is never permissible to diminish another’s prospects upon the spiritual path
    • ◆ Those who have assisted in the student’s successful attainment of desire must be recognized to others as a vital component to the self’s success
    • Diminishment of another need be corrected with others when the diminishment holds impact to the personal reputation or the goodwill that is held for the other
  • ➣ The student must learn the true value of the sexual union, for the energies made possible with this sacred union will propel the student forward
    • ◆ Until the student has recognized those that have been diminished by the self’s actions, sacred union will be prohibited.
    • ◆ The spiritual path is closed to the student that continues to ignore that the self’s actions have diminished another
    • ◆ The student must embrace the self, forgive the self of past transgressions, extending gratitude forward to those who have been diminished by the self’s actions
    • ◆ The student must learn that all actions carry impact to the self, as well as to others - reparations are necessary when the result has been to diminish or shame another
  • ➣ Lessons will be presented that encourage the student to admit the mistakes, to focus the attention upon the behaviors that have caused the failure, committing the self to changed behaviors in future

Failure is experienced when
  • ➣ The student has made mistakes and is averse to admitting to this failure
    • ◆ Diminishment of another has resulted in shame for the student refuses to embrace that the self has damaged another
    • ◆ The student believes that the self was merely fulfilling the self’s desires
    • ◆ Satisfaction of the desire is primary
    • ◆ The student is care-less of the impact of the self’s behaviors upon another as long as the desire has been satisfied
    • ◆ Karmic repercussions demand that the student suffer the same fate in future if reparations are not made
  • ➣ The student ignores the past, granting permission to the soul to draw future catalyst that forces the student to go within, to determine that which need be provided as restitution to eliminate future testing
  • ➣ Until the student learns that the self has earned the punishment received, confusion will overwhelm, as the punishment returns again and again, until recognition of the other that was damaged has been made

Behaviors endorsed by the field of Shame

Starving to Gluttonous, Selflessness to Selfishness, Frugal to Wasteful, Indiscriminating

Characteristics endorsed by the field of Shame

Contemptuousness, Bitterness, Vengefulness, Suspicion, Dishonesty