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The Path to Healing

LP – Denial: A Study of Line 2 energies

Challenges of the Lesson Plan

Greater challenge has been requested by the soul who selects this lesson plan and permission has been granted to deliver ever-greater energies to the student who successfully integrates the lessons associated with this lesson plan. Previous lifetime accomplishments have been enjoyed by the soul; great energies have been earned and it is the desire of the soul to provide access to these energies in the current lifetime, so that great things may be accomplished. Great things may only be accomplished when the energies are available to overcome great challenge; the student will be capable of accomplishing anything that is desired by the self when endorsed by the soul should the lesson plan be integrated.

Unable to embrace that choice is available to all and must be honored by all, the student employs judgment to diminish those who differ from the self. Acceptance of another is impossible as long as the field connection is nurtured by this judgment, thereby prohibiting the student from examining other choices for the self - that which might be more appropriate for the self, at this time. Refusal to examine prior decisions has eliminated progress for the student; field energies endorse this refusal. Ego warns the student of the dangers of changing the mind, whispering that diminishment of the self is certain for those who venture forth to different solution. The student remains unaware that choice has been presented; rather, the connection to the lower fields of consciousness has been accepted and lesson plan failure is imminent. Ego will continue to endorse the student’s faulty conclusions, until field connection has been strengthened, thereby delivering judgment that effectively shuts down the lesson plan, for the student is no longer capable of accepting the advice or the opinions of another once negative energies have overwhelmed the lesson.

The student will be challenged severely with this lesson plan as great blockage has been placed to prohibit the self from recognizing and accepting responsibility for the self’s behaviors; the impact of these behaviors is ignored for the self as well as others, due to the student’s inability to recognize that judgment is ever-present, prohibiting forward progress on the path to healing.

A road map of LP energy influence and → its potential results
  • ➣ Personal responsibility is lacking for the student, for all things outside the self are judged as inferior → this judgment enables the student to focus upon the other, rather than the self.
  • ➣ The self cannot be seen by the self → endorsing the student’s inclination to minimize the impact of the self’s behaviors upon another
  • ➣ The student is unaware that lesson plan failure is due to the failure of the self → the student focuses the attention upon the other, diminishing the other whenever the self feels threatened, ignoring that it is the self that is responsible for survey of all things
  • ➣ The self denies the self the opportunity to survey different ways of being, different ways of thinking → the self has determined the self to be superior to all others, endorsing field connections that offer judgment as the solution
  • ➣ The student judges all things outside the self → failing to see that all being judged is actually within the self
  • ➣ This lesson plan requires that the student work closely with others so that the self may heal the self → the student prefers to work alone, for endorsement of superiority has been received with field connectivity
  • ➣ Judgment pervades all things as the student measures all against the self, wherein the self is perceived to be superior, better than all others → causing the student to remain unaware that others are performing a service for the self, to show the self the behaviors of the self so that corrective action may be taken
  • ➣ The student believes that all behaviors seen and judged belong to the other, ignoring the possibility that the behavior belongs to the self → all things unfavorable are designated as belonging to the other, for field connections prohibit recognition of distasteful behaviors within the self

Student Illustration
  • ➣ Others view the student as arrogant and cold - the feelings of judgment are all pervasive, coloring all activities, prohibiting the closeness with another desired by this lesson plan
  • ➣ The student is blind to the self’s behaviors, refusing to take responsibility for those activities that result in failure
  • ➣ The student is unaware that all things judged belong to the self
  • ➣ The other is focused upon, so that attention may be removed from the self - this tactic of the ego prevents awareness that choice is available
  • ➣ Failing to recognize that others are needed in order to learn, the student ignores all clues that the judgment is of the self, erroneously placing it upon the other, further widening the gap between the self and the other that is needed to learn - the other is rebuffed, assistance declined, for the student is in need of no one to teach the self
  • ➣ Extraordinary difficulty with this lesson plan is encountered due to the constant field connection that endorses judgment, nurtured by the ever-present air of superiority exhibited by the student
  • ➣ The student is alone and the lesson plan is failed, for it cannot be learned independently
  • ➣ The spiritual path is closed as the student flounders, unable to determine why progress has been inhibited
  • ➣ Judgment overwhelms all things - the student determines that others have prohibited the self’s progress when, unbeknownst to the student, it is the self that has prohibited the self’s progress

Breaking Free
  • ➣ The student must first address the field connection that consistently funnels the energies of judgment which is applied to all things - judgment is recognizable as the self’s belief system or way of being - conflict arises when another presents differently, thereby encouraging the student to measure the belief of the other against the own
  • ➣ The student must focus the awareness upon judgment, trapping the negative thinking the moment it arrives, asking the self, “Is this judgment within me?” and if the judgment is recognized to be a part of the self, behaviors must be isolated, targeted for modification, so that continuous field connectivity may be interrupted
  • ➣ The student must recognize that all judgments of another are judgments of the self indicating that lesson has yet to be learned, recognizing that judgment never exists when the lesson has been learned, for the student who has learned for the self is able to accept another’s foibles, willingly offering to aid another, with forward movement upon the path to healing
  • ➣ Reversing the judgment made of another onto the self will aid the student in determining those behaviors that are in need of modification - it is then that the student need focus the attention upon the self to determine that which is needed to accomplish lesson integration
  • ➣ The student must learn that there are many ways of being, many belief systems, all correct for the bearer, accepting each as appropriate, without imposition of judgment - ego will battle this embracement, informing the student of the threat to the self’s way of being and belief system by endorsing judgment, prohibiting further examination for the self of those things that may aid the student with forward progress on the path to healing
  • ➣ Learning that all things are acceptable and that all things are presented to provide choice is the goal, recognizing that the self’s choice is no better than any other - the choice has been provided for examination, so that determination may be made as to its rightness or wrongness for the self, at this time
  • ➣ The student must embrace that change is critical to one’s forward progress, for needs change as the student ages while life experiences differ, requiring different solution - accepting advice or opinions from another, examining closely that which is provided to determine if the different viewpoint is right for the self, at this time

Failure is experienced when
  • ➣ Judgment prohibits true examination as field energies impose the lack of desire for such - rather, the student determines the other to be wrong, discarding the offering that was provided to teach, without review
  • ➣ Preferring the own thinking, the own ways of being, to any other, the student easily follows ego’s nudgings, feeling threatened whenever another questions the self
  • ➣ Field connections prohibit the student from acceptance of an opinion or way of being belonging to another and examining it to determine if it may also be right for the self
  • ➣ Immediate discard of other’s opinions or ways of being is accomplished through the imposition of judgment whereby all others are deemed to be less than the self, less learned, less deserving - these beliefs are all endorsed by the lower fields of consciousness, utilizing superiority and arrogance as a basis
  • ➣ Decisions have been made, adhered to by the student, that no longer serve one who has determined to walk the spiritual path - rather than reviewing options that are currently available that are more conducive to the self’s current needs, the student continues to defend prior decisions, thereby inhibiting forward progress
  • ➣ The student refuses change, viewing change as a threat to the self’s decision-making processes, remaining unwilling to admit that the prior decision is no longer appropriate for the self, preferring to live with the decision that is inappropriate, rather than admitting that needs have changed - inertia is the result, for the student maintains decisions that now serve as a fortress, prohibiting future progress
  • ➣ The student remains unaware that prior decisions are intended to be reviewed and modified to that which is more appropriate for the student at this time
  • ➣ The student steadfastly defends the prior decision, believing the self to be proving the self’s superiority, proving the self’s ability to make appropriate decisions that need not be revisited, diminishing others that readily change whenever need presents

Behaviors endorsed by the field of Denial

Arrogant, Condescending, Judgmental, Argumentative

Characteristics endorsed by the field of Denial

Overbearing, Aggressiveness, Demanding, Abrasiveness

Behaviors and characteristics are the same for the introvert and the extrovert represented by this field; either overt or covert responses exhibit these elements.