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The Path to Healing

Soul's Mission

There are six Soul’s Missions. Each student has one. To understand the Soul’s Mission, the student needs to have their own concept of what the Soul is. There are various titles for a higher consciousness being who undertakes guiding the student to the path and then walking the path. Some of the titles are Teacher, inner Teacher, Higher Self, Guides, Angels…and Soul. The title is unimportant. The role of the higher consciousness being is. Given the creation of the not self through the machinations of social consciousness and the composite self, it is very difficult for the student to find their way to know and heal the self without help. Help comes in two forms. The first is knowledge of what the student is up against in taking on the destruction of the not self. Knowledge comes in a variety of forms such as books, physical teachers, verbal traditions (shamans, various healing methods, and esoteric schools), and systems of healing. The Path to Healing is a system of healing.

What is the Soul’s Mission Lesson Plan? It is part of The Path to Healing and defines the student’s major approach to life. That approach is not an occupation although it could lead to one. It is the student’s fundamental philosophy of life or world view. It is how the student approaches living in the world. It is a lesson plan that is active at birth and is constantly at work acting to lead the self to learning to know and heal the self. All six of the Soul’s Missions have a positive quality, so the question can arise when learning of a specific Soul’s Mission, what is negative about it? It seems that having that world view is desirable. In fact the six Soul’s Mission Lesson Plans are: Teacher, Student (both are special meanings different from the titles given to anyone who pursues the path and the higher consciousness Teacher), Nurturer, Supporter, Researcher, and Analyst. They are in fact worthwhile and productive world views that if appropriately pursued lead to knowing and healing the self. The six Soul’s Missions are:
   Line 1 –Teacher
   Line 2 –Student
   Line 3 –Nurturer
   Line 4 –Supporter
   Line 5 –Researcher
   Line 6 –Analyst