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The Path to Healing

LP – Rejection: A Study of Line 4 energies

Stated goals of the lesson plan

The goal of this lesson plan is aloneness for the student; this aloneness is intended to nurture the desire for inward seeking, leading to discovery of the soul within. Rather, the student pursues outwardly for all things, seeking another with which to pursue the desires, to share the life experiences. The soul lies within awaiting invitation to come forth to join with the student so that great things may be accomplished. Great energies have been brought into the lifetime in order to accomplish a preincarnative agreement; this agreement is impossible to accomplish until the soul has been discovered, invited forth and provided with energies that enable its presence upon the surface to guide the student forward to successful lesson integration. All others within the life experience act as deterrent to this inward seeking.

Important Highlights of this LP
1) Discovery of the Soul; 2) The Mission/Preincarnative Agreement; 3) Sharing of unconditional love with others

A road map of LP energy influence and → its potential results
  • ➣ Disillusionment is experienced early in the lifetime when the expression of love becomes conditional – the belief system is tailored to protect from future disillusionment, stating that others must earn the trust and favor of the self → disillusionment has damaged the self’s ability to embrace another fully
  • ➣ Protection of the self is primary: thoughts and opinions of others are now viewed as threats and the mind becomes rigid → unconditional love and universal acceptance are withdrawn, replaced with behaviors that protect the self
  • ➣ As other behaviors are utilized to protect the self, the energy signature of unconditional love becomes more distorted → repelling those most desired to share in the life experience
  • ➣ Deep yearning to connect with others at the level experienced prior to disillusionment is experienced for the balance of the lifetime → True relationship that nurtures will escape the student with this lesson plan until the soul has been discovered and lesson plan integration accomplished
  • ➣ The student will find that the self is best relied upon → others chosen to assist will rarely succeed in appropriately performing that which is needed by the student
  • ➣ The student is often judged due to misunderstanding → these misunderstandings are intended to remove others from the life experience to bring attention forward that all that is needed is within
  • ➣ In order to avoid the rejection of another → the student begins to reject the self, taking on characteristics and behaviors that are believed to be more acceptable to others than those of the self
  • ➣ The goal of this lesson plan is not to achieve acceptance of another - it is to achieve acceptance and embracement of the soul
    • ◆ Others interfere with this process, serving as a distraction to the student - the student continues to pursue relationship with all outside the self
    • ◆ Exhaustion is frequently visited upon the student who perpetually seeks outside the self for satisfaction - time spent alone refills the reservoirs, providing opportunity to the student to seek within and to awaken to the soul’s presence
    • ◆ If necessary physical challenges will be introduced that encourage time alone to seek inwardly for solution
  • ➣ The student will feel profoundly alone even within the crowd → loneliness is not eliminated until the soul is invited forth

Student Illustration
The student:
  • ➣ Will be challenged with lessons that purposefully separate the student from others, in an attempt to force recognition of the soul within
  • ➣ Is lonely, ever searching for the mate that will fulfill the desire embedded deeply within to love and be loved
  • ➣ Has a mind that is active, over-filled with emotional thinking, prohibiting the self from embracing spiritual concepts appropriately
  • ➣ Will prefer those things that can be proven, although proof is not mandatory
  • ➣ Accepts those things that have been introduced appropriately and rejects those things that have been introduced inappropriately
  • ➣ Focuses upon the messenger rather than the material due to emotional thinking
  • ➣ Easily embraces concepts whether correct or erroneous if the messenger is well liked and is easily misled by those that are well liked
  • ➣ Takes all things personally which overwhelms the mental faculties, creating an inability to think appropriately
  • ➣ Thinks differently from all others
  • ➣ Has been rejected by others from an early age and has decided that the pain suffered is not worth whatever can be received if one remains open to another – indifference is adopted instead as the student begins to harden the heart and to forbid entry to all others who may damage the self
  • ➣ Believes that the self must seek outwardly for satisfaction
  • ➣ Behaviors: Defensiveness, Stubbornness, Argumentative, Pliable to Resistant, Yielding to Unyielding, Avoiding to Confronting, Needy to Distant
  • ➣ Characteristics: Secrecy, Superficiality, Suspicious, Harshness, Abruptness

Spiritual Experience/Contact with the Soul:
  • ➣ Introduction to the spiritual experience early in life grants possibility of timely embracement of these concepts - embracement in the later years will be difficult as the mind is structured and analytical, utilizing logic, which often requires proof
  • ➣ Lessons will be presented that encourage the student to seek within for resolution
  • ➣ The student can be deterred from the spiritual path by an unfavorable experience
  • ➣ The student thinks differently from all others - the soul will provide access to higher fields of consciousness encouraging the inward seeking that is necessary to discover the presence of the soul within
  • ➣ The student is alone or prefers to be alone although the time is not spent seeking to discover the soul within because the student is consumed with activity, rarely allowing the self a moment to quiet the mind, the state that is necessary to discover the soul
  • ➣ Emptiness is pervasive, the life purpose has yet to be uncovered and no thing fills the void that is awaiting exposure - the soul awaits discovery, utilizing vital energies to periodically message the student in an attempt to entice the seeking within that would fill the void
    • ◆ Unaware of the source of the messaging the student seeks outwardly for all satisfaction, providing credit for all messages to the self or another
  • ➣ Flashes of insight, intuition, creativity, and abstract thinking that provide unique and useful solutions to difficult problems are all provided by the soul
  • ➣ Feeling must be nurtured in order to experience spiritually – lesson failure diminishes this sensitivity, causing the student to disregard the feelings due to the pain felt when the feelings are permitted

The Mission / Preincarnative Agreement
  • ➣ The soul has returned with the intention to do great things in service to humanity - this capability only becomes possible if the human is able to integrate the lessons
  • ➣ Extraordinary challenge has been requested by the soul with this lesson plan - permission to bring forth extraordinary energies will be granted upon lesson integration.
  • ➣ The soul has determined a particular mission for the lifetime known as the preincarnative agreement - information will not be released to the student until the lesson plan has been accomplished unless the soul deems it necessary to encourage forward movement
  • ➣ Request of this lesson plan by the soul, as the secondary lesson, signifies that the soul has returned to continue that which was started in a previous incarnation
    • ◆ Planning may stretch across multiple lifetimes where the student was involved in the project - the soul will have chosen this lesson plan as the secondary each time in order to endow the student with the necessary abilities at birth
    • ◆ The student will readily embrace the agreement easily traversing the path to healing, for no barricade will be permitted to obstruct the student’s goals that have spanned multiple lifetimes
    • ◆ Confirmation that mission completion was intended for this lifetime pairs this lesson plan with a primary lesson plan that also requests additional challenge including the selection of this lesson plan in both the primary and secondary positions - all others indicate that this lifetime is to be a continuation of the mission to be returned to in future
    • ◆ This lesson plan has been specifically designed for those souls that have preincarnative agreements - the desire to provide confirmation for the student was the impetus behind this design
    • ◆ This is the only lesson plan that is offered as the secondary lesson that does not signify re-testing
  • ➣ The Obstacle Course has been designed to prohibit the revelation of the mission chosen by the soul for the lifetime
    • ◆ The mission always involves providing service to humanity – the student’s concern for others will be paralyzed by the visitation of pain each time the attempt is made to assist another

Energies of Unconditional Love
  • ➣ Resident in the outer bodies of the student, the energy signature known as unconditional love sends message to others that the student is inherently capable of loving unconditionally – and is able to teach new ways of being and new ways of thinking
  • ➣ Others will interpret the energy signature to mean that all behaviors will be acceptable to the student, even those that are to the detriment of the self – meaning that the student is often used or taken advantage of
  • ➣ Diminishment of energies occur when the student gives too much or takes too much - maintaining the balance of equal give and equal take eliminates the need for others to provide lesson
  • ➣ Unconditional love is not accessible to the student - these energies reside in the outer bodies, distorting the energy signature that is subconsciously read by others, attracting those that will drain the student of vital energies, encouraging respite that is then provided as opportunity for seeking within
  • ➣ The energies that result from lesson failure have modified the energy signature of unconditional love to that which repels and intimidates others, creating further confusion for the student who wishes to be embraced by others
  • ➣ Strength of unconditional love energies have been distorted and is misread by the other as interference and control, thereby repelling the other that the student seeks to assist

Misunderstanding Others/Being Misunderstood by Others
  • ➣ The student is prohibited from sharing deeply with another, for all that is shared will be refused due to the delivery of the self
  • ➣ Emotional thinking is utilized, causing the student to take all things personally
  • ➣ Loneliness is misunderstood as a need to seek others to share the life experience – it actually is present to remind the student of the self’s failure to connect with another deeply and is intended to amplify the yearning felt within to achieve union with another
  • ➣ Unconditional love is rarely experienced, thereby it is generally misunderstood by those who encounter this pure element of expression
  • ➣ Attempting to aid another by sharing the self’s experiences often results in misunderstanding as the other feels that ulterior motives exist to change the other’s behavior – the student is rejected and informed of the impropriety of their offering
    • ◆ Potential for future damage of the self has become too great so the student determines not to teach
  • ➣ Misunderstanding of lesson presentation is accomplished by focusing upon the belief structure of the student
  • ➣ Introduction of conclusions that differ from the self’s will be viewed as a threat to the self, interpreted as accusation and an indication of wrongness for the self’s way of being, the self’s way of thinking
  • ➣ Unable to move beyond the threat to the self, the student’s stubbornness results in a failure to listen, easily dismissing the other as incorrect, for the self has arrived at conclusion that varies
    • ◆ Wishing to be right, the student has determined that being wrong is an indication of failure – failure is painful and to be avoided at all cost
    • ◆ Offerings that oppose the own are protected against and the student is ever alert to such as the past often overshadows the present due to unresolved, unfavorable experiences
  • ➣ Others misunderstand the student due to their initial acceptance of field connection, which changed the element of unconditional love to conditional love

Breaking Free
  • ➣ Lessons are presented that encourage the student to isolate the self until the soul’s presence can be maintained
  • ➣ Embracing that the soul has returned with great purpose for the lifetime - it is this purpose that must become the focus of the student
  • ➣ Loneliness is a result of lesson failure – recognition need be made that the self is never alone
  • ➣ Negative thinking must be eliminated by turning the thought into one that is positive
  • ➣ The soul will reward the student with access to the higher fields of consciousness with flashes of insight and success in the personal pursuits to entice the student to continue forth
  • ➣ Unresolved experiences must be remedied for they distort all future experiences with the past until this has been accomplished
  • ➣ Lesson integration is assured once the student has made contact with the soul and embraced the preincarnative agreement that was intended to be the focal point of the lifetime
  • ➣ All lessons must be learned and samskaric energies removed from the bodies for it is then that the six - the self, the soul, and the four bodies - step forth as a single entity, to accomplish the true purpose of the lifetime

Teaching excerpt – The Resigner(retreat) – January 8, 2011

When you are resigning, the same words tumble forth, the same knowledge brought front and center, regurgitated for the other so that the boundary may be laid, prohibiting the self from feeling in the moment that which need be felt, for the ego is busy rebuilding the perimeter that has been damaged by the other. The words are repeated by the ego. The self believes that the self understands and assistance is cut short. The ego has won once again. The perimeter has been rebuilt; the next and the next and the next [individual] shall have the same equal difficulty getting inside - in an attempt to aid you, in an attempt to clear the vision - so that you may see that your trust has been placed with the ego.

Teaching excerpt – Rejection, Belief System, Loneliness (to Loereve) – May 7, 2010

Understanding who you are will aid you in understanding this lesson. Understanding that you believe the self to be less than. Understanding that you believe that the self should be more like those that the self is attracted to - more outgoing, more connected, busier; the self is desirous of activity, yet the self is lazy, the self seeks another who will connect the self. The self leans upon others too heavily. It is to stand strong on the self’s own two feet, to build the life the self is truly desirous of, rather than wishing and hoping for another to come along to change the life experience. It is to be the self, and to love being the self, for the self is loved for the self not because others love the self.

It is the lesson plan of Rejection that feels loneliness, that feels that another individual or many other individuals could assuage, could place the salve upon the gaping sore created by loneliness. As stated by Te’ Auna earlier, loneliness is false - it is the drawing forth of the emotional body causing the self to believe that the self is in need of company - the self is empty without another. As has been stated previously within the lesson plan, it is the desire of the soul to be welcomed forth, to be drawn into the life experience, to be invited to aid the self, to be the preferred company of the self; for it is the soul that can teach the self how to truly love the self, how to recognize that other humans are to be in the life experience to enhance the life experience, not to complete it, for only the soul can complete the life experience most desired by the self.

Teaching excerpt – Love the self (to Loereve) – May 20, 2010

It is to focus upon the self – love of the self; to allow the self to be nourished by those around the self who love the self, to be satisfied with this love – to allow it to fill you until you have begun to love the self completely and only then to begin to seek outwardly for a mate – one that you can share the love of the self with.