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The Path to Healing

Agree or Disagree
Identification of those areas where the student disagrees with another becomes critical for the student who walks the path to healing. Often the student maintains belief systems or ways of being that indicate scrutiny is necessary, for the belief system or way of being is in direct conflict for one who has presented the self as committed to healing. Recognition is often difficult, for the ego prohibits deep scrutiny, utilizing threat to the self’s well-being, as the tactic that thwarts others that attempt to aid the self, in detecting these behaviors that prohibit growth. Opening the self to deep scrutiny by calling forth the soul sends notice to the ego that willingness and commitment has been engaged to eliminate behaviors that have prohibited progress upon the path to healing.

The queries following are intended to be felt rather than assessed by the thinking mind. It is suggested that the disciple provide the self with a quiet environment, free of interruptions, asking the self each question until the answer is felt. Denote the response that is felt with each query below, frequently calling upon the soul to prohibit the ego’s presence.

I agree that I am wounded due to the connection to the lower fields of consciousness
I agree that I can heal my self
I know that I can change as need indicates
I recognize that my belief system and way of being maintains my unhealed status
I realize that I need a teacher in order to indentify the antics of the ego
I realize that I cannot heal my self without dedication and commitment
I accept that I will often be uncomfortable thoughout this process
I recognize that conflict is a tool of the ego that prevents me from learning
I understand that protection is only offered by the ego to ensure that I fail
I recognize that the soul needs energy in order to respond to my call for assistance
I understand that the soul desires nothing more than the spiritual experience
I recognize that battling another is really battling my self
I recognize that all experiences are provided in order to teach

The student must integrate all of the above statements, feeling each deeply; for this will allow the student to embrace the fundamental beliefs that enable one to heal the self. Recognizing those that are difficult to embrace will enable the student to focus the attention upon the belief system or way of being that prohibits acceptance. Inability to embrace any of these concepts provides entry for the ego to thwart the process. The student that is capable of embracing and feeling deeply each of these statements will easily proceed forth through the lesson plan to lesson integration, thereby disconnecting from the lower fields of consciousness.