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The Path to Healing

LP – Guilt: A Study of Line 5 energies

Stated Goals of the Lesson Plan

Selection of this lesson plan indicates that the soul intended to learn the appropriate approach to experience upon the planet Earth. It is readily recognized by all consciousnesses throughout the universe that all experience is provided in order to learn; experience is embraced, the lesson received and either integrated or failed. The planet Earth offers experience utilizing the emotional body, which colors all things, yet enables the spiritual experience. Appropriate use of the emotional body is the goal of this lesson plan.

The student is provided with lessons that are focused upon experience; experience rich with emotion. The student will be challenged to determine if emotional experience will be embraced, the lesson gleaned, followed by lesson integration or lesson failure. The field associated with this lesson plan will contain behaviors and characteristics that cause the student to view the experience as painful; focus upon the pain causes the lesson to be missed, resulting in the overall experience being judged as unfavorable. Field connections are activated at birth, providing energies that cycle within the bodies at all times, without abatement for the unaware student, creating the likelihood of lesson distortion. The student’s inability to embrace all experience as opportunity to learn that which has yet to be learned, will be the central focus of this lesson plan.

How the LP functions – as primary or secondary LPs

When the same lesson plan is chosen for both the primary and secondary lessons, the soul has determined to provide additional opportunity for the student to learn the appropriate approach to lesson presentation in the current lifetime. Previous lifetime failures warrant this request, as the determination has been made that the inability to integrate this lesson limits the soul’s progress, for other lesson plans have been failed due to the influence of this lesson plan failure. When chosen as the secondary lesson plan, this lesson distorts the other lessons due to the samskaric energies residing within the bodies that influence the student’s thinking regarding lesson presentation. The student will be focused upon the imposition of blame early in the life experience; if not overcome the primary lesson plan may be overshadowed by these tendencies. Primary lesson introduction may shift the student’s focus if the soul is permitted to surface, informing the student of the improper approach to lesson presentation; otherwise, this lesson plan may distract the student from the primary lesson plan throughout the lifetime. Close scrutiny of the experiences will aid the student in determining the true purpose of the lesson by discerning the theme presented by each.

NOTE: There was a great deal of focus placed on the ‘voice of the soul’ and the ‘antics of the ego’ throughout the Dark Lords section. The example that follows is all that will appear in this guide: The ego will struggle mightily to maintain its primacy, focusing upon its abilities to protect the human. The human must learn the antics of the ego, which are utilized to protect the ego and not the human. Behaviors must be modified that enable lesson integration, for it is this alone that reduces the ego’s strength and increases that of the soul. Field energies are sufficient to prohibit the human from detecting the voice of the soul over that of the ego. These are understood to be metaphorical and I have chosen not to include them in this study guide.

A road map of LP energy influence and its potential results
  • ➣ This LP is intended to teach the appropriate use of emotion - emphasis is placed upon the emotional body
  • ➣ Starts with the belief that the self is under attack, resulting in the belief that protection is needed, resulting in lesson plan avoidance - the student is unaware that lesson integration is the true goal when discord arises…rather, the student’s defenses are well fortified to prohibit recognition of the lesson
  • ➣ Early training is employed to provide skills that are geared to lesson avoidance – these skills are easily identified as each are offered as protection of the self by placing the focus upon the other
  • ➣ Distracting the student from the lesson through the utilization of blame and pain will discourage learning by improperly placing the student’s focus upon the outcome rather than the lesson
  • ➣ The funneling of continuous energies during lesson presentation will encourage an emotional approach to all things
  • ➣ Lesson presentation is focused upon acceptance of all experience as an opportunity to learn
  • ➣ The student will not wish to learn, preferring the placement of blame for this action obscures the lesson
  • ➣ The student punishes the self or another with this LP by imposing the pain of blame upon the self or another
  • ➣ Faulty thinking encourages the student to place blame upon the self or another whenever pain is resident
  • ➣ The lesson repeats until blame is no longer employed
  • ➣ Failure to embrace the lesson results in repeated lessons resulting in disease
  • ➣ Emotions of anger and regret are stored within the bodies silently damaging cells until the environment becomes favorable for disease
  • ➣ The inability to utilize the emotional body appropriately impedes lesson integration for all focus is upon the emotion, causing the student to take all things personally – the lesson is overshadowed due to the false impressions generated by the emotional body
  • ➣ When the emotional body is utilized primarily the mental faculties are overruled, logic is abandoned and irrational behaviors result
  • ➣ The emotional body distorts all things when utilized inappropriately in lesson presentation – the mental reasoning abilities are needed to overrule the emotional body’s desire to dominate
  • ➣ As the student ages tactics are focused upon lesson plan avoidance – the student has been convinced that protection/blame is primary and that the self is being threatened with lesson presentation

Student Illustration
The student:
  • ➣ Has a highly emotional state of mind which results in an emotional approach to all things
  • ➣ Is volatile due to emotional thinking that overwhelms all experience
  • ➣ Flounders each time lesson is experienced as they are unable to think appropriately
  • ➣ Takes all things personally
  • ➣ Falls victim to faulty thinking that demands placement of blame
  • ➣ Will be challenged to overcome the emotion that clouds the true issue being presented
  • ➣ Holds Grudges
  • ➣ Maintains behaviors that are suspicious, anxious, unforgiving, aggressive, dishonest, watchful
  • ➣ Has characteristics that are:
    • ◆ Apologetic to Accusatory
    • ◆ Docile to Angry
    • ◆ Whining to Sulking
    • ◆ Weak to Overbearing

Failure is experienced when
  • ➣ The inability to embrace that the emotional experience has been presented to teach is experienced as the emphasis remains upon the emotional body
  • ➣ The lesson is discarded unlearned when the student is unable to overcome the emotion that has distorted the experience
  • ➣ All attention is placed upon the pain experienced and the lesson is lost, overshadowed with emotion
  • ➣ When the student believes that the appropriation of blame is necessary to lesson integration
  • ➣ When the student fails to recognize that all experiences are presented to teach what has yet to be learned
  • ➣ When the student is unable to embrace that each has suffered equally
  • ➣ When the student has become unwilling to accept that all things are presented in order to teach, preferring to choose protection primarily whenever lesson presentation begins – blame is utilized as protection
  • ➣ When the student continues to battle all who present lesson, awarding blame as resolution rather than observing the lesson – the same lessons continue to be presented, protection continues to be provided – the need for protection at all cost is emphasized by the student

Why Not Learning is a Deterrent to the Spiritual Experience
  • ➣ Failing to learn the appropriate use of the emotional body, the student is unable to hone the sensitivity that is necessary for the spiritual experience
  • ➣ Stored energies of anger and regret silently damage and prohibit the student’s ability to move forward upon the spiritual path
  • ➣ The student begins to anesthetize the body in an attempt to eliminate the pain - this behavior minimizes the student’s ability to experience spiritually for sensitivity is reduced and may be eliminated completely
    • ◆ Learning to release all energies created as a result of lesson failure will restore the sensitivity that is needed for the truly spiritual experience

Ramifications & Results of Lesson Failure
  • ➣ Energies of lesson failure cycle continuously within the student’s bodies, causing damage and demanding release
  • ➣ Emotional outbursts occur frequently for the student who consistently fails lesson presentation
  • ➣ Regret or grudges firmly held are the result of lesson failure
  • ➣ Inability to forgive the self or another causes the student to embrace the energies of lesson failure, which remain resident within the outer bodies and if not released, will eventually impact the physical body
  • ➣ Depression may be suffered by the student who blames the self
  • ➣ Anger and bitterness is exhibited by the student who blames others
  • ➣ Anger and regret are silent killers – unrecognized these emotions destroy the physical body
  • ➣ Disease is frequently visited upon the student that fails to remove lesson failure energies
  • ➣ The soul utilizes disease to inform the student that more appropriate behaviors must be employed with lesson presentation
  • ➣ Failure to shift the attitude brings forth additional lessons that are intended to awaken the student to the faulty approach employed with lesson presentation
  • ➣ Lesson avoidance is chosen by the student until the later years when the soul is provided with the opportunity to employ stronger lesson to achieve the drawing of the student’s attention to the self’s behavior – this is often accomplished through lesson presentation that threatens the life existence, a/k/a disease

Breaking Free
  • ➣ The student has been provided with the ability to overrule the emotional body by calling forth the mental faculties to glean the lesson that was intended
  • ➣ Emotional thinking must be eliminated to allow the student to rise above the tendency to blame the self or another for unfavorable experiences
  • ➣ Recognition must be made that the other is providing service to the self with lesson presentation and that each suffers equally
  • ➣ The student will be encouraged to take things less personally, thereby eliminating deposit of energies within the body that is earned with lesson failure
  • ➣ Forgiveness is fundamental to learning the lesson
  • ➣ Understanding the purpose of the lesson is the goal
  • ➣ Recognition that the planet Earth is a school of learning and that concentration upon the lesson will assure integration
  • ➣ The student must learn to recognize the presence of lesson failure energies (anger, regret, bitterness) signified by the emotion that arises when recalling the experience – full integration of the lesson enables release of these energies
  • ➣ Focusing the attention upon the thinking will allow the student to overcome the tendency to color all experience with emotion, thereby enabling the student to overwhelm the emotional body with the mental faculties each time lesson is presented
  • ➣ The student has begun to welcome all experience as opportunity to learn
  • ➣ Examination of all previous lessons that (when recalled) evoke emotion must be performed by the student - each lesson must be examined to glean that which was intended to be learned
  • ➣ Recognition that all things must be welcomed as experience that is intended to teach, never to punish, is critical
  • ➣ Understanding the purpose of the lesson plan allows the student to forgive the self and the other, thereby eliminating the energies that are created when blame is placed
  • ➣ The student must turn the attention upon the self’s behaviors that prohibit lesson integration – focused awareness upon the behaviors employed to prevent lesson integration allows the student to modify response to those that are more beneficial to the self and the soul
    • ◆ Field connection prohibits these recognitions for energies cycle continuously that prohibit awareness – the student will believe the self to be doing all possible in order to learn

Excerpted from Osiris Teaching – June 12, 2010

The student with this mental lesson plan has determined to approach all things in a humorous fashion; both dark and light humor is acceptable. The self fails to take the lesson beyond the statement that has been made to share the self’s sentiment with another. It is resentment that is most likely to result, for most students choose dark humor when sharing the plight of the self with another. It is to recognize that sharing from the heart is done without trying to entertain another – without care, without concern for how another will receive what the self need bring forth, what the self has determined would be of profit to share with another.