mountain tops - PTH is like climbing a mountain until you see the light

The Path to Healing

Perfection of Intent

The student that fails to see the self clearly is the student that will continually be misled by the Teacher. It is important to know the self, to understand the self’s intentions, to recognize the self’s efforts, to recognize the self’s failings. To commit, to dedicate the self to change is all the Teacher seeks – not perfection, for all upon this planet, within this dimension, can be regarded as imperfect and shall remain such until they depart this dimension where they shall be cleansed and then move on to other dimensions where imperfection shall once again be the cloak worn until all lessons have been learned.

Perfection is not the goal. It is perfection of intention that is sought by the Teacher – to be love, to be love, to be love at all times, stating for all to hear that the self is imperfect, that the self too stumbles, that the self suffers like any other. Failure to be compassionate, failure to understand another self, failure to open the self to recognize the self’s failings when judgment of another becomes the focus – for it is indeed the self that has yet to learn – it is indeed the other that is serving the self. To judge another is to reveal the darkness within the self; failure to expose the darkness consciously calls forth similar experience time after time after time, providing many opportunities to the self to learn.

It is for each student to recognize that once the failing of the self has been exposed, action is required; action that eliminates the same failing in future. For the self who continues to fail without taking corrective action is one who has also failed to recognize the drain that is imposed upon the self, thereby weakening the self’s will, the self’s resolve to be different.