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The Path to Healing

Life Lessons

Each of the six life lessons deals with one part of the fundamental structure of human consciousness. It may seem simplistic and naïve to state unequivocally that all of human behavior can be relegated to just six basics. Nonetheless, it is true and work with The Path to Healing for over a decade has not failed in describing any human behavior with these six fundamental lessons. Further, it is important, it is imperative, to realize that because of reincarnation and the fractal nature of past life events and lessons that are brought forward with each new life, we carry within us the rich and complex legacy of our past, the successes and the failures, into this incarnation. Think of a turtle encased within its shell that it must carry for all of its life. Without its shell, the turtle dies. We too are encased in a shell of our creation over the total span of all of our lives. Unlike the turtle, we can leave our shell and survive if we but learn to know and heal the self.

Each of the life lessons is reflected in our current life to varying degrees of influence. Those lessons that are most influential are most needed by the self in this life to better enable us to succeed in knowing and healing the self. Still, all six life lessons influence our behavior and our choices in some way, be it powerfully or marginally in our life. Think of a plate of spaghetti consisting of strands of six different colors. Think also that there are different numbers of each color of spaghetti. Last, imagine a plate of this multicolored spaghetti tossed in a bowl until all of the strands are intricately intertwined with one another. Even though there are only six different colors of spaghetti the resulting combinations are incredibly complex. Knowing the self is to unravel all of those strands of behaviors understanding how they affect one another. Only having six life lessons results in lives of great complexity and variation. Learn more about specific life lessons by clicking on any of the below links.

   1. The lesson to know and understand the desires expressed in its negative form as Repression.
   2. The lesson to accept responsibility for the Self expressed in its negative form as Denial.
   3. The lesson to honor and respect the self and others expressed in its negative form as Shame.
   4. The lesson that the soul within is waiting to be recognized expressed in its negative form as Rejection.
   5. The lesson that all experiences are an opportunity to learn expressed in its negative form as Guilt.
   6. The lesson to join with others in order to accomplish expressed in its negative form as Separation.