mountain tops - PTH is like climbing a mountain until you see the light

The Path to Healing


The Theme is present from birth and provides the student with the key to lesson integration, for the Theme runs like a thread throughout all lesson presentation. It is like a magnet that draws all lesson plan components together. Regardless of the line numbers of the different lesson plan components, the Theme of the lifetime provides a uniform approach to understanding all of the lessons (events) that the student encounters. When the student is aware of their Theme, it must be focused upon with each lesson presentation, for the Theme is always present. Once the Theme is identified and recognized, the student can use it as that which is most needed in the moment to overcome the blockages and obstacles that the lesson plans present in order to prevent the student from knowing and healing the self.

There are six unique Theme keys and a student has only one for the lifetime. Moreover, each key has an obstacle that when understood enables the student to see the influence of the Theme operating in the moment. The obstacle is the Soul’s Obstacle Lesson Plan of the line number of the student’s Theme. The keys and their obstacles by line number are:
   Line 1 Theme key: To Speak with the obstacle of Anger
   Line 2 Theme key: To Question with the obstacle of Frustration
   Line 3 Theme key: To Admit with the obstacle of Bitterness
   Line 4 Theme key: To Welcome with the obstacle of Loneliness
   Line 5 Theme key: To Learn with the obstacle of Distraction
   Line 6 Theme key: To Accept with the obstacle of Independence