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The Path to Healing

Glossary of Terms

The reader is encouraged to review the following terms, calling upon the intuition to aid the self in determining if this publication is appropriate for the self, at this time. The concepts found herein carry the potential to alter the belief system irrevocably; thereby, caution is advised prior to purchase and reading beyond this section.

Ascended Master is the term applied to the consciousness that has completed seven revolutions of the wheel upon the planet Earth; having integrated all lessons, merged all seven consciousnesses together as one, choosing to ascend to higher realms, to continue in service to humanity. The Ascended Master works to guide humanity to realize its potential in the fields of knowledge and science, to achieve the attainment of the maximum evolutionary status for the consciousness. There are currently 1,427 Ascended Masters (as of this writing) that are working to guide humanity forward upon the evolutionary wheel.

Automatic is the gear within the vehicle that allows the owner to operate without engaging the thinking mind. This publication requires manual operation, demanding that the thinking mind be engaged at all times. Lacking awareness allows the ego to dominate, determining the actions to be employed as well as that which is to be embraced or discarded.

Awareness is the state of alertness attached to the conscious mind that informs the human of all things that are occurring in the present moment. This state of mind is vital to the disciple’s ability to disconnect from the lower fields of consciousness.

Battle Plan is the Dark Lord’s Obstacle Course label for Lesson Combat.

Bitterness is comprised of energies created by emotional thinking. The student has been damaged by lesson presentation; emotional thinking has been employed, causing negative energies to accumulate within the bodies, endorsing the pain which results in the placement of blame upon another due to lesson failure. Amplified with each visitation, these energies hold the potential to damage the self or another.

Choice is the goal of the life experience; to choose between the higher and the lower fields of consciousness, determining that which is right for the self. All lessons are presented to teach the human that choice is present and must be made, having experienced and understood the options fully, consciously choosing that which furthers the evolution of the consciousness.

Consciousness is matter that has been endowed with awareness. The human is comprised of six consciousnesses; soul, self, the four bodies, the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. The disciple’s goal is merger of the six, so that all may present as one powerful entity to further the evolutionary status of each, thereby enabling union with the Monad, when choice is provided.

Contingency describes a group of individuals that are gathered together in singular purpose. The contingency that is responsible for the compilation of data found within this publication includes the following individuals: Ascended Master Kuthumi, Ascended Master Morya, Ascended Master Djwahl Kuhl, Ascended Master Racozi, Ascended Master Hilarion, Mahachohan - Lord of Civilization, and Guan Yin, Immortal and Té Auna Ra Ka.

Creator as utilized within The Path to Healing refers to the Logos, the Source of All Things Manifest.

Disciple identifies the human that has committed the self to healing, maintaining the purpose of evolution for all consciousnesses as the goal. The disciple, once healed, steps forward with outstretched hand to aid another in doing the same. The committed disciple will not permit any blockage to impede the self’s progress forward upon the path to healing.

Disillusionment describes the action of removing illusion. This publication exposes reality, revealing illusion. The earthly experience consists of reality; the spiritual experience consists of illusion. The student that prefers reality will not be interested in this publication, for its goal is to enable the spiritual experience.

Divine is the term applied to those things that cannot be understood or fully grasped by the human mind. The divine is purity, untainted by negative connotation, god-like; all things are embraced when the approach known as divine is employed.

Divination System - employing the rule of seven the mysteries of the universe may be unraveled. Divination is derived from the word divine which implies that all things cannot be understood; delving farther, divination is to understand the divine, while system suggests method. The Path to Healing reveals the method that encourages understanding of the pathways to be traversed when the desire is return to the Creator; evolution of the consciousness requires that all pathways be traversed as defined by the divine plan. Portions of the divine plan have been provided throughout history, cloaked in secrecy through the utilization of veiled terms, understood only by those with the appropriate foundation of knowledge; knowledge that was closely held, provided only to initiates of the mystery schools.

The Path to Healing is a divination system that details the plan to provide challenge to the consciousness to remember its divine origins, providing instruction for the disciple to break free of the bonds that tie the Self to the earthly experience, maintaining the unhealed state that prohibits true choice and free will. This publication provides sufficient knowledge to the student that wishes to know the self, to heal the self; furthering the evolutionary status, leading to return to the Creator. This divination system is based upon ancient understandings that reflect the wisdom employed throughout the design of this system; these teachings are known as the Tree of Life and the I’Ching and are the foundation of the system known as the design of the human.

Eclectic is used to describe the merging of various thoughts or belief systems into one. The Path to Healing utilizes an eclectic approach that synthesizes thinking from a variety of different sources, all of which have been condensed to improve understandability by a wide range of individuals. The contingency does not wish for this publication to be the definitive answer to processes mentioned herein associated with practices of the disciple following disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness.

Ego is gross matter consisting of judgment and negative thinking, rendered by the Self, as evolution is pursued. The soul is continuing its progression upon the wheel to further its evolutionary status, having graduated from the role of the emotional body. The Self is the divine light that may be gradually darkened, due to the inappropriate approach to the lessons presented, intended to awaken the Self to its true divinity, so that it may then teach the soul. The Self feeds the ego during the life experience, for each time protection is sought field connections funnel negative energies that endorse the strength of the ego, which is capable of growth to monstrous proportions, overwhelming all lesson presentation to ensure the student’s continued failure to learn. The student’s thinking, speaking and actions either endorse or weaken the ego’s standing.

The consciousness known as the soul will have been trained in prior revolutions of the wheel as the emotional body; this foundation has provided sound understanding of the workings of the emotional body, that which will be manipulated by the gross matter known as the ego to distort the lesson plan. The soul will be capable of guiding the Self to resolution, if called upon to do so. The ego’s singular purpose is to emit the frequency that enables the synapse, making automatic connection to the lower fields of consciousness each time lesson presentation begins, activating the emotional body, promoting confusion for the student during lesson presentation. The frequency is emitted by the ego, sending signal that lesson presentation is required, as long as the signal emitted matches that of the lower fields of consciousness. Lesson integration alone modifies this signal, as the frequency is modified gradually with each lesson learned, thereby reducing the quantity of gross matter that maintains the need for future lesson presentation. Endorsement of lower field behaviors increases the quantity of gross matter known as the ego; elimination of lower field behaviors enables the transmutation of all gross matter to positive energies that are then reunited with the soul and merged with the self, providing permanent disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness.

Failure to gain the acquiescence of the ego awards extraordinary energies to the lower fields of consciousness, upon the death of the student, further strengthening the field’s influence for all unhealed students that remain connected. These energies are utilized by those of the dark to maintain the stranglehold upon humanity that has been gained during this learning cycle. Each student that diminishes the ego’s grasp weakens the strength of the lower fields of consciousness for all those who remain connected.

Once the consciousness known as the Self determines that the Self’s choice is for the light, thereby promoting transmutation of all negative energies to enable the merger of the soul and the self, the true struggle begins, for the field’s strength will be utilized to maintain the student’s connection. The student need be aware that the Self has created the gross matter that enables this connection; the Self can also transmute this matter to positive energies that endorse its evolution through choice and changed behaviors. True choice, that reaches higher for better solution, transmutes a portion of the gross matter to positive energies, thereby enabling lesson integration that further weakens the frequency emitted that maintains the connection to the lower fields of consciousness.

The merger of the Self and the soul only becomes possible after the lower three consciousnesses, the mental, emotional and physical bodies have been merged with the Self, known as the personality. Testing is provided to ensure that choice is desired by the Self; consistent lesson integration allows the ego to transmute its energies to positive, joining with the Self and the soul, thereby merging all energies of the soul with the Self, stepping forward as one powerful consciousness, having furthered the evolution of each. Training is provided for each turn of the wheel, thereby increasing or decreasing the strength of the ego, which is the result of lesson integration or lesson failure. The Self returns for seven revolutions of the wheel, attempting to achieve the maximum consciousness level required, prior to departure from the School of Learning, as does the soul, unless merger of the six consciousnesses is achieved, thereby enabling choice to be made by each, the soul and the Self, regarding the destination desired by each. Consciousness evolution continues after the consciousness is united with the Monad, the seventh consciousness, earning ever greater access to the higher fields of consciousness as the evolutionary status is furthered.

Note to the Reader: the ego is commonly embraced as a separate entity. This publication refers to it as such, so that the reader may easily embrace the concepts herein. The reader is advised that the ego is the creation of the Self and has neither consciousness nor emotion. Referring to the ego as gross matter may assist the reader in overruling its influence.

Encroach describes the act of intruding uninvited. This glossary has been provided to prohibit the student from the purchase or perusal of the material contained herein if the terms found within the glossary are deemed to be unacceptable. It is not the intention of the contingency to encroach upon the student’s belief system; the goal of the contingency is to provide information to seekers that wish to further the evolution of the consciousness.

Engagement is the Dark Lord’s Obstacle Course label for Lesson Introduction. Fact defines that which is true, typically reliant upon proof that is detectable through the senses. The Path to Healing contains theory that is provable utilizing observation, for that which is defined within is guaranteed to be visible to those who are willing to observe the self impartially.

Factual defines the approach utilized within The Path to Healing. There is no distortion, either intentional or unintentional, to be found within. All data has been verified numerous times by numerous members of this contingency. Each word is deliberate in its use and is intended to be embraced using the commonly accepted definition found within the English Dictionary.

Farce is the term employed to describe interactions that have been exaggerated to expose underlying truths that are unpalatable when presented in a serious fashion. The Path to Healing employs farce in the section labeled, The Field Candidates. The student is advised that the data contained therein is factual; the presentation format chosen exposes underlying truths in an unvarnished fashion.

Fiction is defined as story that is manufactured by the mind, often based upon factual events that have been embellished to improve interest or palatability. The Path to Healing employs fiction in the sections describing the Dark Lords participation in the creation of the blockages that have been provided to prohibit the evolution of the consciousness. This data, while presented in a more palatable fashion, need be taken seriously by the student, for all expressions defining the workings of the dark are factual; fiction has only been employed to improve interest and palatability.

Field – comprised of the knowledge of all things, having emanated from the Creator, the field is divided into many fractals, each of which requires a particular frequency to enable access. Field access is based upon the consciousness’ evolutionary status, permitting or prohibiting access, utilizing the frequency assigned to the physical or astral materials.

Field of social or mass consciousness describes collective thinking that is maintained by the bulk of humanity; this thinking is endorsed by the media, religious organizations, governments, etc. This field is impressed upon all humans that remain connected to the lower fields of consciousness, prohibiting humanity from arriving at conclusion independently. This is not to say that humanity does not think independently; it merely states that humanity is not inclined to do so.

Forbidden describes the prohibition of one’s actions, regarding that which is shared or experienced. All esoteric texts received by humanity prior to the year 2008 were necessarily distorted to prohibit the revelation of this teach/learn learn/teach system employed to further the consciousness of the Self and the soul. The forbidden disclosures have now been revised, permitting the release of knowledge that will aid the seeker in finding that which is needed without distortion or veiling. Many texts will appear through various channels in the coming years disclosing the inaccuracies of the data previously transmitted. The seeker that is willing to release the old belief system will quickly disseminate the truth, quickly discarding that which was previously known; inability to release the grasp firmly held by the belief system will prohibit the student from forward progress.

Forgiveness is the salve that soothes all wounds, enabling lesson integration. The student who determines to withhold forgiveness for the self or another has unwittingly or purposefully chosen lesson failure, granting permission to the soul for future lessons to garner the attention of the student, to teach that the lesson is to forgive the self or another. As long as the student’s focus is upon the blame and the pain, forgiveness will be withheld, guaranteeing lesson failure.

Foundation denotes purpose that implies guidelines have been adopted, providing structure while maintaining intention. The Path to Healing Foundation has been formed with the intention to aid those students that wish to disconnect from the lower fields of consciousness. It is the intention of the Path to Healing Foundation to make available to all who seek it the information that supports this goal. The website offers a variety of tools to the student that wishes to become the committed disciple. Future intentions include support for the disciple that wishes to pursue ascension.

Fractal is a unit or component that functions to link associated groupings, all of which emanate from the whole. Each fractal contains knowledge specific to the unit; traversal of the fractals will eventually provide access to the whole.

Frank describes the approach utilized within The Path to Healing, for neither subtlety nor veiling has been employed within this publication. It is the intention of the contingency that the data contained herein be understood by the common man or woman.

Fundamental indicates the crux or the basis from which one approaches The Path to Healing; this publication promotes the fundamental approach as one of commitment and dedication that is thrust behind the desire for the life experience to be different.

Garden of Knowledge refers to the planet Earth.

Grasping is the action of integration of materials that conflict with the own belief system or way of being. The Path to Healing exposes ancient truths that may conflict with those that are currently available, due to the veiling of truths that was mandated until 2008, four years prior to the end of the learning cycle. Varied interpretations of veiled truths has caused many inconsistencies to occur; the student is advised that the ancient truths, as provided herein by the Ascended Master Kuthumi and the contingency, are clearly stated to prohibit confusion or misinterpretation. Commitment to grasping the materials herein will allow the disciple to feel the truth that underlies the words.

Gratitude is the heartfelt emotion that embraces all things as that which is most appropriate for the self, at this time. Recognition of all things that comprise the life experience, encompassed within gratitude, enables the disciple to welcome all experiences as opportunities to learn, thereby furthering the evolution of the consciousness.

Growth defines the stage of fruitfulness that is endorsed by change, willingly made so that the consciousness may further its evolution.

Gut Feeling describes the impression supported by social consciousness that is a reaction to fear; fear places the call for protection, which the field endorses heartily. Gut feelings emanate from the ego. Many humans believe the feelings that emanate from the gut indicate that which is right and that which is wrong for the Self; this is not true. Gross matter, known as the ego, resides in the third chakra, dominating the impressions received in the gut by the human. Learning the difference between gut feelings and intuition will inform the student of how the ego controls the actions, maintaining the connection to the lower fields of consciousness, prohibiting exposure to that which can aid the self in healing. Feelings that emanate from the gut often cause a physical or vocal reaction, resulting in rigidity and unwillingness to consider other options. Intuition emanates from the heart chakra, which when unblocked willingly remains open and receptive to all offerings prior to arriving at conclusion. Gross matter accumulation results in gut feelings, which overwhelm intuition for reason is often found to rationalize the actions encouraged by such. Intuition is not provable and is rarely understood. Determining the source of the emanations can be done if the student willingly opens the self to scrutiny, determining if the self or another was damaged by the actions of the Self; this damage refers to the withdrawal of the self’s participation prior to lesson integration. Gross matter, known as the ego, will discourage openness by encouraging silence, defensiveness, anger or sorrow, providing rationale and reason for the self’s withdrawal, whenever deep scrutiny is attempted. Recognizing the antics of the ego that are employed to prohibit experiences that encourage learning must be made if the student is truly desirous of healing.

Heaven or Devachan, describes the higher realms that are currently the destination preferred by all humans.

Heavenly Hosts defines angelic beings that endorse the furtherance of humanity. This publication utilizes the term Masters of Light in place of this commonly accepted term.

Hell defines the lower realms feared by all of humanity. The field of social consciousness maintains this concept to prohibit the human from recognition of its true divinity. All humans are divine, having originated from the Creator, and have volunteered for training in service to the Creator, to prove that return to the Creator is a matter of choice.

Higher fields of consciousness represent the choice most desired by the Creator, containing the contrast to that which is available in the lower fields of consciousness. Access to the higher fields of consciousness is earned through the recognition, that the lower fields of consciousness do not represent that which is right for the self. Recognition of the choice must be made, eliminating the negative energies that prohibit access to the higher choice, in order to secure access unimpeded to the higher fields of consciousness. All things divine reside within the higher fields of consciousness. It is the desire of the Creator that all consciousnesses recognize choice, understanding the higher and the lower expressions, choosing that which is right for the self.

Holistic is a term that denotes the approach utilized when addressing beliefs. The Path to Healing utilizes a holistic approach that endorses the belief that the self can heal the self. The student that embraces this concept will be capable of rapid disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness.

Hoax is a term promoted by social consciousness, whenever the belief system or way of being is challenged that is supported by this field. The student need be aware that The Path to Healing will be described as such, for the information contained herein seeks to destroy the belief system that misleads the human. The data herein dispels all doubt and fear, utilized by social consciousness to maintain the student’s unhealed status. Recognition of the truths revealed herein weakens the field that is intended to prohibit understanding of the purpose underlying the human’s existence.

Human is comprised of the six consciousnesses and is also referred to as the student or the disciple within this publication. The human strives to achieve upon the planet Earth, working to integrate all lessons, or simply partakes of the many pleasures and distractions available throughout the life experience.

Ignorance is a state of unawareness; this word has been misused by humanity in order to avoid discussion of the state of awareness versus the state of unawareness. The negative connotation attached to this word by the field of social consciousness has prohibited close scrutiny of the state most needed to disconnect from the lower fields of consciousness; the state of awareness.

Independence is a way of being, employed by the student that wishes to stand alone, free of the interference or assistance of others. Fueled by the connection to the lower fields of consciousness, this trait has been distorted, causing the student to exclude others, prohibiting joining with others in order to accomplish. Independence was intended to signify the human’s ability to stand alone, to find the sense of self necessary to experience spiritually.

Initiation indicates beginning. In the spiritual context, this term describes the start of a new pathway within the Tree of Life. The bulk of humanity is standing at the doorway of the third initiation, the pathway known as Chokhmah. This initiation guides the student through testing that maintains the goal, to merge the lower three consciousnesses. Once accomplished the student steps forth to the pathway of Binah, also known as the pathway to Discovery, leading to the fourth initiation. The Path to Healing will aid with rapid progress upon this path; discovery of the Self’s divinity leads to the pathway known as Geburah or Knowledge, the pathway defined as the fifth initiation. Disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness expedites the disciple’s progress, until the doorway appears for Netzach or Wisdom, the pathway defined as the sixth initiation. Path to Healing Foundation maintains as a goal, to provide support for the committed disciple to progress down this pathway, wherein true choice and free will may be exercised.

Joy is the term utilized to describe the state of being desired by the bulk of humanity. The lower fields of consciousness prohibit this state, impressing negativity upon all things, dampening the possibility for the student to experience this heightened state of happiness. Disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness makes possible the enjoyment of all things, without the imposition of negativity that diminishes this experience.

Judgment is a response of the human, employing the thinking mind to arrive at conclusion that is negative in content. Fueled by the connection to the lower fields of consciousness, judgment creates gross matter known as the ego, prohibiting the student from observing the true lesson, prohibiting the student from integrating data that conflicts with the Self’s belief system or ways of being. Rather, the student has been distracted by focusing all attention upon the other, employing judgment to measure the Self and the Self’s abilities against another, in order to appear superior or better than. The bulk of humanity employs judgment, regarding the thoughts as assessment, thereby missing the opportunity to learn utilizing this valuable tool, which spotlights that which has yet to be learned by the Self.

Knowledge is the term applied to the gathering of information from which the student may learn. The student pursues knowledge; the disciple pursues wisdom. Knowledge is that which feeds the ego, if it does not assist in the evolution of the consciousness. The profession taken by the student requires the gathering of knowledge that oftentimes does not fulfill the goal to further the consciousness; however, the student need be aware that the pursuit of knowledge outside of the profession need be that which furthers the consciousness. The committed disciple pursues wisdom, that which furthers the consciousness, aiding the self to know the self, to heal the self. Social consciousness endorses the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge’s sake, that which does not further the path to healing; rather, knowledge is pursued to garner attention or recognition for the self’s intellect, endorsing superiority or an attitude of being better than another. While the attention remains focused upon knowledge that does not endorse the evolution of the consciousness the path to healing remains closed. Recognition of the distracting nature of knowledge will aid the student to discern that which will further and that which will deter the self from the spiritual path.

Labels have been affixed to all lesson plans presented by the Dark Lords, utilizing terminology that best describes the challenges currently being addressed by the human. These labels are not intended to overwhelm the purpose of the lesson, as provided by the Masters of Light. The label has been provided so that the student may quickly grasp the challenges addressed by the lesson plan. The student need focus upon the lesson that was intended to be learned, employing the label to inform the self of that which need be addressed in order to integrate the lesson.

Lacking Faith is the main cause for failure to embrace new concepts, for faith is the mystery that can never be wholly revealed. The Path to Healing requires that the student be willing to release old belief systems; otherwise, the concepts found herein will be refused entry to the heart, wherein the determination of truth is made.

Laughter is employed within lesson presentation to immediately dispel the accumulation of negative energies that have been introduced with discord. The student need be aware that the ego will discourage the use of this devastating weapon against negativity. Forced laughter becomes true laughter once the student recognizes that all battles against another are really battles against the self.

Learn/Teach Teach/Learn describes the basis of this divination system, designed to fulfill the desire of the Creator. The Self has volunteered to aid the soul with consciousness evolution by learning the lessons of the soul prior to addressing the lessons of the Self. As the Self learns the soul teaches; once all lessons of the soul have been learned, releasing all energies associated with the soul’s lesson plan, the Self steps forth to learn the lessons belonging to the Self. The Self now teaches, the soul now learns. Union is the desire of the Creator. All humans are intended to unite with others in order to accomplish; connection to the lower fields of consciousness prohibits union. Learning the lessons allows the student to free the Self from the bonds that maintain this connection; once free of the lower fields of consciousness the student naturally steps forth to teach another, thereby enabling another to do the same.

Lesson Avoidance is the circuit that contains three segments that the student follows each time the choice is made to protect the self, rather than learning the lesson. This circuit consists of Lesson Introduction, Lesson Combat and Lesson Failure.

Lesson Combat is the segment of the Lesson Avoidance circuit, wherein the student determines to battle the other, fueled by connection to the lower fields of consciousness, rather than focusing the attention upon the lesson.

Lesson Failure - connection has been made to the lower fields of consciousness and the student has chosen to protect the self, utilizing lower field behaviors and characteristics, abandoning the lesson.

Lesson Integration - the process followed by the student to learn the lesson; including transmutation of negative energies to positive.

Lesson Introduction - the soul magnetizes catalyst to the student, resulting in the ego’s offering of connection to the lower fields of consciousness. It is at this time that the student enters the Lesson Avoidance circuit or becomes aware and demands choice.

Lesson PlanThe Path to Healing contains seven major lesson plans: Soul’s Mission, Communication, Primary Life Lesson, Secondary Life Lesson, Lesson Introduction, Lesson Combat and Lesson Failure.

Lessons are experiences provided to the human that, when connected to the lower fields of consciousness, result in painful emotional experience due to the distortion that results from this connection. Lessons are intended to be embraced by the disciple as an opportunity to learn that, when learned, furthers the evolution of the consciousness.

Love is the emotion commonly expressed by the bulk of humanity, that which is known as conditional love. The goal of the disciple is universal acceptance of all things which leads to the expression of love without condition.

Lower fields of consciousness represents choice; that which is negative, offered in service to the Creator to teach the human the contrast, to that which is most desired by the Creator. The lower fields of consciousness contains choices that ensure lesson failure and are maintained by those of the dark to teach that balance is necessary in order to provide true choice exercised by free will. All humans are connected to the lower fields of consciousness at birth, remaining so until choice is demanded, allowing the human to exercise the mind; determining that which is right for the self and that which is wrong. All humans pursue choice to further the evolutionary status, choosing between the higher and the lower fields of consciousness until decision has been made, to represent the light or the dark.

Magical is the term used to describe the feeling that emanates from deep within when one has accomplished great things. The Path to Healing provides the process that frees the human from all blockages that prohibit the magical experience.

Monad is the seventh consciousness. The goal of the disciple is to merge the six consciousnesses and to recapitulate, so that choice may be provided; merging the six consciousnesses enables the disciple to step forth, seeking union with the Monad, also known as union with the divine. The Monad represents access to the higher fields of consciousness, containing knowledge of all things available to one who has achieved such. Continuous access to the higher fields of consciousness traversed infrequently and selectively prior, becomes available to the disciple that has achieved merger of all six consciousnesses followed by union with the seventh; access continues to be based upon the evolutionary status of the consciousness.

Myriad is a term that describes an abundance of choices. The Path to Healing informs the student of the myriad choices of behaviors and characteristics that become available with lesson presentation; these choices are all lower field expressions that are intended to ensure lesson failure.

Narrative is an expression that describes conversation other than that which has been recorded and transcribed verbatim. The Path to Healing employs narrative within all segments attributed to the Dark Lords; literary license has been employed to maintain the interest of the reader. All Masters of Light segments have either been transcribed verbatim from recordings of transmissions conducted while the instrument was in a state of trance, or have been telepathically transmitted and verified to be accurate by the contingency.

Occasional describes a periodic occurrence. The Path to Healing has employed the occasional reminder to the student through the repetition of text, exactly as it appeared previously. The disciple that notes the duplication need observe the content closely to determine that which may have been missed in the first reading. The ego purposefully avoids integration of materials that conflict with the self’s belief system or way of being. Re-reading the text carefully will aid the disciple in discerning that which the ego wishes for the self to avoid. Close attention need be paid to those passages that were missed in the first reading, for this will provide clue to the student of that which the ego is most protective.

Occult refers to wisdom achieved through the spiritual experience. Negative connotations have been attributed to this term for millennia to prohibit the seeking of wisdom.

Occult Practices are exercises that are utilized by the disciple to eliminate negative energies from the bodies that serve as blockage. The disciple that utilizes occult practices prior to disconnecting from the lower fields of consciousness will encounter difficulty with maintaining balance, while in the presence of those who remain unhealed. Isolation of the self will be necessary, in order to maintain the abilities gained through the use of these practices. Austerity, of diet and daily regime that incorporate spiritual practices, aids the unhealed student in maintaining the balance required for the truly spiritual experience. Disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness removes the need for isolation and austerity. The disciple who finds that the self consistently digresses when surrounded by those who are unhealed, need survey the self to determine if field connections remain active.

Once disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness has been achieved, occult practices enable the disciple to consistently access the higher fields of consciousness. The disciple need be aware that recapitulation may have been performed utilizing occult practices; however, this does not indicate that disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness has been achieved. In fact, if the recapitulation process was extended, causing emotional turmoil or physical discomfort, this indicates that the connection to the lower fields of consciousness was intact. Regardless of the capabilities of the student to gain access to the higher fields of consciousness, if the disciple’s balance must be frequently nurtured with isolation, prohibiting close interaction with those who remain unhealed, and can only be maintained through an austere existence, this is an indication that field connection remains active. Knowledge of the fields will aid the disciple, accustomed to accessing the higher fields of consciousness, to disconnect from the lower fields of consciousness quite rapidly.

Pacify is the term used to indicate that one has modified the words to soften the potential blow that another may incur, due to the inappropriate approach being taken to that which is provided. The Path to Healing has made no attempt to pacify the reader; rather, preparation has been provided to the reader informing of the most appropriate approach to the data. Failure to adhere to the recommendations made herein could cause the reader to become confused by that which is provided.

Purification is a process of distilling the wheat from the chaff. The Path to Healing provides opportunity to the disciple to purify the belief system, eliminating beliefs that are limiting in nature, prohibiting understanding that promotes evolution of the consciousness.

Recapitulation is an occult exercise that provides a review of previous lifetimes of the Self, wherein lesson failure occurred, to determine if the lessons have been integrated, thereby enabling release of all blockages that have been placed to impede the progress of the consciousness, until the lessons have been learned. Disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness followed by integration of all lessons chosen by the soul to further its evolution is primary; once completed, all samskaric energies must be removed from all bodies, fully integrating all failed lessons of the previous lifetimes of the soul. Recapitulation of the Self’s previous lifetime lesson failures begins after processing of the soul’s failed lesson plans, known as samskara, is complete.

Recapitulation provides opportunity for the survey of the current lifetime, to determine the impact of the failed lessons of the previous lifetimes. The Self is provided with an overview of the previous lifetime lesson failures by the spiritual guide who seeks to determine if the lessons have been learned; additional lessons may be called forth should the disciple be unable to discern the true lessons to the satisfaction of the spiritual guide. Once the lessons have been determined to have been integrated by the Self, the blockages placed within the astral materials are removed, freeing the Self of all negative energies. Biases, aversions, phobias or fears that originate within the past life experiences can now be understood.

Rapid evolution of the consciousness becomes possible through service to humanity should the consciousness choose to remain upon the Earth. Choice is provided to each consciousness once the Self has completed recapitulation; this choice is only provided if the disciple has disconnected from the lower fields of consciousness, having learned all lessons. The Self is provided with choice to remain upon the Earth, ascension to higher realms to continue in service to humanity, return to the Creator, or to continue seeking evolution of the consciousness within other planetary systems. The soul remains with the Self, if the Self is to remain upon the Earth in service to humanity; should the Self choose to depart the Earth, the soul is then returned to the Creator.

Remedial is the term applied to materials that are introductory in nature. All data found within The Path to Healing that does not apply to breaking free from the lower fields of consciousness should be considered as remedial.

Retreat is the Dark Lord’s Obstacle Course label for Lesson Failure.

Route describes the path that the student follows while pursuing evolution of the consciousness. Myriad routes are provided upon the Earth today, some helpful and some not; those that are not serve the ego, further lengthening the healing process that is necessary to move forward upon the path to healing. This publication is intended to serve the committed disciple with a direct route that maintains healing as the destination.

Rule of Seven names the concept upon which all things are based. First discovered by Pythagoras, referred to as the golden mean, this mathematical solution may be applied to the smallest, as well as the largest component, to achieve understanding of its origins.

Samskara is an intense emotional experience that has been judged as improper by the self or the soul, during the review of the recently ended life experience. These energies reside within the astral body of the student, indicating that future lesson is required, in order to learn that all experience must be embraced equally; for all lesson is opportunity for the consciousness to learn. Samskara produces what is known as samskaric energy, impressing upon the human blockage in the form of bias, aversion, or phobia that is untraceable to the current life experience. These energies fuel the lesson plans as noted within this publication, providing challenge to the student to denote that which is applicable to the current lesson plan and that which need be cast aside, until all lessons belonging to the primary lesson plan have been integrated. Three lesson plans are fueled by samskaric energies that are not associated with the secondary lesson plan; particular attention need be paid by the student with these lesson plans to enable identification of these energies and the amplification of emotional response that may be anticipated with lesson presentation.

Recognition of these energies will aid the disciple in determining that which is applicable, and that which is not, to the current life experience. Intensity is lent to the emotional experience that is fueled by samskaric energies; finding no basis for the intensity of the emotion experienced indicates that previous lifetime lesson failures may be distracting the student from the current lifetime lesson plan. These energies provide opportunity to the student to utilize the mental faculties to overrule the emotional body, setting the course to integrate all lessons of the current lifetime, without the distraction of that which does not apply to the primary lesson plan. Failure to relegate these energies appropriately may lead to the overshadowing of the lesson that need be learned to allow forward progress. The student need be aware of the lesson plan, diligently discarding intrusion of samskaric energies that aim to distort the lesson at hand. Focused awareness upon the primary lesson will allow the student to quickly determine that which is applicable and that which is not. Allowing the distraction of the secondary lesson plan to overwhelm the current lesson ensures lesson failure.

Seeking assistance from the soul, to reveal the emotional experience so that determination may be made of the lesson that is being presented once again, allows the student to detect the role that was intended by the implantation of these energies, so that the student may learn in the current lifetime that which has been failed previously. The student need be aware that revelation of samskara may further deepen the wounds created by the lesson plan. Disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness eliminates this jeopardy, for the emotional body is no longer fueled by this connection. The mental body may then assess the lesson free of emotion, thereby granting rapid lesson integration, followed by removal of the blockage that was maintained by the presence of these energies. The student need be aware that the soul will not release information that is not believed to be in the highest and best interest of the student and the current life experience, regardless.

It is suggested that the student focus upon the primary lesson plan, recognizing the distraction provided by the secondary lesson plan, discarding the misdirection; this will enable rapid primary lesson plan integration, thereby allowing the secondary lesson plan, fueled by samskaric energies, to step forward for resolution. Learning the lessons presented, utilizing the knowledge provided within this publication, delaying review of samskara until field disconnection has been accomplished, will reduce the discomfort typically felt by the student that reviews previous lifetime failures prior to field disconnection.

Self is the consciousness that is referred to as the personality, responsible for achieving true choice by understanding both the light and the dark, choosing that which the Self wishes to represent. The Self is assigned to the soul for training based upon the evolutionary status of each, the Self’s evolutionary status being above that of the soul, in order to enable possibility for lesson integration, so that the soul’s evolution may be furthered while the Self is challenged to remember its divinity through lesson presentation. Contact with the soul must be made by the Self, which is achieved through the soul’s efforts to garner the attention of the Self through lesson presentation. The automatic connection to the lower fields of consciousness is provided as challenge to the Self to remember its divinity, to overcome the strength of the ego by learning the lessons, diminishing the energies of the ego until acquiescence is achieved, to join with the soul and the Self so that each may accomplish. Remembering the Self’s divinity may be achieved by silencing the mind; this will require great diligence on the part of the student, for the ego will do all possible to prohibit this accomplishment. Meditation is a vital weapon of the student that wishes to diminish the energies of the ego.

The Self is the student of the soul until the merger of the six consciousnesses has been affected and all blockages removed; the Self then steps forward as teacher to the soul. The training of the Self utilizes the lesson plan and previous lifetime experiences of the soul that have placed blockages to challenge the Self to choose between the light and the dark, calling upon the soul for assistance. Training of the Self continues until the higher response is consistently chosen and all blockages instilled by the lesson plan, as well as samskara belonging to the soul, utilized to fuel the secondary and other lesson plans, have been released, signifying lesson integration. The Self then focuses the awareness upon the removal of all blockages belonging to the Self, due to previous lifetime lesson failures, through the recapitulation process. This process is utilized to determine if the Self has learned the more appropriate response; one that signifies lesson integration. The spiritual guide, of a non-physical nature, is introduced to the Self at this time, guiding the Self through the recapitulation process.

Once all negative energies have been removed from all bodies, the Self is provided with choice, to return to the Creator, to continue on to other planetary systems to further its evolution, or to remain upon the Earth to serve others; aiding others to know the self, to heal the self. It is at this time that ascension is offered to the Self, enabling the consciousness, known as the Self, to continue in service to humanity from the higher realms, wherein consistent service may be provided, delaying the return to the Creator.

Selective Learning is not recommended for the committed disciple, meaning that the entire publication is suggested reading, so that the self may detect field connections independently, prior to receiving the report that details the soul’s lesson plan. It is believed that the disciple that is able to detect field behaviors, in advance of obtaining the knowledge, will be the disciple that is capable of embracing the methods recommended within free of judgment and doubt. The goal of this contingency is to provide the answers to those that seek them; however, cursory testing will be provided to determine the student’s ability to discern those behaviors that populate the fields of the self’s lesson plan. It is important that the student be capable of identifying at least one of the life lessons, prior to the receipt of this data, for the inability to do so indicate that the student will have great difficulty embracing the concepts put forth in this publication. Those students who wish to obtain the soul’s lesson plan may do so after submitting to a short inquiry, anticipated to take no longer than 10 minutes, if the survey has been reviewed prior to going online. This survey is located on page 306 of this publication. Requests for the lesson plan may be made at

Service – All consciousnesses strive to provide service that nourishes the self, as well as others in service to the Creator; therefore, the human will be focused upon learning appropriate service. This service may be specified within the lesson plan; otherwise, it runs as an undercurrent to the life experience, for the self must serve another prior to turning all attention to the Self. The soul lies within awaiting discovery; once recognized, the lessons chosen by the soul must be learned and all energies accumulated released. Only then may the Self turn the attention to the Self, for the service desired most by the Creator is for the Self to serve the soul, furthering its evolution, prior to moving forward to the own. Service represents joining together with others, in order to accomplish.

Seven is the number of lessons contained within The Path to Healing. Other readings are available for the disciple that provide nuance, further enhancing the knowledge of the self with the traits that have been chosen by the soul to challenge the Self, until memory of the Self’s divinity returns. These readings are available online at

Serendipitous defines the circumstance surrounding the assignment of the lesson plan for both the Self and the soul; while the soul strives to chart the course of the lifetime through the selection of particular lesson plans, this is not always possible. A variety of circumstance can interfere with the soul’s plan causing an early or late birth, thereby changing the desired lesson plan to one that can only be attributed to serendipity. The student need be aware that the lesson plan is that which has been assigned based upon the birth data; the soul has accepted this lesson plan at birth as must the Self, for this alone will provide clue to that which must be learned, in order to disconnect from the lower fields of consciousness.

Soul refers to the consciousness that is desirous of furthering its evolutionary status by learning the lessons presented at the School of Learning. The soul is the guiding force that awakens the consciousness known as the Self to its divinity. The soul guides the Self through the lesson plan until true choice has been achieved; the Self then guides the soul to recognition of faulty decisions made in previous lifetimes that have lengthened lesson presentation, prohibiting soul evolution. Each consciousness is committed to seven revolutions of the wheel; three levels of consciousness must be achieved in each revolution prior to continuing forth to the next, following the pathways, as defined within the Tree of Life. Lifetime after lifetime, the soul steps forth to train the Self, which is different in each incarnation, awaiting the time that the Self learns the lessons and steps forth to train the soul. The goal of each lifetime is to achieve union of all consciousnesses; failure to unite guarantees return to the School of Learning at the same evolutionary status for the Self and the soul, providing opportunity to move up the evolutionary wheel, until choice to depart is earned.

All consciousnesses comprising the human reside within the etheric layer until the evolutionary status confers material form, meaning that the bodies evolve upwards, beginning with the spiritual/etheric to the emotional/astral to the mental to the physical. The consciousness of the physical body then progresses forward as the soul, to receive training that will further its evolution. Successful training upon the pathways of the Tree of Life grants opportunity for the soul to progress its evolutionary status, maintaining the goal to unite with the Self. The Self returns to The School of Learning until all lessons have been learned and choice is provided; the soul returns until union with the Self has been achieved. Consciousness evolution of the original consciousness, the spark released by the great central sun, has been in progress for billions of years.

Student is the human that is comprised of the six consciousnesses; the Self, soul, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The student is focused upon the attainment of knowledge for the self alone, having no intention of aiding another with the knowledge gained by the self.

Study groups are vital to the full integration of the knowledge contained within this publication. A full section has been dedicated to aid those like-minded individuals that wish to join together with others to provide and receive assistance upon the path to healing.

Specialty defines the area of expertise that is being offered. The Path to Healing’s specialty is disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness; while other topics are discussed herein, this publication does not intend to mislead the reader into the belief that those topics have been presented in the depth that is necessary to provide a full understanding, one that informs of that which is needed in order to accomplish the desire. It is the goal of this contingency to address the topics touched upon within this publication regarding ascension and that which is needed in order to accomplish such in further detail in the near future.

Syndicated may be applied to the mass dissemination of a product, used most widely by the television industry. The Path to Healing Foundation invites syndication of this data, in languages other than the English language, when translated verbatim, displaying the copyright of the Path to Healing Foundation in the overlay. No royalties need be paid; however, written permission must be received from the holders of this copyright. Interested parties may inquire via e-mail links found at

Teacher is referred to within this publication, indicating the disciple that has healed the self. The soul is the teacher of the Self until the Self remembers its divinity, learns the lessons presented, removing all negative energies from the bodies, stepping forth to present the Self as the teacher of the soul. As long as the ego maintains primacy over the soul, the Self is unable to reliably hear the voice of the soul. Seeking the assistance of the soul to draw to you the teacher that is most appropriate is suggested. The student that seeks the assistance of others, until the voice of the soul can be heard reliably, is the student that successfully walks the path to healing.

Testing is provided to the human throughout the life experience, to determine if the response chosen will belong to the higher or the lower fields of consciousness. Responses utilized with consistency from the higher fields of consciousness grants lesson integration, leading to evolution of the consciousness. Responses selected from the lower fields of consciousness grants permission for additional lesson presentation in order to teach the response desired most by the Creator. The student that becomes the committed disciple addresses all life challenges as testing; that which has been provided, so that the soul and the Self may learn. Recognizing, understanding and learning the lesson is the goal to be pursued, for all other approaches to lesson presentation result in failure, requiring that additional testing be provided in order to further the evolution of the consciousness.

Unawareness is ignorance of that which is occurring in the current moment, which is endorsed by the connection to the lower fields of consciousness. Absence of knowledge is the main reason for the state of unawareness that is encountered by the disciple upon the path to healing. This publication is primarily intended to eliminate the state of unawareness regarding the fields for humanity.

Victory is the goal of the contingency, to fight those of the dark to regain balance for the planet Earth, for that is the desire of the Creator. Students willing to release the current belief system, opening the mind and the heart to new information, which could not be provided prior to this time, will be named victorious. Those who prefer to maintain the current belief system will remain connected to the lower fields of consciousness.

Wound is the Dark Lord’s label for the lesson plan assigned to each field for the primary and secondary lesson plans.

WWRG signifies the Well-Worn Response Groove; the Dark Lord’s label for the lesson avoidance circuit.