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The Path to Healing

Path to Healing Foundation - About Us

We are the students of The Path to Healing, which is a system of teachings designed to Know the self, Heal the self, and aid others to do the same. It allows for the determination of the lesson plans we were born with, through the use of birth date, time, and city of birth. We are dedicated to sharing the information we received as students of both Te Auna, the physical teacher and Kuthumi, our non-physical teacher.

Located in Estes Park, Colorado, it is hoped that there will be others who would want to join us in bringing forth these teachings to those who are dedicated to moving forward on their spiritual path. Student or not, all are welcome who desire to become the committed disciple; one that is capable of healing the Self, thereby furthering soul and Self evolution.

Message from Loereve Raa Ka (a student)

With the passing of Te Auna on Christmas morning 2016, we, the students of Te Auna, the physical teacher, and Kuthumi, the non-physical Teacher, wanted to honor her memory, by moving forward in bringing website to fruition. In doing so, we have included not only the book, as dictated to Te Auna, but we have also included excerpts of class teachings, indexed by topic. Much of it may not be so flattering to us (students), but felt it was important to show where we were learning and struggling with our lessons. Often, Kuthumi revealed in class things that others didn’t know about me. Often, he revealed things about me that I didn’t realize myself. Kuthumi, whom we often referred to just as The Teacher (with a capital ‘T’) was always blunt with us, never sugar coating anything, but also never judging either. Nevertheless, those were often sphincter tightening moments. Well, for me anyway… but they were always moments that I learned something and that is good. Hopefully you will find value in the teachings, and how our lesson plans worked in action.

By creating an account, you will have the ability to create charts to determine what lessons you were born with. It uses the personality[P] and design[D] line numbering from Human Design, but that is where any similarity to it ends. All the information contained within the program came directly from the Teacher. The software is only an aid, to those who have taken the time to understand the material. This system is designed for those who truly want to make the effort to move forward on their spiritual path, though all are welcome. It’s not for everyone. That’s why the book has a subheading of Disciple’s Guide. If you are looking for an airy fairy, woo-woo la la wind chimes, everything is wonderful, “I am perfect the way I am” website, then hit your back button or close this tab in your browser now, you’ve come to the wrong place. To know and heal the self is a difficult, long and arduous journey. Being a spiritual seeker for over 45 years, the last 10 intensively working with PTH, I am finally changing my habits and seeing the world differently. Over the years, I have studied many spiritual teachings, learned a lot, applied little, until PTH. Hopefully with this material, your journey will be a lot shorter than mine.

The material on this site takes time to study and learn. Without a teacher, group study allows for a greater chance of identifying the lessons in action. The ego will always try to hide and defend lower field behaviors that can keep you in stasis, potentially for a lifetime. Don’t underestimate the ego. As the saying goes: Your ego is not your amigo.

As a longtime student of Te Auna and Kuthumi, I have received extraordinary assistance. Assistance I can never repay except for changed behavior and a desire to assist others. You might say it is my honor/duty to aid others. We at the Path to Healing Foundation will do our utmost best to aid those interested in learning more. Our motto is: To Know the self; to Heal the self, and help others do the same.

About Te Auna - The Reluctant Teacher/Channeler

Te Auna's journey to becoming a teacher began when Sol An Ka (another student) took Te Auna on a Shamanic Medicine Journey in September 2003. Up to that point, Te Auna was only only mildly interested in spiritual affairs. She studied some palmistry and numerology, but had difficulty in retaining any of it. As we later found out, it was by design, according to Kuthumi. He did not want her to have any preconceived notions about spiritual teachings that would have to be unlearned later.

Sol was friends with the channelers Lee Carol and Steve Rother, whom she was introduced to. When she went on her Journey, she, completely unlike all others he had taken on Shamanic journeys, laid quiet and motionless for over two hours. Upon coming back around, she bolted up screaming, "I DON"T WANT TO BE LIKE STEVE ROTHER!" From that point onward, she had a voice(s) in her head who identified themselves as The House of Seven. Channeling was not something she ever aspired to, or particularly desired. Yet most of her years in doing so, the voice was as clear and conversational as it was talking to another person.

As time went on, after much testing of her, the contact changed. After the House of Seven, Later came the Valknow for a short period. Then later on came The White Brotherhood. Over the years it settled on Ramalus (of the White Brotherhood) who first started providing the beginnings of The Path to Healing. Had she not passed the extensive testing over the years, this information would not have been given. Ramalus is a student of Kuthumi. As more information was brought forth, Ramalus would consult more with Kuthumi. Finally in the summer of 2007, Kuthumi took over providing more lesson readings, and in 2008, worked with her in bringing forth "The Path to Healing Disciples Guide".

In the intervening years since then, classes were held to study the PTH material and apply it to our lives. There were several students who came and went. Only Sol and Loereve remained. Te Auna went through continuous testing and karmic balancing for the remainder of her life. All past life karmaic balancing was completed, some going back thousands of years. Yet through it all, she maintained a positive attitude, thinking more about her students then she did about herself.

We were all students of Kuthumi. Even though she was the physical teacher, she preferred to be just another student. As a teacher, She had an amazing intuitiveness at getting to the heart of an issue. We sometimes called it her "Leaps of Logic". If she was uncertain (or the student was being particularly difficult), Kuthumi would usually come through with a teaching that could be applicable to all. Though only with a high school education, she was probably one of the smartest, most selfless person we have ever met. As smart as she was, and as intuitive she was, to say she loathed the limelight would be an understatement. The spotlight made her uncomfortable. Even this short spiritual biographic take on her would Not be something she would have cared for, but she is not here any longer to object!

She was/is greatly loved and sorely missed. We are grateful for all that she has done for us, as we are grateful for Kuthumi for all his teachings and sage advice. It is our hope that this website will be of benefit to others on their Path to Healing.


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