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The Path to Healing

LP – Separation: Study of Line 6 energies

Overview: Selected by the soul that desires maximum challenge for the student, this lesson plan will provide testing for all three of the bodies; the mental body will be focused upon to determine if the student is capable of employing the mental faculties to overrule the energies created when the emotional body is activated during lesson presentation. The lesson plan will additionally test the physical body as well as the mental; these lessons will consist of testing focused upon the student’s ability to discern that which is most important to the life existence. The goal is to teach that the soul desires no thing more than the spiritual experience; integration of the lesson plan alone enables this goal.

The lesson plan requires that the student join with others in order to accomplish great things; this is the fundamental goal of the lesson plan, whether selected as the primary or secondary lesson.

The Field: The field has been designed to prohibit the student from joining with others in order to accomplish. The soul has brought great energies into the lifetime to be used to aid humanity but these energies will not become available until all lessons have been integrated. Field energies will prohibit lesson integration by imposing the desire for independence and competition, eliminating the potential for the student to join with others.

What makes this LP different from the others?
  • ➣ The lesson plan will severely test the ability of the student to discern the true lesson being presented; this is due to the triple lesson that is being offered to those souls that request this as the primary lesson plan
  • ➣ When requested as the primary lesson plan, the student will be additionally tested to determine if the desires are known and understood, as well as to determine if the student honors and respects the self and all others. This triple lesson plan is utilized to test all three of the bodies
    • ◆ When the lesson plan is chosen as the secondary lesson, the soul has determined to re-test the student’s ability to integrate the lessons; this position indicates to the student that this lesson plan has been integrated in previous lifetimes
    • ◆ If chosen as the secondary lesson plan, testing will be singular in nature and will focus upon joining with others, rather than the triple-force lesson plan presented when chosen as the primary lesson
    • ◆ This positioning also indicates that the soul is desirous of bringing energies into the lifetime that will aid with successful integration of lessons previously failed; these lessons will appear as the primary test for the student in the current lifetime
  • ➣ Great confusion will be experienced by the student, as the lesson plan holds potential for constant change; this is to teach the student to focus upon that which is being presented, utilizing the mental faculties to do so, arriving at conclusion that is best for the self and lesson integration
  • ➣ The student is highly capable of accomplishing the lesson plan, for this request/assignment confirms that it has been accomplished many times previously; thereby ensuring, as much as is possible to do so in the earthly experience, that the tasking chosen by the soul for the lifetime will be accomplished
  • ➣ Great energies have been brought into the lifetime; these energies become accessible to the student for the performance of great service to humanity, once connection has been made with the soul
  • ➣ When selecting the same (dual) lesson plans for both the primary and secondary lesson, the soul is desirous of bringing great energies forward into the current lifetime, to perform great service for humanity
    • ◆ Energies from previous lifetime successes have been brought forward, aiding the student in the current lifetime to experience through the soul that which has been previously accomplished

The Student Illustrated
The student of Separation as the primary LP (Life Lesson #2)
  • ➣ The student will be confused for the lesson plan is ever changing; constant adjustment is necessary for the reactions vary as well, causing the student’s mental stability to be called into question when observed by others
  • ➣ The student is independent, rarely seeking the advice of another, unless it is to confirm that which is already known and firmly believed by the self
  • ➣ Feedback from another regarding the self’s behaviors that could aid the student in identifying issues that need be addressed, is neither sought nor accepted
  • ➣ The student stands alone preferring to think and act independently, excluding all others from the decision-making process - others are only welcomed after the decision has been made, in order to garner support
  • ➣ The student will bear no breach or threat to the self’s way of being, the self’s way of thinking, the self’s right to stand alone
  • ➣ Mental superiority is assumed by the student - the student is a thinker, processing data continuously in ways that are believed by the student to be better than all others
  • ➣ Logic is employed to put forth the beliefs and the own way of being in an attempt to sway others to the same - those who embrace the self’s ways of being are welcomed, all others excluded
  • ➣ The student does not invite other ways of thinking, other ways of being, for the student believes the self’s ways to be superior to all others, viewing another who attempts to share differently as a threat to the self’s belief system
  • ➣ The student is haughty, caring little for those who think differently from the self, diminishing others’ beliefs and ways of being that vary from the own
  • ➣ Others view the student as arrogant and exclusionary, for those who are different are unwelcome, excluded from the student’s company and conversation
  • ➣ Frequent lesson plan changes cause the student to react erratically, for it may be the physical or the emotional body that is being tested - the result of the testing will always be to determine if the student will choose to separate the self from the other rather than learning the lesson

Testing: The student does not know or understand the desires of the self; it is this that is being tested with the physical lesson. The student does not honor or respect the self or others; it is this that is being tested with the emotional lesson. The student will be challenged to learn the lesson without separating the self. Failure of the lesson is always confirmed when the student determines to avoid the lesson by separating the self. Testing is provided to determine if the student will repress the self or another by separating, or if the student will diminish or shame the self or another by separating
  • ➣ Dual lessons will be offered that provide opportunity to both repress and shame the self or another through the act of separation. This lesson plan is extraordinarily difficult and is only offered to the soul that has accomplished all other lesson plans in previous lifetimes.
  • ➣ The primary lesson includes testing of the student to determine if repression or shame will be chosen; when failed, separation of the self from the other is chosen, rather than lesson integration. The student does not understand the desires, the student diminishes the self or another; field connections demand separation of the self from the lesson, before it has been integrated. The student maintains the belief that the self was right to separate, easily fabricating story confirming that separation was the only option available. Refusal to review the experience is the result once separation has been achieved; the other is abandoned in wonderment, to never be informed of the student’s true reason for separation. The soul is thereby granted permission to magnetize catalysts in future that provide the same lesson to the student until it has been learned.
Independence: The student’s independence is a focal point for the ego. Utilizing field connections the importance of independence is impressed upon the student, maintaining the distance from others who may provide opportunity for lesson integration.
  • ➣ The student will maintain a rich mental experience, easily constructing stories that warrant the distance maintained by the self from others
  • ➣ The story is fabricated utilizing a quotient of fact - woven around this quotient will be rationale and reason for separating the self from the other
  • ➣ The other is rarely informed of the reason for separation - rather, others remain confused and uncertain as to why the student has removed the self from the relationship
Relationships: The student will maintain superficial relationships with many, sharing from the mind and rarely from the heart; for it is this that prohibits the other from gaining control over the self. Ego encourages this distance, warning the student of the dangers of another growing too close to the self, knowing too much about the self. Field energies endorse the threat that is felt by the student whenever another becomes too familiar with the student’s inner workings. This threat will loom large until the student has been convinced to separate the self from the other that holds potential for lesson integration.
  • ➣ The student is certain of the behaviors of the self, adamantly defending the self’s right to protect the self from the encroachment of another - field energies endorse this attitude
  • ➣ Threat of encroachment will be reenacted time and again, littering the landscape with those that have been removed from the life experiences
  • ➣ The student remains unaware that the true threat was the ego, for ego does not wish for the student to learn - the ego only wishes for the student to fail, for this guarantees its primacy over the soul
  • ➣ Others that pose threat to the ego’s standing will be quickly eliminated from the life experience - ego offers field connection that endorses the fear of encroachment, the threat to the self’s independence
  • ➣ The unaware student accepts this connection, thereby separating the self from the other that held great potential for guiding the student to successful lesson integration

The student of Separation as the secondary/birth LP (Life Lesson #1)
  • ➣ The student is endowed with behaviors and characteristics that create an aversion to others that attempt to interfere with the self’s way of thinking or way of being
  • ➣ Independence will be emphasized from an early age
  • ➣ The student will be logical and analytical, capable of presenting the self intelligently - the mental faculties will be well developed and, if so inclined, capable of learning whatever draws the interest
  • ➣ The mental construct will be rigid, prohibiting the student from embracing those things outside of the own belief system - all things will require proof to garner the student’s adherence, thereby reducing the likelihood for the truly spiritual experience

Joining with others: The student is averse to joining with others in order to accomplish; rather, the student prefers to work alone, for fear of another treading upon the self’s independence, claiming the self’s credit. The student is unable to embrace that great things are possible when joining with others.
  • ➣ Distance is maintained to protect the image of self
  • ➣ The ego makes offerings for field connection frequently to endorse this way of thinking - that the self is, in fact, superior to all others
  • ➣ Lessons will be presented that test the student’s ability to join with another successfully, to determine if the student can overcome the energies of the field that encourage separateness
  • ➣ Failure to accomplish this joining brings future lessons that challenge the student to join with others, in order to accomplish great things

Spiritual Experience: Spiritual concepts will be those that are widely accepted; those that have been diminished will not be easily embraced. Field energies prohibit this embracement, for the student’s way of thinking requires sound proof, data that is irrefutable, in order to garner the student’s endorsement. Each lesson plan carries this likelihood; however, rigidity of the mind is far more likely when Separation is selected as the secondary lesson plan, for it is this that increases the degree of difficulty for this most accomplished and capable student.
  • ➣ Disbelief will plague the student regarding all things spiritual - field energies endorse this action, for it is the spiritual experience that presents great jeopardy to lesson failure
  • ➣ Once the student recognizes the true value of the spiritual experience, all aversion to joining with another in order to accomplish falls away
  • ➣ The goal of the life experience may then be recognized - to join with others in order to heal the self - thereby providing opportunity to the student to step forth to aid another in doing the same
  • ➣ The student with this lesson plan maintains as a goal to heal the self - utilizing the knowledge gained through the experience, the student steps forth to aid others in doing the same
  • ➣ When assigned as the secondary lesson plan, this service has been performed previously and has been chosen once again, as the goal for this lifetime

Whether chosen as the primary or the secondary lesson plan, each time separation is chosen the lesson plan grows more difficult. Physical ramifications may be imposed, creating the likelihood for the student to become dependent upon another for the self’s care and nurture, proving that it is necessary to join with others in order to accomplish. The student that fails to make this recognition is guaranteed future lessons that grow ever harsher, reinforcing the student’s need to join with others in order to learn.

Breaking Free
The lessons have all been learned before. Great energies are the reward for the soul who is able to once again heal the wounds created by the lesson plan. The spiritual experience nurtures the energies of the soul; sharing of the self with another from the heart, appreciation of the beauty and bounty that surrounds the student, gratitude for the lessons, love unconditional shared with another, aiding another forward on the path to healing - are all examples of the truly spiritual experience. Quieting of the mind through meditation will aid the student in receipt of clear messaging from the soul that will guide the student to rapid lesson integration.
  • ➣ The student’s need for independence has excluded all others from the learning experience, remaining unaware that others are needed to learn - this recognition is primary for the student upon the path to healing
  • ➣ The student must recognize that the self is never jeopardized by the assistance of another, for it is this that can provide opportunity to accomplish that which cannot be accomplished alone - healing of the self.
  • ➣ The student need understand that it is joining with others that enables the spiritual experience - this alone is the goal of the soul for the lifetime: the truly spiritual experience of healing the self and then aiding another to do the same
  • ➣ The student of the secondary and dual lesson plans maintains the inherent ability to heal the self by making contact with the soul, requesting assistance in overcoming the challenges, so that lesson plan integration may be accomplished

Faith is the cornerstone of this lesson plan, for it is this that supports the truly spiritual experience. The soul is desirous of no other thing, for the spiritual experience is the true purpose of the lifetime. Faith is the mystery that has no foundation, no proof, for it is a feeling deep within that emanates from the soul. The soul sends message to the student that ‘all is as it should be’ encouraging the student to accept and embrace all lessons, for this is the desire of the Creator.

The Creator embraces and welcomes all things equally, experiencing all things through the consciousnesses that have willingly volunteered for this service. It is faith that brings all consciousnesses back to the School of Learning time after time, to teach that all experience is equal and to be welcomed. Balance is necessary, a part of all things that demands that the positive and the negative be recognized equally. It is faith that allows the student to observe the negative component, trusting that what is right for the self will naturally emanate from within.

The student, who learns to listen to the feelings that emanate from within, is firmly placed upon the path to healing lifetime after lifetime, reaffirming the rightness of all things in service to the Creator. Faith is the mystery. Faith is the way. Faith is the answer to all things.

Behaviors endorsed by the field of Separation
Independent, Competitive, Exclusionary, Proof-seeker

Characteristics endorsed by the field of Separation
Overbearing, Superiority, Mentally-focused, Private, Unwelcoming, Exclusionary