mountain tops - PTH is like climbing a mountain until you see the light

The Path to Healing

Organization of the Lesson Plans

Each life lesson has a set of lesson plans associated with it. Each lesson plan has a specific purpose that is carried out differently for each of the six life lessons. All life lessons’ purposes have the goal of preventing the student from knowing and healing the self. Every lesson plan is initiated as an opportunity for the student to fail to know and heal the self; once the student begins to know the self, then healing the self can begin. It is the student’s task to be aware of, identify, and recognize the lesson plan so that the student may choose to change the thinking and behavior from negative to positive, and begin knowing and healing the self.

Each life lesson consists of the following:

Life Lesson
Major Lesson Plans
: Infancy, Early Childhood, Development, Maturity, and Student?
The Soul’s Mission Lesson Plan (is what the Soul came into this lifetime to accomplish)
The Soul’s Obstacle (blocks the self from realizing the Soul’s Mission and Theme)
Communication Lesson Plan (is how the self performs this most crucial of human activities)
Lesson Avoidance: The Pattern (three related, sequential lesson plans that prevent learning)
   Engagement or Lesson Introduction Lesson Plan (that sets Lesson Avoidance in action)
   Battle Plan or Lesson Combat Lesson Plan (is the key behavior of Lesson Avoidance)
   Retreat or Lesson Failure Lesson Plan (terminates the pattern of Lesson Avoidance)
Theme (shadows and influences all of the other lesson plans)