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The Path to Healing

Masters of Light: Soul’s Obstacle

Provided as a gift to the aware student, this lesson plan invites the utilization of negative energies, created during lesson presentation, to be transmuted as fuel for the soul. Lessons are provided by the introduction of the Soul’s Obstacle, which invite judgment, thereby increasing negative energies, prohibiting the soul from surfacing to aid the student, if transmutation is not performed appropriately. Learning to transmute these energies, as soon as recognition of judgment is achieved, eliminates the potential for adverse impact; for this gift becomes detriment, when the student remains unaware.

This lesson plan employs negative response, whenever the student inappropriately performs the role defined as the Soul’s Mission, resulting in behavior that clearly defeats the mission, until recognized by the student as clue that assistance is available in the form of a gift. Recognition made by the aware student enables transmutation of energies, from negative to positive, provided directly to the soul, enabling the student to reach higher for better conclusion, so that the mission may be accomplished.

Lesson Identification and Integration

Lessons presented to the student provide the opportunity for energy creation that can be provided directly to the soul; for the soul wishes to surface and communicate with the student. Inappropriate performance of the Soul’s Mission has caused the negative energy of the assigned field to surface, providing clue to the student that change of course is necessary to accomplish the mission. Lacking awareness, judgment will overwhelm all things, causing the student to abandon the mission, prior to completion. The lesson plan provides opportunity for the student to focus the awareness upon the clue that is being provided, due to the presence of judgment; the student must identify the failure and transmute the energies, so that the soul may surface, aiding the student to achieve successful conclusion to the mission.

Transmutation of energies is performed by focusing the awareness upon the inappropriate behavior, recognizing the detriment to the mission to be incurred, if behavior is not modified. Recognition that the behavior must be changed allows the student to reach higher, in the moment, for better solution, changing the behavior from negative to positive, so that different response may be provided. The student that is capable of recognizing behaviors that are inappropriate, in the moment, is provided with opportunity to transmute the negative energies, provided by this gift, to that which is more conducive to lesson integration. Focusing the awareness upon the behavior, asking the soul for better solution, accepting the solution provided, will aid the student to accomplish the mission; the student consciously feeds the soul with these energies made available through lesson integration.

Filtering and transmuting all negative energies, providing them directly to the soul, with the focused intention to enable lesson integration, is the goal of the student. Consciously addressing the negative thinking, by intentionally changing it to a positive thought, allows the energies to be utilized as fuel for the soul. Banishing, ignoring, or protesting negative thinking causes the student to miss the opportunity, to feed the soul. Understanding of the lessons presented converts the negative energies created, within the bodies by the inappropriate response, to positive and may be utilized to nourish the soul, so that it may remain upon the surface more frequently. The student must recognize the energy initialized by the lesson, focusing all attention upon the response, and commit to changing the behavior, so that it no longer invites future lessons.

To experience through the soul, the student must learn to make use of all energies by transmuting negative to positive, understanding that without these energies, the soul is unable to communicate clearly over the voice of the ego, for ego is spiritually manipulative and can easily fool the student, into believing its pursuits are spiritual in nature. As the student begins to utilize the energies to feed the soul, lower field connections will be weakened, allowing the student to invite acquiescence of the ego. Once the ego has determined that the energies, provided by field connection, are being utilized to feed the soul, the ego will discontinue providing these energies, for ego will not wish to support the soul. Transmuting energies, provided by field connection and delivering them with great intention to the soul, will starve the ego, enabling the student to gain the agreement of the ego, to join forces with the self and the soul, in order to accomplish.

The Teacher is provided with the energy of anger, which will reside in the outer bodies and must be neutralized. This energy reaches others, causing withdrawal; unbeknownst to the Teacher, misunderstood by the other. Anger will be provided to the Teacher, whenever lesson presentation unfolds unfavorably. Faced with the inability to teach another appropriately, the energies of anger overwhelm the bodies, distorting the lesson, confusing both the Teacher and the student. The Teacher must focus the awareness upon the arrival of anger, recognizing that the teaching is proceeding inappropriately, transmuting the energies from negative to positive, providing these directly to the soul to be used to aid the Teacher, in reaching higher for better solution. Each time the energies of anger are transmuted, field connections are weakened, thereby enabling the Teacher to perform the mission appropriately.

The search for knowledge has become insatiable and consumes considerable time and energy to satisfy; the Student has become infatuated with the pursuit of knowledge. The Student must learn that the answer needed will appear when most appropriate; frustration indicates that the time has not yet arrived for the answer. Paying close heed to the data, that has been presented, will allow the Student to integrate that which was intended to be learned, at this time. Recognition must be made by the Student that all that is needed is available at the most appropriate time; the soul determines this timing. Neutralization of negative energies to positive and requesting that which is needed from the soul, enables the Student to accept that which is currently available, trusting that when the energies are made available to do so, the soul will provide that which is needed.

Nurture is provided by the Nurturer who is repaid with depletion of energies creating bitterness; for the self is drained, without sufficient energy to determine if nurture should be provided to another. This inability to arrive at appropriate conclusion encourages the Nurturer to continue to provide assistance, further draining the self, further amplifying the bitterness, for there is no energy remaining for the self. Vital energies that rightfully belong to the soul have been expended upon another; the presence of bitterness indicates that energies have been depleted, due to inappropriate nurture. The Nurturer must make correction by reviewing the behaviors that endorse this action, determining those changes that need be made, to allow the mission to be performed appropriately, transmuting the energies of bitterness to feed the soul.

Lesson failure has created an emptiness that is felt within the student, translated as loneliness. Constantly seeking outside the self, to satisfy the loneliness, the Supporter can never be satisfied sufficiently. Believing that supporting another will remove the loneliness causes the Supporter to remain unaware that reconnection with the soul is the only solution. The Supporter is supporting inappropriately and the energies of loneliness have surfaced, indicating this failure to perform the mission appropriately. As long as the Supporter continues to provide support inappropriately to others, the energies will be insufficient for the soul to surface and assist with lesson integration. Loneliness must be recognized, as clue that the mission is being performed inappropriately, and transmuted to provide sufficient energies to the soul to surface. The provision of inappropriate support drains vital energies that rightfully belong to the soul. Focusing the attention upon the feeling, transmuting the energies from negative to positive, enables the Supporter to understand that the self is never alone, for the soul lies within, awaiting energies with which to fill the void, thereby surfacing to aid the student with lesson integration.

Distraction is nurtured by the short attention span; there are many offerings upon the planet for experience and the Researcher wishes to experience widely. Captivated by many things, the Researcher does not pace the self, thereby prohibiting the focus necessary for lesson integration. Distracting the self with all things outside the self, remaining too busy to turn the attention upon the self, the Researcher is unable to maintain focus upon the mission; rather, the Researcher is focused upon the singular element, disregarding all others that are not of interest. Distraction prohibits the spiritual experience, by focusing upon the mental body pursuits, diminishing those belonging to the physical and emotional bodies that have the potential to nourish the soul. Sensitivity, or the ‘feeling’ bodies are needed for the Researcher to arrive at the appropriate conclusion; this sensitivity can be nurtured by the presence of the soul. Transmutation of energies created by distraction enables focus for the Researcher allowing disconnection from the lower fields of consciousness that endorse the scattered thinking, resulting in mission failure. Awareness need be focused upon the process; recognition of distraction, followed by transmutation of these energies, feeding the soul, is necessary for the Researcher to accomplish the mission set forth appropriately.

The energies of independence are utilized when the Analyst attempts to stand alone, prohibiting the participation of others in the analysis. The Analyst is determined to satisfy the mental pursuits, lacking understanding of the emotional and physical pursuits. Independence causes the Analyst to separate the self from potential teachers, for the self prefers to learn from the self, who is thereby granted a very narrow view of the experience. The Analyst does not join with others to learn; the energies of independence must be recognized and transmuted, for participation that could be of great value to the Analyst is prohibited by this energy. Recognizing when the self is determined to stand alone, to purposefully eliminate others from the learning experience, provides the Analyst with opportunity to neutralize these energies from negative to positive, providing them directly to the soul. The soul encourages joining with others, for it is only then that great things may be accomplished. Provision of energies created by this transmutation process enables the Analyst to understand that the analysis is of narrow value when important components are missing; thereby enabling appropriate completion to the mission that was intended to be accomplished.