mountain tops - PTH is like climbing a mountain until you see the light

The Path to Healing

Overview of The Path to Healing

Understanding The Path to Healing (PTH) is an interactive and flexible way of learning about a powerful system for healing the self. It is based on the place and time of birth but is not astrological. It is based on the I Ching and Human Design but is a system completely unlike these or other systems.

Fundamental to all of The Path to Healing is one overreaching goal. Everything within PTH leads upwards to this one goal. It is the ultimate achievement for the student of PTH, for its accomplishment is what all humans aspire to be, an enlightened and self-realized being. Of course, not every human is aware of this goal, and many, many lifetimes are required to begin the process of awakening to the goal. And yes, the PTH system is based on the principle of reincarnation.

This is a difficult truth for many to accept, and acceptance may not be forthcoming in a singular lifetime. The gateway to establishing a mindset that enables acceptance of reincarnation is through experiencing a dark night of the soul. Simply stated, the dark night of the soul occurs when a person reaches a singular stage of a life, but not in all lifetimes, in which materialism no longer provides feelings of comfort and satisfaction and faces a life which unexpectedly becomes empty and meaningless although the person may be surrounded with unbelievable luxury and material manifestation, and may enjoy incredible power and influence over others. It marks a point when the person either descends into a form of hell on earth and may even take their own life, or may understand that what they have sought all along through materialism is really found within…the internal search for meaning.

The internal search for meaning is referred to as awakening and it is then that the person becomes eligible to be a student of The Path to Healing. It is at this time, too, that the student may ask for their Teacher to come forth. All humans have a Teacher, a being of higher consciousness who is not human. Our Teacher has watched over us throughout all of our reincarnations and waits for the moment in a lifetime when the potential student becomes open to accepting guidance from the Teacher. The student may also be fortunate enough to be drawn to a physical teacher who assists the noncorporeal Teacher in guiding the accepted student to learning the ultimate goal of The Path to Healing: To know and heal the self. By the way, an accepted student is one who is awakened (and so, recognizes that there are higher intelligences than humans and that those intelligences are willing and able to guide us to know and heal ourselves). It also helps to ask the Teacher to begin guiding you. That is simply done by stating the desire to be guided by the Teacher. You may not get a response, but you are heard. It does no harm to keep asking. When you are ready, so is the Teacher.

In the PTH hierarchy of powerful knowledge, the level below the peak of “to know and heal the self” are the six life lessons that each student will encounter in one way or another as they begin to walk the path to know and heal the self. Each lesson is a body of knowledge that is needed to know the self. The six life lessons are learning to overcome the power of the not self or ego. The not self seeks to block the discovery of the true self which is the goal to know the self. The not self is formed by two phenomena: social consciousness and the composite self. Social consciousness is the result of all of the conditioning that we are subjected to during the course of a lifetime.

The six life lessons present six different qualities that enable us to know the self… learning who the self truly is when the muck of social consciousness is removed...this is one-half of knowing the self. Social consciousness is the weight of the ‘shoulds’ and ‘should nots’ that centuries of civilization have layered on humanity. Social consciousness is not only who society demands that we be; it sets forth thousands of prescriptions and proscriptions that enforce societal demands through legal and social sanctions. All of it is fear based. It is no wonder that we do not know who we really are as loving and accepting beings when all of our lives we are taught to fear one another and to try and gain ascendency over those whom we fear. If all fear were stripped from us what would remain are the qualities of the six life lessons…this is knowing the self. Each life lesson represents a challenge that a student of PTH needs to master in order to move forward in knowing and healing the self. The six life lessons are:

   1. To know and understand the desires
   2. To accept responsibility for the self
   3. To honor and respect the self and others
   4. The soul within is waiting to be recognized
   5. All experiences are an opportunity to learn
   6. To join with others in order to accomplish

The other phenomenon that seeks to block the student to know and heal the self is the composite self. To understand the composite self, the student needs to accept that reincarnation is a fact. Each human alive today has experienced other lives. Into each new life that we enter, we bring aspects of our previous lives with us. These are spiritual lessons that we have learned and spiritual lessons that we failed. All lessons are related to the six life lessons listed above. These past failed and successful lessons influence us in our present life. The successful lessons of the past reflect in the loving behaviors we exhibit in our current life. The failed lessons of the past echo in the fears that we experience and react to in our current life.

The failed lessons that come from the composite self and social consciousness are impressed on us in the present life and constitute the not self or ego. The not self is who we are not in the core of our being. At our core is pure love that seeks not to judge and control others. A core that honors and respects all life, nature and our wonderful planet. It is the goal of The Path to Healing to return us to our true self by knowing and healing the self that has failed so many times in so many lives.