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The Path to Healing

Negative Thinking

The proliferation of negative thinking is the sole cause of growth for the lower fields of consciousness in the previous decade, causing humanity to feel downtrodden and helpless to change its plight. The few are responsible for the many; these chosen few have generally been focused upon the few, ignoring the impact of the decisions made for the many. This approach has resulted in an uncaring society that is self-focused, unconcerned for the other. This can be changed, one mind at a time, through the elimination of negative thinking.

All humans are born with the survival instinct, well-honed by the time adulthood has been achieved. Social consciousness endorses looking out for the self, insisting that others do the same; it is unconcerned for those who are in need due to hardship, unless the impact of such is felt by the self. Recognizing the uncaring nature within the self is primary to walking the path to healing.

Negative thinking is nurtured by the lower fields of consciousness, for the energies created endorse others to respond in similar fashion, resulting in the provision of persuasion to those who teeter between positive and negative thinking, influencing the individual to think in a negative fashion, as it is acceptable to do so. When confronted with positive thinking the negative thinking collapses, whereas when positive thinking is confronted by negative it then collapses; the inbound energies overwhelm those that are resident, unless awareness overpowers that which is inbound. The bulk of humanity is unaware, controlled by the lower fields of consciousness, the source of all negativity. Changing the thinking to positive diminishes the field of negative thinking. Awareness prohibits the intrusion of negativity, protecting the warehouse of positive energies maintained by the self. Unawareness invites entry of negativity, which depletes the warehouse of positive energies earned by the self to further consciousness evolution.

Recognition of the self’s thinking and way of being as negative allows the student to begin to focus upon behavior modification that endorses positivity over negativity; refusal to embrace that the self is primarily negative in nature prohibits change, for lack of recognition indicates a state of unawareness that is unduly influenced by the lower fields of consciousness. Those students that prefer to ignore the negative as inappropriate behavior are those that do not understand the purpose of negativity; this purpose is to provide contrast so that the student may choose that which is most appropriate for the self. Lack of awareness allows the choice to be made for the self, for the field automatically provides negativity to those who remain unaware. Ignoring, squelching, or disbelieving that the self is negative more often than positive does not endorse change; rather, it endorses continued negativity.

Thinking negatively is influenced by the life experiences, often beginning early in life, in response to unfavorable lesson presentation. Hardship reinforces the belief that the negative far outweighs the positive in one’s life; helplessness, when one’s plight seemingly cannot be improved further deepens this belief. Recognizing that the mind is a powerful creator of one’s reality will aid the student to begin the process to change the thinking from negative to positive. Hopelessness can be replaced by hope. Helplessness can be replaced by belief in the self. Determination and commitment placed with singular focus can propel one forward to success. These are the stepping stones that the student walks upon when first beginning to review the thinking, determining to become the navigator rather than the passenger of the life experience.

Understanding the power of negative thinking is critical to the student who walks the path to healing, for as long as the thinking remains negative positive stores of energy are diminished as rapidly as they are earned, creating endless struggle to maintain balance. Kinesiology has proven the power of negative thinking with the example set forth to test the strength of the individual when a positive statement is made versus when the negative statement is made; the individual’s strength is maintained with the positive, destroyed by the negative. Visible evidence of the power of negative thinking, words or actions embraced by the self can be achieved using this science. Integrating that the self is diminishing the self by thinking negatively provides the student with reason for changed behaviors, for this alone will endorse consciousness evolution. Negative thinking is the primary cause of failure for the student.

Changing the thinking from negative to positive in the moment provides energies to the soul that enable it to surface to aid the student in reaching higher for better solution. Failure to change the thinking strengthens the connection to the lower fields of consciousness, encouraging others that connect to the field to think similarly. Learning to change the thought immediately from the negative to the positive weakens the connection to the lower fields of consciousness, thereby decreasing the encouragement received by others that connect to this field. Each time the thinking is changed the connection is further weakened, building the new habit to think positively until the tendency to think negatively has been replaced with the tendency to think positively. This goal is recommended to be the first addressed by the student who wishes to walk the path to healing, for it will endorse the generation of positive energies needed when change is first sought.

Negative thinking encompasses all things, born from the inability to accept that which is different from the own belief system. Experiences of the student are utilized to form the belief system, derived from judgments made of what is right and what is wrong, negating another’s right to be different; decision has been made based upon the self’s experiences, which often have resulted in damage to the self or another. The vision has been clouded by the experience, the lesson lost. Judgment has been rendered, prohibiting acceptance of similar circumstance in future; refusal to believe that different outcome may be experienced maintains the belief system born of the experience. Rigidity of mind secures the belief system, ensuring that all others that differ will be judged as inappropriate in future. Belief systems are maintained without further review by the bulk of humanity, endorsed by the lower fields of consciousness.

Rooted in the belief system, judgment becomes pervasive within the life experience. Failure to review previous decisions free of emotion, to determine that which is most appropriate for the self at this time, is the primary cause of negative thinking, as the student is responding from habit, due to a lack of awareness of the self’s previous decisions. Unpopular decisions, masquerading as that which is best for all, are often announced when the public is unaware and in a state of negativity, for this prohibits delving beyond the surface issue. The political arena is most proficient at utilizing this ploy, to distract the attention away from the true issue, focusing upon the belief system that is in agreement with the decision. Failure to recognize that the belief system is in need of review is the culprit that is encouraged by the lower fields of consciousness.

In review, negative thinking is the major contributor of energy utilized to maintain the stranglehold over humanity by the lower fields of consciousness. Unawareness allows the student to be unduly influenced by the thinking that is maintained by the field of social consciousness. Lastly, the belief system must be reviewed periodically to determine if revision of the self’s way of thinking or way of being is necessary, in order to present the self as one who is focused upon consciousness evolution.