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The Path to Healing

Recognizing the Self

Understanding the self is primary to walking the path to healing. Recognition must be made of the true self before the student can understand that which is most needed in order to heal. Belief systems and ways of being prohibit the student from opening the self to another with lesson presentation. The inability to clearly identify behaviors and characteristics that represent blockage to learning is the fundamental cause of lesson failure. Recognizing the true self is the purpose underlying these exercises.

I embrace that aggressive behaviours are a natural result of field connections.
Controlling my experiences or environment is not important to me.
Do I offer to assist others?
Do I accept the assistance of others?
Am I a willing participant within a group?
Do I enjoy interacting with others?
Do I enjoy time spent alone?
Am I a welcoming individual?
I search for varying viewpoints in order to expand my thinking.
I enjoy debating another, gaining different viewpoints, which identify those areas in need of change for myself.
I purposefully place myself in situations with others who are different.
I understand that avoiding others who are different prohibits my growth.
Do I welcome different viewpoints
Do I defend my viewpoints when challenged with another?
I understand that silently judging another that is different from my self is just as damaging as vocally judging another.
Do I review differences to determine if I should change my way of being prior to discarding the difference?
Am I willing to change my mind?
I understand that changing the mind does not indicate faulty thinking or poor decision-making skills.
I welcome differences of opinion without diminishment, whether silent or vocal.
Did my parents endorse flexibility?
Am I willing to believe that change is necessary to growth?
Do I endorse another's change of view, without repercussions?
Am I willing to change areas that have been identified as faulty to my current path?
Do I accomodate others, rather than expecting others to accomodate me?
Do I invite conversations that contain content known to be different than my own belief system?
Am I willing to open myself to review by another?