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The Path to Healing

LP – Repression: A Study of Line 1 energies


The student’s life existence is consumed with desire; desire that is not understood, yet is all consuming of the student’s energy and efforts to attain. The student lacks acceptance for the self and has adopted characters that endorse behaviors that prohibit lesson integration. Field connectivity is constant, due to the presence of these characters that remain unrecognized. Understanding the desire is critical to the student, for only then can the desire be appropriately identified as not belonging to the true self. Rationalization, as well as social consciousness, has led the student to believe that the behaviors are appropriate, thereby granting power to the character to maintain control over the student’s activities and pursuits.

Desire is the focal point of this lesson plan and is intended to teach the student the importance of understanding the desires; continual pursuit of desire consumes the time necessary for the student to pursue the spiritual experience.

A road map of LP energy influence and → its potential results:
  • ➣ Young child is taught that some things are right and some things are wrong → causing the self to embrace this judgment and to censor the self and others based on this determination
  • ➣ Young child resists learning, for judgment of inappropriateness has been made → the experience is eliminated, failing to understand that the lesson must be learned and the experience must be had in order to move forward
  • ➣ Lessons are presented to determine if control of the self or control of another will be chosen → the course for the lifetime is set based on the outcome of early testing
  • ➣ Taught to think rigidly, assessing all experiences as right or wrong → the student declines the experience that has been judged in future
  • ➣ Control must be maintained for all things within the environment → to protect the self from others who wish to impose those things that have been judged as improper upon the self
  • ➣ Challenge will be presented → to encourage recognition that the self is not known
  • ➣ Self is hidden from the self, having been overwritten by characters believed to be more acceptable → The characters will not be recognized until awareness is placed upon the behavior of the self and any behavior endorsing repression of self or another must be identified
  • ➣ Encouragement is provided by LP programming → that endorses the actions of the self over another
  • ➣ Desire overwhelms the true self and focus is lost due to pursuit of unexamined desire → Field connections strengthen whenever the desire is pursued

The Student Illustrated: Who am I and what do I want?
Characters . . .
  • ➣ were created to appear more acceptable to the self or others and are believed to be the self
  • ➣ are detected only after behavior identification has been achieved
  • ➣ maintain desires that prohibit progress upon the spiritual path
  • ➣ are maintained by the self that lacks acceptance for the self
  • ➣ employ lower field behaviors that have become acceptable to the self
  • ➣ cause the self to rationalize behaviors known to be improper for the self
  • ➣ can often only be recognized with the assistance of others - the self is rarely capable of making this recognition independently
  • ➣ can be viewed most frequently when the student recognizes the self’s behavior in those that create discord for the self (judgment of another is experienced = mirror need be employed)
  • ➣ step forth to rationalize the behaviors, adamantly protecting the position of the self, refusing to recognize that the self’s behaviors are improper
  • ➣ are defined to represent that which has been assessed as right when the self wishes to do that which has been assessed as wrong
  • ➣ represent how the student believes the self ‘should be’, prohibiting the self from knowing the self – the self cannot be known if another’s desires have been adopted as the own

Desires . . .
  • ➣ are always of a physical, sensual nature and are focused upon those that satisfy the physical body, which is the focus
  • ➣ need be identified when they dominate the life experience – desire is meant to enhance, never to control
  • ➣ are maintained for the bulk of the life experience when attainment or relinquishment becomes the focus
  • ➣ when not understood, result in repression of the soul as the higher portion of the self is not accessed when the desires are pursued without understanding
  • ➣ that create confusion prevents scrutiny of self’s behavior
  • ➣ overwhelm the life existence and the majority of the student’s time is expended pursuing the desire that belongs to the character
  • ➣ always contains an element of rationale when it belongs to the character

Breaking Free
  • ➣ The student must identify the desires - scrutiny must be applied, determining if the desire endorses soul evolution and if not, willingly modifying the behaviors that allow the character to maintain this control
  • ➣ Begin speaking the mind – the student learns what the self wants, needs and desires most in the life experience by doing so
  • ➣ Interaction with others aids the student to hone the understanding of that which is most desired and in the highest and best interests of the self
  • ➣ Seeking vital feedback from another – that which is not seen by the self is easily seen by the other
  • ➣ Recognition that the desire of the character is not what the true self desires
  • ➣ Appropriate behavior need never be defended – it is the character that requires defense, so isolating behaviors that demand defense will guide the student
  • ➣ Identification of the desires is critical to the student’s success
  • ➣ All lower field behaviors must be discontinued
  • ➣ Recognizing that desires that overwhelm the life experience are intended to thwart spiritual progress
  • ➣ Recognition and isolation of the characters is made and the pursuit of the desires is discontinued by focusing the attention upon the desires of the physical body and determining to modify behaviors that endorse the pursuit of desires that control or overwhelm the life existence
  • ➣ Survey to be performed to denote all behaviors that are known to be unfavorable to one on the spiritual path, committing the self to changed behaviors, consciously removing the character from the self’s presentation

Failure is experienced when
  • ➣ The self fails to share of the self in order to know the self
  • ➣ The student is unaware that the character’s desires are not really the desires of the self and begins to pursue the character’s desires with great fervor
  • ➣ Realization is not achieved that all things are to be experienced equally for it is in this way that the self determines what is best for the self
  • ➣ Experiences are excluded from the life experience due to being stamped as not acceptable
  • ➣ Student remains unaware that all things are proper in the learning experience - desire burns more deeply when the experience is repressed as that is what is most needed in order to learn
  • ➣ Student represses the desire for it has been judged as improper, thereby intensifying the desire felt within
  • ➣ The self that is repressed cannot survey the inner landscape to determine what is in need of modification
  • ➣ Lesson presentation is an opportunity to experience – the student that has prohibited the experience cannot learn
  • ➣ Chasing the elusive experience to fulfill the desire within, the experience falls short of satisfaction as the self or another was repressed during the pursuit
  • ➣ The self does not know the self and the self does not know others - imposing the self upon another when each is unknown will result in repression of one or the other

Behaviors endorsed by the field of Repression

Docile to Aggressive / Weak to Overbearing / Acquiescing to Dominating / Uncertain to Demanding / Needless to Needy

Characteristics endorsed by the field of Repression

Sorrow to Anger / Uncertainty to Certainty / Yielding to Confronting

The trickle down effect of Repression’s behaviors to other LPs in this line
Behaviors & Characteristics that are passed to Soul’s Mission of The Teacher

None of the above behaviors have been identified specifically as a part of the Soul’s Mission, although it must be understood that The Teacher would maintain most of these behaviors as the Parent energies, as well as the Engagement of Self-conscious, are passed to this LP.
Behaviors & Characteristics passed to Communication style of Constricted
Identified within text as predator behavior

Aggressive – example given: need to be right
Overbearing – not mentioned specifically but the behavior of the predator to achieve attainment of desire in a variety of ways from wheedling to demanding, pleading to shouting would be descriptive of one who is overbearing
Demanding – there is an unspoken expectation that the other will give up their desire in favor of the predator’s, one that is spoken if the other doesn’t acquiesce appropriately
Uncertainty – occurs when trying to determine if the other is for or against the self
Certainty – this behavior is described amply throughout the LP of Repression – the predator (in their mind and most often in reality) will attain the desire, without doubt
Identified within text as prey behavior

Weak and Docile - since the prey relinquishes what they want easily, both of these behaviors could be experienced as a part of communication as well
Uncertainty – This behavior appears to be rooted in different rationale and reason for the prey: 1) the self does not believe in the self, and 2) fear of speaking improperly, saying the wrong thing

The following behaviors are also easily transferred to the communication style:

Needless, Yielding, Sorrow - prey
Needy, Confronting - predator
Anger – predator & prey – as the Obstacle, this likely appears more than sorrow and could be experienced by either, although the prey would likely keep it to the self