mountain tops - PTH is like climbing a mountain until you see the light

The Path to Healing

Identifying the Wounds
Recognizing that all divination systems have been diminished in value by social consciousness, the ego will fight the embracement of those components that create discomfort for the student. Recognition of those factors that maintain the connection to the lower fields of consciousness independently endorses rapid acceptance, thereby rapid healing. The student is reminded that the lower fields of consciousness, which includes social consciousness, are maintained to ensure lesson failure. The student need be aware of the presence of behaviors and characteristics belonging to the self’s lesson plan, in order to provide the ego with the proof necessary to enable embracement of the materials. The student need be alert to the response of the ego that rejects all behaviors that are unpalatable as belonging to the self; this protection is only offered to maintain the connection to the lower fields of consciousness, thereby guaranteeing the ego’s primacy over the soul.

Query Yes
Aggressiveness is present whenever discord arises
Silencing the self or silencing others is prevalent
Uncertainty and doubt often overwhelm
Characters are utilized to allow the self to get along with others
Internal feelings differ from those expressed to others
Unwelcoming attitude to those who are different from the self
Difficulty embracing another as the self’s teacher
Refusal to discuss those issues that vary from the own belief system
Belief that the self thinks more appropriately than others
Diminishment is employed whenever conflict arises
Condescending behaviors are utilized to correct others
Bitterness and contempt is felt towards others when conflict arises
Sexual appetite is insatiable or absent
Refusal to admit mistakes openly
Embellishment is employed to present the self more favorably
Feelings of aloneness often overwhelm
Deep yearning to love and be loved
Misunderstanding is a frequent visitor
Often accused of faulty memory relating to emotional experience
Unwilling to review past decision
Inability to focus upon the present moment due to memories of the past
Blame is the first thought when discord arises
The self believes the self suffers more than others
The lesson is believed to be the appropriation of blame
Grudges are closely held and forgiveness withheld
Compassion is absent for the other when the self has been damaged
The words are used to damage another
Independence is felt to be primary
Assistance from others is viewed as interference
Preference to being and working alone
Aversion to teamwork or joining with others
Refusal to embrace the advice of another
Preference has been noted for the mental or intellectual arena, excluding all others
Relating to another is rarely from the heart
Sharing of the self’s feelings is felt to be unsafe
Recognition of the value of another to the self is rare
Disbelief is prevalent for all things unprovable
Unwillingness to open the self to new thinking or ways of being
Rigidity of mind is believed to belong to the other
Belief that the self is always right
Forgiveness is a concept foreign to the self
Protection of the self’s way of being or thinking is primary
Belief that all conflict is the fault of the other
Overruling another is a frequent occurrence when discord arises
Believing the self to be better than another
Believing the self to be less than another
Inability to embrace the purpose of lesson