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The Path to Healing

A Top Down View of ‘Healing’

The producers of this web site understand that The Path to Healing is a complex system. It has taken them several years to be able to produce this web site which condenses thousands of pages of documentation into an overview to understand the fundamentals of the system. There was much discussion about the use of the word, healing, for the producers did not want to wander across the boundary between the physical and the metaphysical. Healing was eventually accepted because to heal is to mend something that does not function as intended. It is a word with implications far beyond healing the physical body which is probably the widest accepted connotation in social consciousness.

The healing that is available through The Path to Healing is about mending the self. Every one of us has a self and a not-self. The self is a complex entity and clicking the glossary link in the overview directs the reader to the glossary of this site containing a thorough description of the self. Suffice it to say in the interests of discounting the inherent complexity of The Path to Healing for the purposes of this web site, here is a working definition of self that aids in the understanding of healing in the context of The Path to Healing.

Self: the self is old, many, many lifetimes are spent in the development and training of the self. The core of the self is a link to the entire universe which modern physics, for example quantum theory, variously describes as intelligent energy. Energy which is self-directed and conscious of its existence. There is of course controversy surrounding the theory of intelligent energy and much thought, mathematics, and experimentation have been and are being performed to prove its existence. The producers of this web site believe that the universe is comprised of intelligent energy and within the self is the link to accessing intelligent energy. An even simpler description of the self in its purest form is that of unconditional love. By unconditional love is meant the universal acceptance of all things, all things. Nothing is omitted. When unconditional love is realized (for it’s there in all of us all of the time), we can consciously access the universal link through unconditional love, and are therefore a conscious part of the universe, of the whole of creation.

When the self is housed within the shell that surrounds each human, it is subjected to the negative energies created by the human experience since the human no longer consciously connects with universal intelligence. In material found in this site, the phenomena that create the disconnect with universal intelligence is described as social consciousness and the composite self. Clicking on the Overview of The Path to Healing link will provide additional information on these and other related phenomena. The effects of the negative energies on the self are called the not-self. The not-self is the opposite of the self, for these energies divert the self from realizing its connection, through unconditional love, to the universal intelligence of the universe.

Healing within the context of The Path to Healing system is about changing the negative energies/behaviors of the not-self to the energy of unconditional love and freeing the self to experience the universal intelligence of the universe in human form.

The shorthand of healing is simple. Be aware of when the not-self is dominant. Identify the negative feelings that are brought forth by the not-self. Recognize that these feelings can be changed. Choose to be different by finding unconditional love then and there at that moment.

It is simple, but it is not easy. Learning, understanding, believing and committing to do what is needed are found within The Path to Healing system, for it is necessary for most of us (the producers of this web site included) to understand why we behave as we do so that we may be aware, identify, recognize and choose to be who we are in the essence of our being…unconditional love.