mountain tops - PTH is like climbing a mountain until you see the light

The Path to Healing

Teachings - Index

Acceptance Emotional Thinking Personal Counsel: Sol
Addiction Energetic Release Personal Counsel: Te Auna
Aiding Others Engagement Personality
All is as it should be Engagement: Self-Distrust Physical Body
Apology Engagement: Self-Righteous Physical Teacher
Arrogance Etheric Body Planetary Energies
Astral Body Failed Lesson Power
Astral Plane Faith Preincarnative Agreement
Automatic Response Fear Prejudice
Awakening Focus Programming
Awareness Food Projection
Battle Plan Forgiveness Protect
Battling the Teacher Fortitude PTH Programming
Behaviors Gratitude Rational Thinking
Belief System Guilt Recapitulation
Bitterness Habit Rejection
Blame Happiness Release
Bodies Heart Release of Energies
Body - Emotional Hiding Removal of Negativity
Challenge Higher Consciousness Repression
Characters Higher Self Resentment
Childhood Honesty Retreat
Choice Honor & Respect Retreat - Discounter
Commitment Humility Retreat - Resigner
Communication Humor Samskaric Energies
Communication - Barbed Ignoring Seeking Assistance
Communication - Constricted Inner Teacher Self-Absorption
Communication - Dismissive Intention Self-Double
Communication - Ignoring Jealousy Self-Focus
Communication - Overbearing Joining With Others Self-Realization
Communication - Timid Judgment Sensitivity
Comparison Karma Separation
Compassion Karmic Callings Service
Competition Know the Self Shame
Composite Self Knowingness Sharing
Confidence Knowledge Soul Family
Conscience Lack Spiritual Experience
Constricted Learn/Teach Story
Control Learning Studying
Curiosity Lesson Failure Suffering
Damage Lesson Integration Supporter
Dark Role Lesson Plan Surrender
Darkness Lesson Presentation Teacher: Kuthumi
Defend Line Energies Teacher: Osiris
Denial Listening Teacher-Student Relationship
Depression Love Testing
Deprivation Materialism The Instrument
Desire Meditation The Path
Diet MentalBody The Student
Diminishment Mind The Will
Disappointment Mind-Heart Connection Theme: To Admit
Discernment Mirror Thinking
Disease Misery Thought form
Disempowerment Monad To be Love
Dishonesty Money To Feel
Disingenousness Multi-faceted Lesson True Self
Dismissive Negative Thinking Trust
Distortion Negativity Unconditional Love
Distraction Nurturer Understanding
DNA Oneness Victim
Ego Overbearing Voice
Ego Deconstruction Pain Wheel of Death & Rebirth
Embracement Parents Who Am I?
Emotion Past Life Willingness
Emotional Body Pattern Wisdom
Personal Counsel: Loereve Yearning