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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Jealousy

For you my brother Sol An Ka, it is attention – the children require tremendous quantities of attention. You were desirous of attention as a young child and did not receive it, as you believed you should. Am I correct?

Sol: Yes

It is this that prohibits you from showering your attention upon the children, for the lesson plan of Shame does not provide that which has not been received by the self. What’s good enough for the self should be good enough for others – is this your thinking my brother?

Sol: Yes it is.

Is it possible that this thinking can be destroyed?

Sol: Yes and I request support in doing so.

It is to place the self’s determination behind the goal my brother; the self’s will need be engaged. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes I do understand – thank you.

It is knowledge that has been provided to you. It is to bring this knowledge forward, to remind the self, “I, too, would have loved to have had attention in my formative years. I felt so lonely that I had to turn to the animal to feel loved.” Do you understand?

Sol: Yes

Do you wish this upon another?

Sol: No

It is to recognize the reason for the self’s feeling, to recognize that the feeling is faulty and will damage another as the self was damaged if it is permitted to remain. You are most capable of changing this thinking now that understanding has been brought forth to you.