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The Path to Healing

Soul's Obstacle Lesson Plan

Each Soul’s Mission Lesson Plan has a Soul’s Obstacle associated with it. The Soul’s Obstacle causes the Soul’s Mission Lesson Plan to become skewed so that although the student is pursuing their world view, the obstacle causes the result of that pursuit to be negative. The true nature of the Soul’s Mission is misdirected and therefore cannot be achieved until the student is aware of what is happening and chooses to take action to change their behavior. If the student remains unaware of the Obstacle, judgment will overwhelm all things, causing the student to abandon the Mission prior to completion, thus eliminating the opportunity to know and heal the self. There is a unique Soul’s Obstacle for each of the Soul’s Mission Lesson Plans:
   1. Anger of the Teacher
   2. Frustration of the Student
   3. Bitterness of the Nurturer
   4. Loneliness of the Supporter
   5. Distraction of the Researcher
   6. Independence of the Analyst

The energies of the Soul’s Obstacles are all negative, for they invite judgment into the Soul’s Mission thereby derailing the positive quality of the Mission. When judgment enters the Mission, the Mission is defeated and the student’s attempt to know and heal the self is thwarted. If the self is unaware of the judgment due to the influence of social consciousness and the composite self which blocks the recognition by the self that the Mission is not being pursued with the purpose of knowing and healing the self. The Lesson Plan of the Soul’s Obstacle is at the same time a wonderful opportunity for the student who is aware to learn the true value and intention of the Soul’s Mission.