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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Food

It is to understand my brother that you have stated, that you have indeed cried out for assistance – you have stated your desire to be different. You have even willingly stepped forth on occasion and confessed those things that have been discovered within - this need continue my brother (Loereve). I state that opportunity has been provided to you, where physical malady [was] removed, the threat thereof, in the short term, to enable you to continue forth upon your journey unimpeded by health concerns. The ego continues to guard entry into the heart. There are those who continue to knock upon your door, repeatedly attempting to gain entry; they are greeted with your refusal. You have an understanding of the dis-ease that is provided to one who refuses entry to the heart. It is to look to the self’s diet to determine if you are providing fertile ground for these diseases; it is known that your diet has changed significantly but adequate years were invested prior to make this possible. It is to inform you my brother that you are capable of eliminating all that threatens the self physically by stepping forth and learning the lessons. It is to allow the words to come into the heart, my brother; it is the ego that keeps all on the level of the mind. It is to allow the self to feel the impact of dis-ease that could have rendered the self incapable of caring for the self for some time to come.

It is to understand that the teacher is provided with lesson that oftentimes will not be provided to those who observe this teacher. Te' Auna is learning to relinquish the hold upon food as desire and to begin to address food as need. It is more difficult for her as she is surrounded by those who desire food and much effort is placed by her into the creation of desirable meals; this is appropriate as service and the service has continued as she begins to separate desire from need as it regards food.