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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Communication: Timid

I shall now focus upon the communication style that is influenced by the mental body. This individual is capable of conveying information to another in a fashion that is ensured to provide that which is needed so that each may understand each. The desire of the individual to be understood becomes far more important later in the life, for the self determines that often the penalty is too great when the self shares too openly with another; rather, the mind is being utilized to observe the other to gain the upper hand, to understand the weakness as well as the strength in the other, which is often regarded as the opponent. The individual with the mental communication style often seeks to be recognized as better than, as more intelligent, as preferred above the rest…all others. The mental body fails to recognize the existence of the physical and the emotional bodies - it fails to make connection with the other in a way other than to size up the opposition, to recognize whether the other need be befriended, for their strength has been noted as equal to the self’s, or discarded, for their weakness renders them of little value to the self. It is to draw forth the physical and the emotional that is needed for the mental communicator, to purposefully make connection with the other, counseling the self that all others are not the opponent; rather, they are that which is needed by the self, so that the self can learn to communicate genuinely, utilizing the physical and the emotional bodies.