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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Mind-Heart Connection

Recognition of the stories that the self has put forth is necessary my sister (student) – that the self was deprived, that the self had little, when the self actually was enjoying abundance. It was the lesson plan that prohibited you from recognizing that which was being experienced, for the ego was ravenous, desirous of more. In order to motivate you, to push you to gain more, the self was made to believe that the self had little.

It is to recognize the voice from within my sister and to become the voice that retrains all that which lies within.

The voice that tells you ‘you are struggling’, that ‘you do not have enough’ – it is the outer voice that need say, “Look at the bounty before me.” There are many upon this planet that not only do not have access to this bounty but if they did they could not purchase that which you yourself have before you. It is to state to the self frequently, “I have all that I need and more. There are many around me that have much less than I; I am fortunate indeed. It is when the heart begins to believe, it is when the mind begins to believe – it is when the heart and the mind connect that the self can state without hesitation, “I have everything that I need and more.” It is to state your gratitude daily my sister, each time you receive the food into the body; it is to bless it, to make it sacred and to give thanks, to be grateful, to express this gratitude with the energies of the heart, for it is this that will awaken within the self true gratitude for all that the self has. This alone silences the voice of the composite selves that state, “We do not have enough. We shall never have enough. It is others that have our bounty.”

It is indeed my honor to join this circle of seeking this day for the sharing of wisdom. I ask that each present focus upon the heart, recognizing the aversion of the self to allow data to enter the mind as well as the heart, unless it is that which the self has already been exposed to - that which the self has already embraced as truth for the self. It is my goal to introduce that which has not yet been introduced, recognizing that the defenses of the self will likely interfere with its entry. To surrender the defenses that are believed to be necessary is the goal; to state loudly for all to hear, “I am willing to learn. I am willing to embrace that which has yet to be introduced to me, to provide myself with ample opportunity to feel, to pursue the data, and to only then determine, “Is it valid for me at this time?”

Oneness is the deep desire of the true consciousness. Those who seek the material experience, who are entrenched in physicality, fear oneness, battle it at all cost, destroy it whenever it is recognized. Oneness is recognized by others for the feeling – that which is felt in the heart of another when the self has shared of the self. Oneness can only be accomplished when negativity has been removed from the self’s bodies.

Sol: Osiris, do you have any counsel for us as to the best way to achieve oneness?

It is to free the self from the yoke of the lesson plan my brother, for these energies are those that I referred to earlier – those that have joined with the new physical body by the age of two. These energies need be understood, the lessons drawn forth, integrated, the self proving to the Teacher that understanding has indeed been achieved; proof is available to the Teacher when the student begins to offer that which has been learned to another. Once these energies have been removed from the energy field of the self, true power comes to the individual – that which enables that which would be viewed as impossible by the self as long as these energies remain inside the bodies. It is to continue forth my brother, understanding your lesson plan, recognizing the lessons as they are presented, seeking assistance from your Teacher in integration of that which has been presented. Did I answer your question?

Sol: Yes – thank you. Is there anything else that would be beneficial to us to know?

It is to be an example my brother. Oneness is recognized by others for the feeling – that which is felt in the heart of another when the self has shared of the self…the opening that says, “I seek to feel what he obviously feels…I seek to experience what he has experienced…I seek to free myself as he has freed himself.” Oneness can only be accomplished when negativity has been removed from the self’s bodies. These energies act as a beacon, calling forth others with similar lesson, presenting to the self that which is needed in service to the self. Oneness is the result of eliminating these energies from all bodies – that says, “I understand all that is around me – its purpose, its goal. I understand all that surrounds me. I welcome it. I accept it.” Oneness comes only with understanding. I am complete with this teaching.

I ask each of you to focus upon the heart. Focusing upon the heart for several minutes each day, and if possible several times for several minutes each day, allows the self to make contact with the inner Teacher, the true self - that which lies within that is known to be love. It is to disallow all thinking, to simply focus upon the heart, allowing love to be felt throughout the bodies. It is through this exercise that the self will begin to realize the impact of love for the self and its nourishing qualities, its ability to heal, its ability to strengthen, to fortify the will and the desire of the self to be different. These quiet moments, spent focused upon the heart, will allow the self to take the first steps towards teaching the self to think with the heart versus thinking with the mind.

It is to direct all focus upon the heart my brother; the thoughts, if they are present, should be regarding the quality of the heart; 1) The beating of the heart; 2) How the heart feels – is there constriction? 3) Are there colors, pathways to be seen, energies that the self does not recognize? 4) Is there hollowness? 5) Is there fullness? 6) Is the beating strong or weak? It is to envision the heart as strong, filled to capacity with love that emanates out to be shared with all with each beating.