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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Personal Counsel: Sol

It is to learn to listen. This has been stated to you many, many times throughout our interactions - has it not my brother?

Sol: Yes it has

It is for you to recognize that at times you are making the attempt to hear that which is being stated by another. You are actively engaging the mind, stating to the self, “Listen.” Do you agree?

Sol: Yes

At all other times my brother you disengage. You separate the self, you daydream, you think about other things that you could be doing – things that are far more important in your mind, in this rigid construct that has been built for the self – that which states, “If it is important it will be placed before me…if it is important I will find it myself…if it is important and I am intended to learn this particular subject I shall teach myself.” I have purposefully made it difficult for you to learn independently my brother. Have you noted the difference in your cognitive skills in this past year my brother?

Sol: Yes

I shall continue to try all things. I shall continue to take away from you until you begin to share, until you begin to listen, until you engage awareness. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes I do. Thank you.

It is important for you to recognize my brother that others have been placed about you to assist you. It is important for you to call upon them regularly, even when the self finds it to be difficult, even when the self says, “They will not be interested…this is boring…why would anyone be interested in what I have to say? I do not know what to share…am I to share all things?” Indeed, yes you are my brother. Those things that disturb you, those things that are upsetting, those things that filter forth to the surface and cause distress, cause imbalance. It is to recognize that the self begins to care little about the self, that the self loses hope, that the self is not capable of accomplishing – this is because the self does not seek assistance. You do not seek assistance from the physical teacher; therefore, assistance from the inner Teacher cannot be provided either. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes and I’ve been told that before; I recognize that. Thank you.

Indeed. Great strides have been made this year my brother – it is not all bad news. It is to recognize that the self has grown in compassion exponentially. The self has learned to seek assistance at times. The self is still competing with others to do more so that the victim can be fueled, so that the victim is fed. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes, I do. Thank you.

Recognition of this behavior leads to its elimination. It is to dedicate the self. It is to listen. It is to seek assistance. This is my guidance for you in the coming days, weeks and months my brother. Are there queries?

Sol: No, you have been very clear and I thank you for your counsel.