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The Path to Healing

Teachings - DNA

To eliminate all animal by-products from your diet, for it is time for you to begin to clear the body of these energies that prohibit the self from forward movement. This denseness becomes a part of the self – it is not merely a matter of ingestion and elimination my brother; they substantially alter the DNA of the self. This is my suggestion for you; it is of course your choice to determine the path that you feel is most appropriate for the self. All here have been requested to make choices in order to further the self’s ability to achieve success. The lesson plan requires awareness. Ingestion of dense energies deadens the self’s ability to be focused, to be aware of that which is happening around the self, as well as that which is happening inside of the self. A lifetime of ingestion of dense energies causes the self to become completely unaware of that which is happening inside the self - feeling is lost, mental processes ignored. It is important for the choice to be made by the self willingly, without bitterness, resentment – to understand why the request is made and to understand why the self would choose to embrace that which has been requested.

It is to be conscious of all products used on the body or ingested. When first beginning to purify the body, some things are of minor importance. Your cleansing has begun sometime previous with the diet imposed. It is to recognize that the bodies have grown dependent upon many substances strictly due to their usage; discontinuance of lotion upon the skin is difficult for most to embrace, for it is believed that the skin requires this assistance. This is untrue for one who is capable of reviving all available energies; for one who is challenged, for one who is unable to enliven those energies needed by the body, external assistance is often sought. It of course is also dependent upon the belief system, for if the self believes that the self needs something, then indeed the self does.

It is important for each student to embrace the self, for no other can embrace you as you can embrace the self; in fact, no other can embrace you the way the self needs to be embraced, until the self embraces the self completely. To think that another can complete you is the mistake made by the bulk of humanity – to think that it is another’s love that completes the self, that brings value to the self that was not felt prior to being loved by another. To embrace the self means to recognize the self’s lesson plan, to understand that the self is indeed programmed and that the DNA encodements maintain the connection to the lower fields of consciousness for the self throughout the lifetime, unless awareness is evoked, unless different behaviors are chosen when the self is challenged. My brother Sol An Ka – do you feel that you embrace the self wholeheartedly?

Soll: Not entirely yet – no, but I’m getting there.

How so my brother?

Sol: How so am I getting there or how so am I not entirely?

Yes, my brother. [All laughed in response]

Sol: Well, as to the ‘not entirely’ – I still judge, I still get engaged and there are times that I get down on myself, so that’s the first part. The second part is what am I doing about that? I am committed to loving myself unconditionally and I’m building my will and my awareness to do so. Those I think seem to be the two best tools. That’s my response.

To understand my brother, that embracement does not mean that the self has healed the self completely; embracement simply means that the self recognizes that the self is indeed tied to the lesson plan and failure is often encountered due to the lack of awareness invested by the self. It is to embrace the self that I seek for each of you – to wrap the arms tightly about the self, to hold the self lovingly, particularly when the self is failing. It is to soften, to be kind and gentle with the self, to draw forth the intention - the desire of the self to learn, to know, to heal the self - recognizing that failure need not result in judgment, nor damaged feelings - recrimination need be aborted as soon as it is recognized, for it does not aid one in creating awareness in future; rather, it creates bitterness, resentment – energies that need be dealt with in future. Do you understand my brother?

Sol: Yes I do – thank you.

It is to seek comfort from your mate – to ask for the warmth of a hug, to seek counsel immediately; for the time passage remains great still my brother. Why?

Sol: That’s an excellent question. I think there’s two parts to it. One is I still continue to think that I can do it by myself and kind of in the second part, which is sort of related to the first, is that I don’t want to bother her.

Wanting to do it yourself is urged by the ego, is it not my brother?

Sol: Yes it is

And do you believe that the ego is at the source of the belief that Te' Auna is too busy to aid you?

Sol: Yes

And so, you choose the words of the ego over the words of myself, over the encouragement received from Te' Auna?

Sol: Yes

Then choice has been made and choice shall be honored.

All that has been exhibited by the self is in response to the lesson plan and the self’s failure to choose for the self, for regardless of the regret felt by the self for the self’s behavior of the past, if the self continues to fail to choose, the behavior will be repeated in the future. Do all understand that the lesson plan forbids choice? Failure to embrace that the self automatically responds based upon the self’s programming - that which has been encoded within the DNA - results in failure for the student time after time after time. The Teacher can continue to tell the student that it is the programming, it is the automatic response, but the student prefers to listen to the ego which says, “No. No. I have chosen for my self. It is not the lesson plan for me. I am not programmed. I refute anyone that says that I respond automatically, for I spend a considerable amount of time thinking, prior to responding.” The self fails to recognize that it is not the lapse of time that indicates that choice has been made - it is the recognition that choice is available, understanding the choices that are available to the self, never choosing those that belong to the lesson plan. For the self who has embraced that the self is indeed programmed, is indeed burdened by the lesson plan, recognizes that choice is prohibited unless awareness is present.

The passage of time wherein the mind is left to it’s own devices is filled with thought, words tumbling about endlessly in the mind - seeker of knowledge, seeker to provide knowledge to others. It is the mind that seeks activity, that seeks knowledge actively, urging the self to pursue that which will fill the databank. Silence is not desired by the mind, for the mind is incapable…yes, the mind is incapable of work stoppage. It continues to function, for it is providing signal to the self, message to the self at all times – the condition of the body, reporting the environment – the atmosphere to the self, raising the alarm, or simply implying to the self that all is well…all systems are functioning; the self may pursue that which the self is most desirous of pursuing. It is when the self turns to the mind that the mind is activated. The thinking now noted by the self, termed as conscious versus unconscious – this thinking may be different and it may be exactly that which is being provided unconsciously to the self, for the mind has been programmed to inform the self of who the self is.

The student that begins to recognize the programming, that begins to hear the thoughts consciously that are being stated at all times, reinforcing the lesson plan behaviors and characteristics at all times - it is when the student begins to abort this chant – to tell the mind that that is not who the self is after all, that the self is desirous of disengaging these behaviors – that the mind begins to draw forth that which lies within…all that which remains unresolved, that was put away in the drawer minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years previous because the experience represented a portion of the lesson plan failed. The mind was unable to report this failure, for it is programmed to only draw forth this data when questioned by the self directly, “Is it true that I am self-righteous? Please show me example. Is it true that I diminish others? Is it true that I refuse the assistance of others? Is it true that I blame? Is it true that I separate? Show me examples.” It is then that the mind opens the filing cabinet and the examples come tumbling forth, proving to the self that the self has indeed exhibited all behaviors, all characteristics of the lesson plan; for all have been encoded within the DNA and cannot be escaped until the self awakens, recognizes the behaviors and consciously chooses to be different.

Who do you think you are? This phrase is used by those who are desirous of placing another into what could be referred to as combat mode, for it questions the other as to who they believe they are. The question is asked, however erroneously, by stating, “Who do you think you are?” The teachings that have been provided that explain the workings of the mind, how the mind approaches information, how the mind responds – we shall be focused upon how the mind responds at this time for this teaching. I shall begin by saying once again that the mind is programmed to draw forth the lesson plan selected for the consciousness in the current lifetime. The responses available to the self that remains unaware are all negative – all those that reside within the lesson plan. These behaviors and characteristics are embedded within the DNA, the responses drawn forth early in the lifetime, typically in the very early childhood, where the child learns how to respond to stress, to trauma, to disappointment.

As an adult the lesson plan is well oiled, the groove has been primed, so to say, by the thousands of responses that have already been experienced by the individual prior to understanding the lesson plan. The self is unaware. Unless the self is sensitive, the ego is able to convince the self that the self’s response is exactly that which is needed - it is in fact all that could have been done; it was so immediate, of course it was appropriate – “I didn’t even think about it” is oft stated. Unfortunately most humans believe that not thinking about the response indicates the rightness of that response; this, of course, is highly erroneous. The programming of the mind relies upon the individual who fails to think, for the response is automatic; it requires no thinking, it requires no acquiescence - the self simply responds, having already chosen the preferred method of response early in the lifetime.

All of these automatic responses have been programmed and belong to either the physical, the mental, or the emotional body consciousnesses; each body performs to perfection, never failing to provide that which is demanded by the lesson plan. The self, alone, by becoming aware, by choosing to abort the automatic response, can change this.

Much counsel has been provided to each student in the preceding weeks. It is important that each survey that which has been provided to the self, determining if the self has focused the attention upon that which has been brought forth – that which is most important, as seen by myself. For the ego seeks to distract the self, seeks to place the focus upon that which is unimportant at this time; it is the ego’s goal to lengthen the time period needed to learn, to truly understand the lessons, to integrate that which has been experienced. The mind seeks data and is rarely satisfied with that which has been received; it always seeks more for it is ravenous - it is programmed to seek more until the self recognizes that the self has all that the self needs, that the Teacher will provide more when it is believed to be necessary and not a moment before. It is to understand that the ego, the mind, chooses that which attracts the self, that which draws the attention, that which distracts the self; for the mind is programmed to avoid all that which touches upon the lesson plan belonging to the self. It is typically the lesson plan of another that attracts the self; it is to maintain focus upon the self, to disallow the wanderings of the mind.