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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Karmic Callings

Karmic payback, karmic callings are not provided to the young soul; it is the lesson plan that is engaged. It is experience that is needed, to determine if future lesson need be presented. To think, my sister, about the self having been terrorized, how did the self respond? Did the self cower? Was the self truly terrorized?

Student: As a child? Yes. I remember cowering. I remember being terrorized. I remember being in fear, a lot.

Did the self learn what it is like to feel terror, to be bullied? Did the self learn not to provide similar threat to another? Or did the self merely follow the example of others later in life?

Student: Good point.

It was the testing that was provided to the self, my sister. You were provided with opportunity to feel the terror, to see the damage done to another, to choose not to provide such threat to another ever again - but you chose otherwise.

It is important for all with the lesson plan of Denial to understand projection and the power of the self to project that which is felt by the self onto another. It is to understand that this projection prohibits the self from understanding what is truly being stated to the self by another, for when the projection is being interpreted by the mind - “They do not like me…They are angry…Here we go again” – the self is transported back to another space and another time. The self is unable to hear the words being spoken to the self at this time, for the emotional body has been activated by the memories of the past; this is the function of the lesson plan of Rejection. The response typically provided by the student of Denial – one who does not have the lesson plan of Rejection, would be to see the other as an idiot, would be to see the other as a boisterous fool, would be to see another as a bigot – failing each time to see that it is the self that is the idiot, the fool, the bigot. Do you understand?

Loereve: Yes, please continue.

To project that which belongs to the self onto another should be viewed as an asset by the student who is capable of doing so, for it is in this way that the self knows that that which is seen in the behavior of another, genuinely belongs to the self. The self is thereby provided with answer immediately, “It is I who is the idiot. It is I who is the fool. It is I who is the bigot” – and corrective action may be taken in the moment. It is to train the mind to recognize the judgment, for judgment is immediate and often it is the ego that hides the judgment from the self, or that imposes a rightness of being so that the self may continue to expound upon the judgment, thereby increasing its power, thereby increasing the likelihood of karmic calling for the self in future. Negativity seeks negativity – that which is damaged within the self seeks further damage, for it is only once the self has become extremely damaged that the self determines to change.

I shall now discuss the event referred to by this one and our brother Sol An Ka as the “San Diego Disaster”. [Kuthumi created a big story on how San Diego was about to be completely destroyed thereby affecting Sol's friend that live there]

I, as Teacher, began the buildup to this karmic calling that belonged to both Te' Auna and our brother Sol An Ka approximately one year prior to the actual event. It is important to note that our brother Robert never lost faith in our brother Sol An Ka; he did however, lose respect for Te' Auna. It is important to note that those who seek to understand karmic calling for the self rarely can do so in the moment; it is virtually impossible for one to understand karmic calling for another.

To recognize the lessons of the self is more readily achievable if the self understands the self’s lesson plans; if the lesson plan is unknown to the self, it is still up to the experiences of the lifetime – experiences that are unfavorable. Te' Auna was presented with betrayal after betrayal – many, many, many, many times; yet, she continued to trust, she continued to step forth and to place the self in as precarious a position as the other demanded, providing that which was desired or needed whenever asked to do so - failing to look to the self to determine, “Will the self be damaged? Am I doing that which is most appropriate for my self or am I committing myself to future lesson because I continue to provide to others all that is sought - without care, without concern for the self?”

It was our brother Sol An Ka that desired to learn of the future, the desire to impress others with his knowledge of the future – to show others that he had contact with those beings of higher consciousness that could provide him with information that was not available to others. As was stated earlier this morning when questioned, our brother Sol An Ka failed to recognize that the ego was dominant; Te' Auna volunteered in service to aid our brother Sol An Ka to see that the self need be in the present moment, that the self need be aware of the ego and its presence, how it can guide one to the path that interferes with another’s path. It is important for all to recognize that the lesson belonged to each. Te' Auna failed to recognize that the lesson was not hers entirely – and believed that it was indeed hers entirely until this morning. The pain of embarrassment and humiliation continues to reside within, for she has taken responsibility for the information that comes through her; this too is inappropriate.

Sol: Osiris – is there anything else in this event that I need to understand that I’m not seeing at this time? If that exists and it’s appropriate to share that - I would really like to know.

It is important for you to continue to focus upon the self my brother, for much has come forth for you in the preceding 48 hour time period - to call upon me for assistance while in meditation, for I am pleased to provide that which can be provided without interfering.

Loereve: I had one – I had talked to an individual and I suggested that they leave during that time frame; they felt that they didn’t see the same thing and decided to stay and I’m wondering if it was just …I take on part of that lesson as well?

Do you see similarity in your lesson and our brother Sol An Ka’s lesson my brother?

Loereve: Of course

What portion please?

Loereve: I think there was the ego there of having information on future events and sharing through ego.

Did you learn?

Loereve: Yeah – I’ve thought about it quite often and that’s …I can say that it came front and center for me. Let’s just say I like to think that I learned.

Thank you my brother.

Loereve: Thank you for providing the opportunity to learn.

All humans upon the planet at this time have a Teacher. All humans are being guided to experience that which is needed to fulfill the agreement to experience all things. Those things that happen to an individual that are viewed as unfavorable, that are viewed as negative, that the self questions, “why am I experiencing this again and again and again?” – it is this cry that can be answered almost universally – “it is karmic calling, beloved”. Karmic calling is fulfilled by the Teacher, for the consciousness cannot accomplish that which the consciousness came to accomplish until karma/karmic callings, have been balanced - the experience is that which is needed by the consciousness; unfortunately, the bulk of humanity views karmic calling unfavorably. It is to view all things as positive – to recognize that even those experiences that are negative fulfill the need of the self, for the self has now experienced all things to the degree that the self has learned. Those experiences that are negative cause pain and sorrow; oftentimes deep sorrow – sorrow so deep that it is felt within all cells of the body, so deeply that the self commits to never, ever experiencing this particular experience again. The self commits the self to change. Once enough of these decisions have been made, the self will find the self upon the path to healing.

All that is found within the lesson plan is not karmic in nature until the self has learned the lesson. Once the self has learned the lesson, the drawing forth of karma to, in effect, repay the self for that which has been wielded/provided to another becomes appropriate. The student’s lesson plan draws forth others who can provide the self with lesson – that which has yet to be learned by the self, that which has yet to be learned by the other – the two then present lesson to each other. With the lesson plan of Repression, there will be one who fails to speak up for the self - there will be the other who, with this particular individual, has no difficulty whatsoever in speaking up for the self; this same individual however, with another who is stronger, would never respond to one who is attempting to repress the self. It is the lesson – to speak – that is being presented. The self represses those that are weaker than the self and allows the self to be repressed by those stronger. It is for the self to be the same self at all times – the self that speaks is the goal.

It is to realize that when the self struggles most, that when the self has great difficulty in controlling the self, in bringing the self back into balance – it is important to recognize that karmic calling likely is being experienced; for the self should be sufficiently capable of casting off those things that cause the self to feel downtrodden, that prohibit the self’s understanding.

Judgment is ever-present for the three with the lesson plans of Denial (Sol, Loereve, and Student). It is important that each focus upon the mind to determine how the self is judging others. When judgment is used as a tool, karmic calling is not scheduled; energies are not sent to the other. “Why do I view this other as lazy? Because I find myself to be lazy at times as well - it irritates and frustrates me that I am lazy; therefore, it is easy for me to spot in another. Why do I think that she is fat - that she cares not for her body? She probably never exercises. I, however, do. I care about my body. I would never look like that.” It is for each to recognize their judgments and the power of the judgment to diminish another.

The student assigned the lesson plan of Shame need be cognizant of the damage, the potential damage, incurred upon the physical bodies, the mental and the emotional bodies, through the cultivation of bitterness. To recognize the presence of this most caustic of energies is to draw forth experience, to focus upon the mouth – the taste in the mouth, whenever the thought is brought forth to observe the self closely – the way the mouth is held, the pursing of the lips, the squinting of the eyes, the response of the self that is physical in nature - to feel the need to expel the energies from the person, for as long as they remain inside damage is experienced by the self.

Bitterness – the root cause of dental problems, dislocation of the jaw, problems within the throat, difficulty in speaking, a heart that fails to open to another; for the self is ever-protective of the self, viewing that another will drain the self through their need, for the self has mirrored, projected onto another that which has been exhibited by the self. Bitterness - caustic energies, that when expelled upon another, damages the other emotionally; that when sent forth to another, damages the other physically. It is important for the individual assigned any of the lesson plans associated with Shame to be ever-vigilant, for Shame is the lesson plan wherein karmic callings are garnered when the lesson plan is allowed to rule.

Bitterness – when one fails to expel these energies physical malady, disease, shall always be experienced, depending upon the method employed by the self to expel or to retain the energies. Expulsion results in mouth and throat problems for the self; retention results in stomach and bowel difficulties. Appropriate expulsion of these energies is in sharing - to draw forth the energies, to speak of what the self feels, acknowledging all that the self feels - allowing another to aid the self in recognizing that which has eluded the self – the lesson that lies beneath the creation of these energies.

It is important to recognize the lesson plan, my brother (Sol) - self-pity, feeling lack, feeling that another has what the self was entitled to; protecting the façade - the self, refusing to allow another to aid you in recognition of why the self did not accomplish, and then resigning the self to the failure, fueling the creation of bitterness. It is important to recognize the presence of bitterness, resentment, hatred, for these energies cause damage to all bodies.

It is important for each present to recognize that the self’s lesson plan is primary for the self; to look to the self, to learn for the self, and to then share that which has been learned with others, for this too satisfies karmic callings for each individual that becomes interested in changing the self, as the other before them has transformed the self. It is the willingness of the self to share openly and completely of the self that enables another to see –“there is one who has the same issues as myself but they are speaking openly of things that I find to be embarrassing and humiliating, yet they are speaking of it as if it is not important at all. I wish to draw forth all that which lies within me, all that which I feel must be hidden from others – I wish to transform myself as well.” Those who continue to hide, those who simply wish for others to see the self as healed are those that continue within the lesson plan cycle, for a major requirement of the lesson plan is open sharing, willingness to reveal the self completely to others – all weakness, all foibles, all mistakes of the past; unwillingness to do so indicates that the self has yet to learn. It is the ego that wishes for the consciousness to be admired, that wishes for others to believe that the consciousness has never confronted difficult choices and made the wrong choice; it is the ego that wishes to be placed on a pedestal, believed to be better than all others – “I have mine…you get yours” is an attitude that is frequently exhibited upon this planet.

Those who walk the path to healing are provided with assistance only with the guarantee that the assistance will be utilized to aid others; this guarantee is taken very seriously by the Teacher and the student will not be released from this guarantee in the lifetime. All will be shared, all will be passed along to others; the more that the self shares, the easier it becomes…the words begin to fall off the tongue easily, nonchalantly, “I was a thief…I was a liar…I used others…I abused others…I abused myself…I’m an alcoholic…I was a drug addict…I am impotent. These are the lessons that my consciousness has been provided in this lifetime – I have lived humiliation, embarrassment, feeling less-than, feeling more than. I have experienced all things; it is because I have experienced all things that I have determined it is time for me to leave this planet. I shall be here for many, many, many more lifetimes, fulfilling my obligation to others, for many have served me so that I could learn. I shall now serve others, endorsing their learning as I have been endorsed.”

It is for all to understand that the consciousness that steps forth and states to the Teacher, “I am prepared to begin the route that provides me with exit from this planet, from this experience, for I have learned all that I can; please draw forth all that which lies within me – all that which is negative, which has covered up all that which has been earned that is positive. Help me to release it all so that I may walk in my full divinity and begin to be of true service to others.” It is the Teacher’s honor to do so.

It is not the Teacher that leaves the student - it is the student that decides that the Teacher is not needed; it is the student that decides that additional experience is desired. It is the student that determines the relationship of Teacher and student. I have provided you with parameters - it is not threat that I extend to you, my sister. It is for you to recognize that should you choose to continue to garner karmic callings that it is not yet time for our relationship.

Student: I don’t want to garner karmic callings. I want to be doing this. It’s all I want to be doing. It’s the only thing that really matters to me, and I don’t understand why I’m so stubborn.

It is to understand that this is not the singular lifetime behavior, my sister. It is to recognize that all around you there are others who struggle similarly. It is to see the self clearly, for only then is the self battling the self appropriately. Darkness teaches and teaches and teaches. The cloak of humility would be of great assistance to you, my sister. It is to begin with one thing at a time, one behavior, adopting the attitude of the self does not know. The self does not know is critical, for the self believes that the self knows all things; the self judges all others based on this knowledge - the self excludes the assistance of others based upon this knowledge.

When first beginning to walk the path to healing, the student believes that the self is either divine or evil. It is rare that the student understands that the self stands firmly off-center, leaning towards the positive, having spent lifetime after lifetime after lifetime garnering, immersing the self in negativity; for it is this pursuit alone that guarantees that the self will arrive at that moment where the self recognizes hatred for this planet, hatred for this existence, for the self has learned, has experienced all that this planet has to offer. It is now time to begin the long and arduous journey back to divinity, to cleansing the self; this is done by learning the lessons and then by providing service so that karmic callings can be cancelled – all those that have been earned throughout the consciousness’ existence on this planet must be repaid. It is for this reason that many consciousnesses return for a great many lifetimes following realization of the Self’s divinity. It is for this reason that service becomes the focal point; the self does not tire of returning to serve – the self does, however, tire of returning to learn anew lifetime after lifetime after lifetime after lifetime…the slate wiped clean, the infant to adult struggling, clawing to regain that which has been earned previously. It is only through integration of the lessons, casting off of the lesson plan, that the self may continue in the cycle of death and rebirth, yet have all memories intact each time the new body is taken; it is in this way that the self is capable of serving for the full lifetime, rather than a small portion thereof. It is important for each present to recognize that many lifetimes lie ahead for each of you. Service has been provided, yet the self has been unable to break free of the lesson plan.

“How can this be?” is the question that has come to mind for Te' Auna. If service has been provided to others, how can the self not have learned the lessons of the self? It is the outward focus of the self, of the consciousness – service has become primary, the self has indeed become selfless. Learning to cast off all that which is presented to the self by focusing all attention upon another, learning that the self need be primary while also providing service to others, is a difficult concept for the Teacher to bring forth for the student; for selfishness is rampant upon the earth at this time - self-focus, self-absorption - the issue that most confront daily, unwittingly imposed by their lesson plans.

I shall finalize the teaching this day by addressing each student individually with what I see as most important for the self to be focused upon at this time. I shall begin with our sister (student).

It is to recognize the judgments of the self - to speak them aloud, to speak them aloud; it is to speak them aloud my sister as requested. Do you understand this request?

Student: I do

You have chosen not to satisfy the request – have you not?

Student: I’m mortified by what I think and saying it aloud is just…


Student: Not refusing to do it…just couldn’t bring myself to do it…could not bring myself to admit openly that that was what was going on in my head. It was hard enough to have it just in my head.

And what have you been doing with the thought, my sister?

Student: Attempting to do as you asked …to say, “Okay, if I’m judging this person this way, I’m projecting what’s true about myself and where does that lie within myself?” Hence my conclusion that I’m lazy and seeing myself as a lazy student as well as an ungrateful student and an ungraceful student in that I’m just being a chicken…being a lazy chicken…not really willing to feel my own stuff, knowing its my responsibility and trying to hide from it even though I know that’s counterproductive and not really what I want to be doing…so…

It is possible my sister that it is not time for you to enter the path; it is this that I ask you to ponder in the coming days, until our next teaching.

Student: Okay – that hurts to hear you say that. You know that rips my heart out to hear you say that…yes, its dramatic but it feels like that. The idea of not doing this work is way more painful than the idea of facing my own stuff.

That is the choice that I put forth to you some time previous, my sister; yet, you continue to call forth karmic callings for the self with full understanding that you agreed to discontinue this practice long ago. It is for the Teacher to determine if the student is prepared to enter the path. Your behavior does not indicate to me that you are prepared to truly enter the path, which states ‘no additional karmic callings will be garnered by the self’. You told me you understood this, my sister.

Student: I did and I do; however, my own lack of awareness stuns me cause I was doing things I didn’t even know I was doing until I did them and my awareness is building. I’m becoming more vigilant and I don’t like what I see at all; I desire to change it. I’m focused on changing it. Don’t give up on me please.

I seek proof of your words, my sister.

Student: What can I provide for you for proof?

It is to do as you say; it is to discontinue the garnering of karmic calling. Do you understand my sister, that as I work with you to eliminate negativity, you are calling forth energies that refill the coffers time after time after time after time my sister? It is for the Teacher to determine if the Teacher’s energies are being utilized appropriately. Do you understand?

Student: I do. I understand. I’m sorry I’m so difficult. I don’t mean to be.

Apology is unnecessary unless the apology is being rendered to the self.