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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Yearning

It is the inner Teacher that struggles to get the attention of the self, for distraction consumes every moment of every day – even quiet moments, the self decides to listen to music or to think about what they are going to do later or what they have done earlier. It is rare that the mind is stilled and the contact is attempted with the inner Teacher who is so desirous of making contact, of providing all that which the self desires. It is failure to understand the desire of the self that causes the self to seek outwardly for all things; the self believes that the next journey, that the next experience will fulfill this desire that burns so brightly – oftentimes, so painfully - within, urging the self forward, seeking, seeking, seeking, the next and the next and the next experience. After the experience has been enjoyed, the self begins seeking the next, for the self finds that the emptiness has not been filled at all; rather, the yearning is burning more insistently, more painfully, urging the self to experience anew. It is the experience of the inner self/the true self that is the source of this yearning – there is no thing on this planet that will fulfill this desire other than contact with the true self, the inner Teacher.

It is the student that draws forth caution, wraps the self in layer upon layer of this material in hope that no mistake will be made throughout the lifetime. The self is desirous of love, honor, respect of another – beginning with the parent and then the beloved, the boss, the friends. The stories have been heard of those who have ventured off, tried new things; the self has determined early on that these things are not for the self, even though the toe has never been dipped into the waters that provide such experience. The self believes that the self has done that which is most appropriate for the self, saving the self countless hours of pain and proposed difficulties. The imagination has determined that the self has eliminated that which would be most damaging to the self’s life experience; however, deep inside, there lies a yearning – one that is unrecognized by the self who often misreads the yearning as a desire for food, drugs, alcohol, sex, activities that cause the adrenaline to produce in massive quantity. The desire has been misinterpreted, for the self has determined that the experience most desired by the self is inappropriate; the self has determined to prohibit the self from this experience in this lifetime.

Judgment is often utilized to reinforce the belief of the self; negative reports are gathered and regurgitated to any who would suggest that possibly the self should ‘try this’. The self has determined that the self will not try ‘this’ in ‘this’ lifetime; ‘this’ could be defined as an experience that the self came into the lifetime desirous of experiencing. The yearning that lies within unsated continues to call forth desire that is then interpreted by the physical body, the mental body and the emotional body. The self overfills the self in all areas, yet the yearning remains. It is to recognize the damage that the belief system does to the self – the self’s dreams, aspirations squelched due to judgment having been employed against that which was most desired coming into the lifetime.

It is love of the self that is so deeply sought after my brother – not the love of another. It is to recognize that the inner Teacher sends forth these feelings, these yearnings, to inform the self that love of the self is deficient; the self has misinterpreted these yearnings as to consist of desire for another. The self purposefully begins to seek another that will make the self miserable - this is to teach the self that the self is indeed the desired company of the self. Do you understand?

Loereve: Yes, I think so. It’s taken me a long time though.

Have you ever truly been with another that allowed you to be the self my brother?

Loereve: no

Do you understand that you shall continue to draw these individuals to you, for it was your plan to learn in this lifetime to love the self without condition?

Loereve: Interesting …that is very helpful to know.

When the student first begins to walk the path to healing the self believes that the self is to become a messenger of the light - to become a messenger of the Father, the Creator; there is no other path that appears to be as enticing as one that results in the self being of the light. It is difficult for the student to embrace that while in this earth’s atmosphere all beings here are indeed messengers of the light; they are equally messengers of darkness. Walking the path to healing enables the student to begin to understand the self, to begin to understand the self’s experiences and to begin to unravel the denseness that lies within, discarding it piece by piece, bit by bit, as understanding is achieved. The goal for all consciousnesses that arrive in this atmosphere is to experience all things, so that all things may be understood, so that the consciousness may then depart these realms, this kingdom, for the next.

Experiences, so numerous as to be unfathomable to the human mind, have already been garnered by each consciousness arriving upon this planet; it is unimaginable to most that the self has already been trained for all things that would be experienced within this planet’s atmosphere. All has been forgotten, all memory wiped clean from the consciousness’ grasp with each new birth - all lying dormant within, until the consciousness within the new body awakens to the spiritual path once again. It is only then that the memories can be released bit by bit, to inform the self that all things have indeed been experienced previously. Failure to recognize the purpose of these memories causes the individual to pursue clues in a way that extends the time needed to understand the lessons of the current lifetime. The inner Teacher has great difficulty in releasing memories to the current self, waiting until the self is mature enough, learned enough, experienced enough, to not become caught up in the details but rather, to look at the lifetime that has been provided to see “what is being provided to me in this lifetime - is that the drawing, the yearning that I feel within me that I have not been able to decode? Is this something that I must get on top of before it gets on top of me?”

The majority of humans that are provided past life memories become enamored of the story; are oftentimes proud of that which has been experienced - even lifetimes of darkness. The inner Teacher discovers early on the battle that is to ensue with the current self based upon the response of the self to the release of past life memories. Oftentimes, the inner Teacher determines not to release any memories, for the self has become enamored lifetime after lifetime with the story, failing to utilize the information for the purpose for which it was given.