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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Faith

The beliefs begin with those maintained regarding the self. If the self feels good about the self, then most generally the self will also feel good about others. If the self trusts the self, the self most likely will trust most others. If the self has faith in the self, the self can usually place the faith of the self in another. To love the self is to find within the self the ability to love another. The student that does not like the self, that does not trust nor have faith in the self, will generally not like others, will most assuredly not have faith or trust another. It is important to understand that this is a core belief - one that has been brought into the incarnation from previous incarnations; for it is the composite self that need be recognized, that will indeed be the focus of the current lifetime.

Humility is the antidote for one who detects an overabundance of faith in the self; one who believes in the self, one who relies strictly upon the self is one that has fallen victim to the lesson plan of either Denial or Separation, for these lesson plans state that no other is needed beyond the self – that the self is indeed capable, that independence is to be fought for, protecting the boundaries of the self at all cost - regardless of the cost to another. The student who finds a lack of faith need call upon the Teacher, seeking assistance, seeking lesson that will provide the confidence that is most needed by the self, so that the self may step forth and state, “I am confident in my position. I have experienced adequately – both positively and negatively – to prove that my choice is indeed what is most appropriate for my self at this time. I cannot speak to the future; I can only access my experience in this moment and arrive at the choice that I believe is most appropriate for my self and no other.” It is this state of mind that remains throughout the life experience within the third dimension, for the self is constantly presented with new experience and new opportunity to choose.

My sister (Student)?

Student: Yes sir?

Do you feel pummeled?

Student: Pretty effectively, yes sir.

It is important for you to recognize that you had indeed exposed these behaviors and you had determined to accept and endorse them.

Student: I understand – thank you for the pummeling.

Do you seek progress upon the path to healing?

Student: I do

Are you certain my student?

Student: I am certain – yes.

You may expect more of the same.

Student: Thank you.

It is to recognize, my student, that decision has been made by the self; these decisions can be changed and it is suggested that review be performed by the self. Do you understand?

Student: Yes, thank you I do. Do you have recommendations for what to review?

Indeed. The decision made about who the self is need be reviewed. Do you understand?

Student: I think so. I think I do.

Are you capable my student?

Student: Of understanding?

Of learning

Student: I hope so – I want to be. I think I’m capable of learning.

Do you believe in the self?

Student: That’s harder

Do you believe in me?

Student: Absolutely

It is to place your faith in myself and my teachings, in this teacher that I have drawn to you, until the time comes that you can believe in the self once again. Do you understand?

Student: Yes – thank you.

It is important for all students to understand that the Teacher seeks these three things – faith, trust, and love of the student – they are all embedded deeply within. It is ego that has placed layer upon layer of anger, bitterness, resentment, making it difficult for the student to find that which is true, that which is ageless, timeless, that lies within.

The student who presents the self to the Teacher, seeking guidance, counsel, assistance to return to the self’s divinity is often plagued by an overabundance of faith in the self or a lack thereof. It is rare that the student has the appropriate balance; therefore, the Teacher must present lesson, noting the student’s confidence or the lack of confidence that is encountered. It is difficult to comprehend that lesson failure does indeed bolster the confidence of the student, providing the self with experience that can be relied upon, for the self now knows what is most appropriate for the self. The student that fails to recognize the overabundance or the lack of confidence is one who will continue to fail; unaware that failure is rooted in the overabundance or the lack of faith in the self.

To believe in the self is necessary. I am Osiris. I am love. I am the Teacher. It is my duty to destroy the confidence that is felt by the self - to totally deconstruct the character that believes that the self is better than, that believes that the self knows all that is needed to enable success - and to then provide lesson to enable the self to garner the experience that is needed, so that the self can truly believe in the self without question.

Lacking faith is the main cause for failure to embrace new concepts, for faith is the mystery that can never be wholly revealed. The Path to Healing requires that the student be willing to release old belief systems; otherwise, the concepts found herein will be refused entry to the heart, wherein the determination of truth is made.