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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Choice

It is for all to recognize the characters that are utilized each time lesson is presented to the self - failure to choose demands that defense and protection be employed. The self that recognizes that defense, that protection prohibits experience, is the self that increases the odds that the lesson will be recognized, that the lesson may be integrated this time. It is merely words to say, “I do not seek defense…I do not seek protection” as long as the self provides the driver’s seat, so to say, to the ego, as long as the self is determined to protect the false image created by the characters and embraced by the self.

Recognition of the self’s pattern, recognition of the self’s responses, recognition of the appearance of the character – none of these things are possible unless the student has observed the self closely, unless the student has sought the assistance of another – one that is close to the self, one that is willing to speak honestly as to that which is seen by the self when you are engaged. Change is only possible for the self that has recognized the responses that are employed routinely by the composites - also known as the characters, also known as the ego - each time the self is challenged with lesson.

It is to speak with the physical teacher. It is to seek guidance while in meditation so that understanding can be experienced of the self’s behaviors, of the self’s characters – the characters that merely exhibit example of characteristics so that the self may see the self. The characters are drawn forth often by the character belonging to another. It is to understand that the character maintains negative behaviors. When negative behaviors draw forth negative behaviors from another the character is forced to refine the self’s behaviors. Many characters avoid exposure - it is for this reason that the behaviors are refined and made more acceptable by other behaviors, other attributes that modify the negativity – that make the negativity a bit more difficult for the self to identify, to recognize clearly. This is how the character begins to hide from the self, eventually drawing forth enough acceptable behavior to camouflage that which is negative, that which is detrimental to the self’s ability to learn.

It is important for each to recognize that the actor, the actress, is also known as the character, for these behaviors do not truly belong to the self - they belong to the field and they have been borrowed by the character to provide opportunity to the self to choose. Do all understand what I am attempting to present when I state that the behavior does not belong to the self…that it is merely borrowed by the character so that the self is provided with opportunity to choose?

It is to choose, for all indeed has been experienced – many, many, many times. The character is merely the assistant to the self – “Will you choose this behavior or will you choose to be love? I offer you this behavior as defense and protection. Will you choose this behavior or will you choose to be love? What is your choice? I shall offer it to you with consistency until you choose with great consistency that which returns the self to the original state of divinity.”

Karmic payback, karmic callings are not provided to the young soul; it is the lesson plan that is engaged. It is experience that is needed, to determine if future lesson need be presented. To think, my sister, about the self having been terrorized, how did the self respond? Did the self cower? Was the self truly terrorized?

Student: As a child? Yes. I remember cowering. I remember being terrorized. I remember being in fear, a lot.

Did the self learn what it is like to feel terror, to be bullied? Did the self learn not to provide similar threat to another? Or did the self merely follow the example of others later in life?

Student: Good point.

It was the testing that was provided to the self, my sister. You were provided with opportunity to feel the terror, to see the damage done to another, to choose not to provide such threat to another ever again - but you chose otherwise.

It is to recognize that if the self is desirous of feeling, the self must remain focused upon the heart and to allow whatever is experienced to be experienced without qualification, without classification, without judgment; the moment you allow judgment to enter, the doors to the heart close and the mind steps forth, changing all things to that which is logical, to that which is appropriate, or that which has been judged as inappropriate. To feel – all three need focus upon the heart; disengagement of the mind, the mental capacity that seeks to judge, is mandatory. To state – “Pleasure and pain are equally welcome here, for I am learning to feel, so that I may draw forth compassion for another in the very near future when my Teacher draws this individual to me so that I may assist them.” The cultivation of compassion can only be done by the showering of such upon another openly, willingly, with abandon. Compassion does not enable another’s misdeeds, does not endorse another’s missteps; rather, it says, “I recognize that you are suffering. I too suffered when I discovered this about myself. I can only tell you that if you choose to be different, that if you choose change, you will be able to look back at this time and to recognize that your suffering was most necessary. To trust that your Teacher knows all that is needed by the self and that you shall never, ever be provided with anything that you have not been well prepared to endure. It is to allow me to hold you and to tell you that all will be better in future if you choose to change, for choice is the desire of the Teacher. If you state, “I do not choose to be different” your Teacher will embrace this as well. It is always your choice that can change your future.

To eliminate all animal by-products from your (Loereve) diet, for it is time for you to begin to clear the body of these energies that prohibit the self from forward movement. This denseness becomes a part of the self – it is not merely a matter of ingestion and elimination my brother; they substantially alter the DNA of the self. This is my suggestion for you; it is of course your choice to determine the path that you feel is most appropriate for the self. All here have been requested to make choices in order to further the self’s ability to achieve success. The lesson plan requires awareness. Ingestion of dense energies deadens the self’s ability to be focused, to be aware of that which is happening around the self, as well as that which is happening inside of the self. A lifetime of ingestion of dense energies causes the self to become completely unaware of that which is happening inside the self - feeling is lost, mental processes ignored. It is important for the choice to be made by the self willingly, without bitterness, resentment – to understand why the request is made and to understand why the self would choose to embrace that which has been requested.

It is to be conscious of all products used on the body or ingested. When first beginning to purify the body, some things are of minor importance. Your cleansing has begun sometime previous with the diet imposed. It is to recognize that the bodies have grown dependent upon many substances strictly due to their usage; discontinuance of lotion upon the skin is difficult for most to embrace, for it is believed that the skin requires this assistance. This is untrue for one who is capable of reviving all available energies; for one who is challenged, for one who is unable to enliven those energies needed by the body, external assistance is often sought. It of course is also dependent upon the belief system, for if the self believes that the self needs something, then indeed the self does.

When the self is contemplating change, it is most appropriate to survey those around the self to determine, “Do I wish to continue to walk the path that the other is currently walking or do I prefer this path?” It is only the individual who is capable of seeing that, “I have enjoyed many pizzas, many containers of Chinese food, many plates of meat and potatoes, many desserts – in this and many, many, many previous lifetimes – the flavors no longer hold the promise that they once did, for I still feel empty after consuming all that is in front of me. I recognize that those things that are ingested are provided as lesson - lesson to be learned about how to care for the body, how to nurture and ensure that the body continues to function until I have freed myself of the lesson plan.” For most consciousnesses upon this planet destroy the body well before the possibility is in sight that the lesson plan may be overcome and so, it is back into the central pool, awaiting the next incarnation and the body once again brings forth lesson so that the self may choose to forgo the poisons, the hazards – those things that are short-lived pleasures - in favor of that which will further my existence, for there is much left to ingest that endorses the self’s goals. It is true that there is far more that must be forfeited than that which will remain; it is the choice of the student. No one else can make this choice for the self.

It is to recognize that the energies of failed lesson create material - tangible material - that then resides within the body. If the lesson is associated with a particular part, area of the body, the energies settle here; the organs are most usually impacted last, for it is this that can interfere with the ability of the body to continue to function while the lessons are being learned. The body is indeed impacted by the energies that are created by failed lesson – whether the physical, mental or emotional is the source body, so to say. It is important for each to understand that when a lesson is failed and the self chooses not to resolve the lesson, that the self is choosing to damage one of the bodies, for the energies will indeed be stored within that body until the lesson has been learned.

I, as the Teacher, then draw forth these energies en masse – the cumulative energies. What does this mean? I activate these energies, giving them life, providing them with sensation that is then interpreted by the mind; this is to garner the attention of the self, so that the self realizes, “there is something that I must pay heed to …I must focus upon this sensation, for it is so unfavorable that it impacts my ability to continue forth as I did prior to its presence.” These energies oftentimes are present upon the surface for days, weeks, potentially months before the self recognizes the energy, for many other reasons are provided by the mind to the self for these feelings. The more intense the energies become, the more lesson is drawn forth by myself; many others are called to the self, bringing the message of the lesson that need be learned prior to the release of these energies. Each failure of the self to recognize the lesson, to begin to examine the self’s behavior and to determine the change or the thought-filled determination that the self prefers the response of the self, understanding its ramifications – only then shall the sensation be deactivated or released. It is important to understand that it is choice that the Teacher is presenting; the Teacher does not demand change – the Teacher demands choice.

Humility is the antidote for one who detects an overabundance of faith in the self; one who believes in the self, one who relies strictly upon the self is one that has fallen victim to the lesson plan of either Denial or Separation, for these lesson plans state that no other is needed beyond the self – that the self is indeed capable, that independence is to be fought for, protecting the boundaries of the self at all cost - regardless of the cost to another. The student who finds a lack of faith need call upon the Teacher, seeking assistance, seeking lesson that will provide the confidence that is most needed by the self, so that the self may step forth and state, “I am confident in my position. I have experienced adequately – both positively and negatively – to prove that my choice is indeed what is most appropriate for my self at this time. I cannot speak to the future; I can only access my experience in this moment and arrive at the choice that I believe is most appropriate for my self and no other.” It is this state of mind that remains throughout the life experience within the third dimension, for the self is constantly presented with new experience and new opportunity to choose.

Recognizing the self in others is tasking that few are proficient at performing; rather, the self is drawn to another who has similar interests, for the other reminds the self of the self and they are repelled by those behaviors that belong to the self that have yet to be revealed. Those who are viewed as obnoxious, controlling, conniving are those that are merely reflecting the image of the self’s own behavior back to the self. Failure to recognize the self in another ensures that lesson shall be drawn to the self so that the behaviors found to be so repugnant in another are soon revealed as belonging to the self as well. It is the inner Teacher’s duty to uncover all that which lies within, both positive and negative, until the self has embraced and decision made to retain the behaviors or to change. It is not the duty of the inner Teacher to accomplish change – it is the duty of the inner Teacher to accomplish recognition alone.

I shall ask each of you to survey the judgments made of the other three within this circle and to then survey the self to determine, “How does this behavior manifest within my self?” It is to be honest with the other, to inform them of the judgment and to then aid them in seeing the behavior that eludes them, to provide suggestion for change if the other vocalizes that they are desirous of doing so. It is for each to aid the other that is the goal of this circle – never to maintain silent judgment; for it is this that is detrimental to the other’s ability to be different. I refer you to the teaching labeled as “Prejudice”- for when the self judges another they eventually become prejudiced against the other, prejudging all behaviors, all responses, thereby prohibiting the other from being different in future, for opportunity is rarely extended by one who has already determined in the self’s own mind the outcome of this offering.

It is to recognize the judgment; it is to use it as a tool by garnering understanding of that which lies within the self that is being judged, choosing in the moment to change or to maintain that which lies within. It is the judgment that lies within that is fed, that is fueled, increased in potency due to the self’s thinking that has failed to ply the waters within - to determine how this individual is serving the self by bringing forth that which lies within.

I am Osiris. It is my duty to draw forth those energies that lie within to thwart the self’s progress, to expose them to the view of the self; for only then may choice truly be made to maintain the behaviors, the responses of the self, thereby endorsing the lesson plan, or to commit, to dedicate the self - all energies – towards change of the behaviors. The student who fails to choose change once the behaviors have been exposed is the student that shall suffer karmic repercussions. It is important for all to understand that the student that is blind to the self is the student that is rarely punished, even when the self’s behavior damages another. It is when the student is cognizant of the self’s behavior and the behavior continues to be endorsed, due to the self’s blindness, that karmic callings are then scheduled, for it is only through suffering that the student then determines it is time to change. The teacher, who has been provided with permission to draw forth all that which lies within, is diligent in their pursuit of all that which lies within.

The student that thinks that the self is known is one that believes that all that can be uncovered about the self has been revealed. The student who does not think that the self is known is one who is cognizant that there are many things that lie deep within the recesses that remain unknown to the self. The Teacher draws forth that which lies within, bringing it forth so that the student may apply scrutiny, questioning, delving ever more deeply to determine, “Is this who I seek to be? Is this who I am becoming? Or, is this particular behavior or characteristic something that I am desirous of changing?” The goal of the student is to arrive at decision - to accept, to embrace or to reject, to change. The Teacher will accept the student’s choice if it is believed that the student is comfortable with this choice. If the student is not comfortable, if the student provides different answer each time, the behavior is brought forth for the self’s scrutiny and the Teacher has been informed that the self does not yet know the self, for the self can not decide whether to embrace or to reject a portion of the self.

It is important for each to recognize that it is always the self’s choice to maintain or to change that behavior or characteristic that belongs to the self. The Teacher will not encourage either; rather, the student’s choice informs the Teacher of that which need be taught in future.

It is for all to recognize the characters that are utilized each time lesson is presented to the self - failure to choose demands that defense and protection be employed. The self that recognizes that defense, that protection prohibits experience, is the self that increases the odds that the lesson will be recognized, that the lesson may be integrated this time. It is merely words to say, “I do not seek defense…I do not seek protection” as long as the self provides the driver’s seat, so to say, to the ego, as long as the self is determined to protect the false image created by the characters and embraced by the self.

Recognition of the self’s pattern, recognition of the self’s responses, recognition of the appearance of the character – none of these things are possible unless the student has observed the self closely, unless the student has sought the assistance of another – one that is close to the self, one that is willing to speak honestly as to that which is seen by the self when you are engaged. Change is only possible for the self that has recognized the responses that are employed routinely by the composites - also known as the characters, also known as the ego - each time the self is challenged with lesson.

It is to recognize that the activity that surrounds one’s desire to know and to heal the self invites judgment from all others who seek the endorsement of the self’s rightness, of the self’s way of being. One who is committed to knowing and healing the self no longer endorses another’s behavior that is indicative of one who need observe the self more closely, of one who need choose, more frequently, different direction. The individual that determines to know and to heal the self finds the self turning the back to most all relationships that were previously important to the self, for this is the only way that success can be tasted. The self that chooses to maintain these relationships with those who have determined that change is not desirable is one that will continually be challenged. This is, of course, appropriate. The student must choose for the self that which is most appropriate for the self, casting aside all example provided to the self by others. By making this statement, I wish to expand and explain that there are those within the spiritual arena that say “all must be cast aside” and there are others that say “all must be maintained” – it is for the self to choose for the self, it is for the self to know those challenges that are appropriate and those challenges that are extraordinary. The self will be guided by the inner Teacher if the self chooses to listen.

The consciousness entering the Earth’s atmosphere for the first time is greeted by paradise – beauty, abundance is seen quite clearly, for negativity has yet to skew the vision. After several lifetimes the consciousness begins to view all things from a position of lack, for the self has quite likely suffered deprivation, poverty, severe lack – that which often impacts the life experience and can even remove the consciousness’ ability to remain embodied, requiring a wait for a new body and the next incarnation. Reality is that which is created by the consciousness; the self can see all that is around it in a positive or in a negative stance, welcoming all or condemning all with one thought. It is important for the consciousness to recognize that the self’s view is skewed due to the life experiences, either in the current lifetime or those that have been drawn forward with the self of the current time. Reality is oftentimes misunderstood – believed to be that which is clearly interpreted by the majority of humanity. In actuality, that which is understood by the majority of humanity is illusion, it is that which is negative - reality is that which is interpreted by those who have learned the purpose of this existence, the purpose of this planet.

It is to recognize that the self has all that the self needs in order to be successful in this incarnation, as the self has had all that is necessary to be successful in all previous incarnations, recognizing that lack - perceived lack, is merely a part of the lesson. All that which is regarded as the self is perfect until the self determines that change is desired; to stand solidly in the self’s truth, allowing and inviting others in but never overriding the self’s truth for another’s, unless it is indeed that which can be fully embraced by the self.

The student wastes considerable energy allowing the ego to critique the self’s progress. It is to understand that lesson brought forth to the self is rarely understood at the time of the experience; it is to do the best that one can to widen the vision, to question the self, to seek assistance, to survey it after all is quieted to determine, “did I learn…did I change…or did I respond as I have many, many, many times previous?” If the response was the same, it is to determine how the self determined to proceed in this fashion – was choice present…was choice made…or was the choice automatic? It is to survey the lesson in total, preparing the self for the next time similar lesson is brought forth, informing the self of how the self is desirous of responding and to resolve to follow through with changed behaviors the next time opportunity presents.

All that has been exhibited by the self is in response to the lesson plan and the self’s failure to choose for the self, for regardless of the regret felt by the self for the self’s behavior of the past, if the self continues to fail to choose, the behavior will be repeated in the future. Do all understand that the lesson plan forbids choice? Failure to embrace that the self automatically responds based upon the self’s programming - that which has been encoded within the DNA - results in failure for the student time after time after time. The Teacher can continue to tell the student that it is the programming, it is the automatic response, but the student prefers to listen to the ego which says, “No. No. I have chosen for my self. It is not the lesson plan for me. I am not programmed. I refute anyone that says that I respond automatically, for I spend a considerable amount of time thinking, prior to responding.” The self fails to recognize that it is not the lapse of time that indicates that choice has been made - it is the recognition that choice is available, understanding the choices that are available to the self, never choosing those that belong to the lesson plan. For the self who has embraced that the self is indeed programmed, is indeed burdened by the lesson plan, recognizes that choice is prohibited unless awareness is present.

The student that fails to see that which is most important in the moment is the student that fails the lesson. Those portions of the self that have been damaged - that which can be referred to as negative, cumulatively referred to as the ego - seeks smallness, pettiness, that which is totally unimportant to the student who walks the path to healing; it is this that becomes the focus that is then amplified by the field belonging to the student’s lesson plan. Failure to gain awareness says that the student will fail the lesson, for the lesson will not be recognized - the focus has been skewed. Once the student recognizes the lesson and choice is made to continue to focus upon that which is demanded to be given all attention by the lesson plan, it is this student that fails to recognize the self in the moment, for the self has become the not-Self – that which is reflective of all that is negative, that which is disinterested in that which is positive.

The example provided by our sister (Student) this day is one that has been encountered by all present; indeed, most of humanity experiences similar circumstance throughout the lifetime. The Teacher would refer to this experience as challenge; challenge to determine if the student sees the lesson clearly, challenge to see if the student is willing to abort field connection and to be different this time. Many opportunities are provided to the student to see that the self’s focus is indeed misfocused, drawn to that which is unimportant for the student who walks the path to healing. I am Osiris. I provide lessons to my students to determine if the will is indeed that which is needed, to determine if the student is capable of recognizing the lesson or if the ego will be indulged once again. Tell me, my sister (student) – was the ego indulged?

Student: Completely, sir.

It is important for each student to recognize that the connection to the fields belonging to the lesson plan of the self prohibits awareness; practicing how to regain awareness that has been lost is essential, for the more practice that the self has invested the more automatic the response becomes.

You shall speak of all negativity that is experienced by the self to another human being immediately upon the recognition. It is not several hours later my brother – it is immediately. It is to begin to build the habit to be different, to draw forth negativity and to resolve it in the moment, rejecting field connection, thereby protecting the stores of energy inside that are positive in nature. Your acceptance of field connection for several hours depletes these stores. It is the cause of depression. It is the cause of aimless wandering for days following engagement. It is the reason for deep dissatisfaction with your path. It is the reason for the inability to make contact within the meditative state, for the etheric body has been depleted once again. It is time to be different my brother, if it is indeed your desire. If you choose the ego, as stated previously, I shall honor this choice.

Most individuals focus upon the negative - focus upon the other, for the mind is seeking logic, rationale, to make okay the behavior of the self; even once rationale has been received by the self, if the student is truly upon the path to healing, conscience will continue to draw forth the experience - the mind will no longer allow the self to file it away. It will come to the self in the dream state or in the exhausted state - when the self is lying, attempting to rest - the thoughts will intrude again and again and again; the self will be sickened by the thought, it will come forth so often - until the self is beaten by the thinking, can no longer think of the experience, for all angles have been examined, all that could be confessed has been confessed, all that can be seen has been seen, yet the thinking returns again and again and again, for the self has yet to recognize that all that remains to be done is to accept - to accept that the lesson did not fully belong to the self; rather, the other’s choices are what have created the likelihood for the other to never understand the experience fully.

Recognizing that no human is provided lesson independent of another is important. When a lesson cannot be understood, it is to look to the other, to realize that the lesson that involved the self could well have been for the other. It was the self’s failure to appropriately assign the lesson to the other that created the unease, that called forth the response that resulted in failure for the other, who was not even being tested, to inform the mind, “This was not our lesson - we have viewed all things; we have understood all that was presented. The portions that belonged to the self have been integrated.” All else need be reconciled to acceptance alone, for the self cannot fix, nor can the self change the experience for the other.

Willingness to embrace the other, even when the self was the damaged party, is critical to the self’s progress and shall oftentimes aid the other in learning the lesson for the self. Most humans cannot believe that another would embrace the self after the self has damaged them, for it is often this individual who would never embrace another who had damaged the self. It is the example of forgiveness that is brought forth to another who has not yet learned how critical forgiveness is to one who walks the path to healing.

It is Repression that is the topic this day. These energies are those that are felt physically and are represented by aches, pain, disease throughout the physical body. It is rarely if ever recognized by the individual who has yet to step forth to walk the path to healing - that the self’s behavior does indeed impact the performance of the physical body; once an individual has begun to understand that behavior, and behavior alone, impacts, affects the physical shell detrimentally, as well as positively. To understand the impact of the self’s thinking is most important, for the way that the self thinks about the self, the way that the self thinks about the world about them, the way that the self thinks about those who have been positioned around the self to teach the self – if the self fails to recognize the importance, it is the body that suffers great damage in order to send message to the self of that which need be corrected.

The physical body is rarely appreciated by the self; it is the self that chooses or fails to choose that which is most appropriate for all consciousnesses, so that all may achieve evolution within the incarnation. The self is influenced by social consciousness – those around the self known as the majority – most of which are abusing the body, stretching it to its very limit until one day the body succumbs, the damage too great for the Teacher to salvage a day, a week, a month, a year, so that consciousness evolution may be experienced if only in a very minimal way. Lifetime after lifetime the self returns to learn about the physical body – how to care for it, how to overcome the desires that destroy the physical shell. The self learns to love the body, to recognize its value to all consciousnesses and to begin to nurture the relationship between the self and the consciousness known as the physical body. It is indeed a love-hate relationship until the lifetime arrives where the self begins to appreciate that which has been provided by the physical body.

It is the self that is determined to experience all things physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that begins to recognize the hardship that is placed upon the physical body each time the self succumbs to sensual desires. The body is very forgiving, accepting that which is provided with minimal impact, for it has been programmed to manage that which is provided. It is the Teacher that determines that which need be rejected, that which need be understood by the self as detrimental even though it is much loved, greatly desired by the self. Will the self choose for the body or will the self choose for the sensual experience? This is the lesson.

Sacrifice – repression or choice?

I am with you. I understand the difficulties encountered by each when the self is asked to ingest that which is good for the self but is not particularly desired by the self, that which the self feels when the self has been deprived of something that is greatly enjoyed by the self. It is choice and choice alone that is sought by the Teacher – to choose for the body above all else.

It is to understand that sacrifice, choice is often employed through the act of repression – to repress the self’s desires, to state that the self is not desirous of a particular experience, yet the desire remains alive inside the self, repressed each time it finds its way to the surface. It is for the self to understand that desire need be satisfied, for it is only when the self can present the self stating, “I have chosen. I have chosen. I am aware that the desire is still alive within me. I am aware that the Teacher fans the flames periodically to keep this desire alive but I have chosen for the self, for all consciousnesses that reside within this physical shell, so that consciousness evolution may be experienced by all.”

The lesson associated with repression is to know and to understand the self’s desires, to recognize that the self is still desirous of cheese, is still desirous of cream in the coffee, is still desirous of the taste of meat – yet, the self has chosen to forego these desires in favor of walking the path to healing.

It has been my honor to join you this day for the sharing of wisdom. I am Kuthumi.

The unconscious mind is the mind that is at rest, while a portion of the mind - the conscious mind - is focused upon that which draws the attention of the self. At this time, the self is capable of focusing upon many things simultaneously; the unconscious mind is also gathering data – that which is separate, that which goes unnoticed by the conscious mind. The Teacher utilizes the unconscious mind by whispering to the student; it is those suggestions, it is statements that are made that draw forth lesson, for the statement goes from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind. Recognition is rarely made that the thought was not formed by the self - the self had no intention of saying what the self said, the self was merely responding to the prompt provided by the Teacher.

It is important for the student to notice those things that are being thought by the mind that were not initiated by the self; for it is these things that the Teacher seeks awareness by the student. The unconscious mind is also the mind that is trained by the Teacher in the dream state; lessons are presented to the student, allowing the student opportunity to choose. To determine if the student has recognized that choice has been ignored or avoided, the choice is provided many, many, many times prior to the student recognizing that choice has been foregone in the past; now it is for the student to choose appropriately - many more tests, many more opportunities are presented to the student in the unconscious state prior to the appropriate choice being made. It is now that the Teacher can draw forth the experience for the student in the conscious state.

The subconscious state is the state of mind that is unknown to the self completely – neither the conscious nor the unconscious portions of the mind have been informed of that which lies deep within the subconscious, the psyche; this portion of the mind is that which is released by the Teacher only as needed, for within the subconscious mind are those experiences of great emotion – both current and previous lifetimes experiences – can be found in this portion of the mind.

The student believes that the self is learning once the lesson plan is recognized; in reality, emotion is what is recognized – the response of the self, that which has been automatic for many, many years – potentially many, many lifetimes – those responses that are supplied by the field belonging to the lesson plans of the self. Recognizing that the self need be patient, need expand the view beyond the self, to welcome others that the self finds annoying, irritating, frustrating – those that the self judges frequently – to welcome them to spend more time in the self’s presence; for it is in this way that the self sees the self – all those things that irritate, frustrate, anger and potentially cause sorrow within the self are things that reside within the self awaiting recognition, awaiting resolution. The typical student isolates the self, particularly from those situations where irritation, frustration, anger or sorrow could be experienced and begins to tune out those individuals that annoy, irritate, frustrate or anger the self; it excludes the self from all situations that may challenge the self. The self stops drinking and smoking and the self stops placing the self in situations with others who drink, with others who smoke. It is telling the self, “I need more time. I cannot challenge myself at this time…I am not strong enough,” only to find that many months may pass, oftentimes, years and once the self begins to expose the self to these situations, the self finds that the self is still too weak to be challenged. It is to challenge the self early on; to provide the self with as much challenge as possible while the self’s resolve is strong, while the desire within is unimpeachable, while the self easily and readily casts aside all that which says that the self may not make it, that the self may fail. Recognizing the task – to learn – is multi-phased; it is awareness, identification, followed by recognition, followed by choice – to retain or to change. The choice of the self informs the Teacher of that which need be learned in future; all choice made by the self is honored by the Teacher. The Teacher is, in fact, delighted that the student is now choosing.

Recognizing the goal of the lifetime is important, for embracement is impossible until the goal has been exposed and the self has been provided with opportunity to agree or to disagree, for choice and free will are primary and must be protected at all cost, regardless of the plans that may be dashed due to the choice of the self being that which would disallow the project to continue forth. There have been others called to this group that have chosen the self’s own interests over and above the interests of the group – that have stated clearly in the unconscious state that the personal goals are more important than that which was entertained many lifetimes previous when viewing this current lifetime. These choices are always honored, the next and the next individual called forth, to determine if the self has sufficiently prepared the self for group activity or if independence remains primary. Those present have each determined, both consciously and unconsciously, that the group’s interests are primary to the self. It is time to reveal a portion of that which was planned.

Recognizing that preincarnative agreement does not eliminate choice is important; for the individual who determines, “I must do this because I agreed to preincarnatively” is one that will ultimately fail. It is to find the desire within the self, to state, “I am most fortunate to have planned this for myself. The fact that I am participating means that I have accomplished all that I had planned to accomplish. If I have not accomplished all that was planned I can look to these others to aid me in doing so rapidly.” Those consciousnesses that have chosen to work together in order to accomplish, planning the lifetime well in advance, are the consciousnesses that have been provided with tasking that necessitates the talents of many.

Our brother Sol An Ka, you are still failing to share. It is understood that things require change; however, you are failing to recognize that that which need be shared most is the self, for if the self were open to Te’ Auna, alone, much less negativity would be experienced by the self. You welcome and embrace negativity, my brother. It is not always through unawareness; it is often by choice. When you recognize that judgment is present and you continue to allow the feelings by failing to discuss them with another with whom you know could aid you in elimination of these feelings, this thinking, you are instructing the inner Teacher that choice has been made to maintain the self’s unhealed nature.

It is my honor to be here this day, to bring forth thoughts that can be carried with the self or readily discarded. It is choice and free will that are honored upon this earth by all beings of higher consciousness and it is my desire to provide only that which is felt to be needed by the self at this time.

It is my duty to draw forth that which lies within each of my students; this action is not to cause discomfort or pain for the self - it is to provide opportunity for the self to choose. It is when the self chooses again and again and again protection and defense that the Teacher begins to reevaluate the student-Teacher relationship, for the Teacher does not seek to impose change upon one who is unwilling to change; rather, the Teacher provides opportunity to those who have sought such. The student that fails to see the self clearly is the student that will continually be misled by the Teacher.

The questions posed to each this day was intended to determine the degree of understanding that has been achieved by each of the teachings that have been provided previously. Recognizing negativity, the presence of negativity, is critical to the student; for the words that are used, “I seek to change…I want to be different” hold no value when the student is presented with negative energies and the response continues to be that which has been utilized in the past – informed response, habit, the draw of the fields – the choice of the student declined once again. To teach is my goal. The student that seeks to learn will study that which has been provided, will discuss it, will determine if understanding has been achieved, will form questions within the mind of that which has not been explained thoroughly so that the self may utilize the data as knowledge that can then be understood through experience, thereby becoming wisdom. It is not my goal to speak, to provide teaching that is not accessed, [that is not] integrated by all those present.

Much counsel has been provided to each student in the preceding weeks. It is important that each survey that which has been provided to the self, determining if the self has focused the attention upon that which has been brought forth – that which is most important, as seen by myself, for the ego seeks to distract the self, seeks to place the focus upon that which is unimportant at this time. It is the ego’s goal to lengthen the time period needed to learn, to truly understand the lessons, to integrate that which has been experienced. The mind seeks data and is rarely satisfied with that which has been received; it always seeks more for it is ravenous - it is programmed to seek more until the self recognizes that the self has all that the self needs, that the Teacher will provide more when it is believed to be necessary and not a moment before.

Understanding of the role of the Teacher is critical to all those who seek guidance from those outside of this dimension. The Teacher provides guidance – not answer. The Teacher can provide counsel if it is believed to be of benefit to many. The Teacher rarely addresses the individual with truth, for the individual who has sought answer for the self in order to circumvent the self’s choice will find that those outside of this dimension always honor the consciousness’ free will, whether the consciousness honors it for the self or not; this means that the self – the consciousness seeking counsel – will quite likely be misled, so that the experience can be garnered that informs the self that choice is indeed available at all times and that the self needed to experience the negative in order to honor the positive choice in future.

Recognition of who the self has been is vital to understanding the self. Failure to recognize the responses of the self to the lesson plan results in failure of future lesson. Once the self has seen the self, has understood that the self’s response was guaranteed by the lesson plan – it is then that choice need be made to be different, to shift the self’s view, to shift the self’s response, or to embrace and endorse similar behaviors in future.

The student who walks the path to healing has stated that progress is desired in this lifetime. The teacher has been drawn to the self and the Teacher draws forth lesson after lesson after lesson after lesson, exhausting the student, pummeling the student so that the student cannot fail to see the self, to see the behavior that is resulting in continued failure of all lessons drawn forth. The student who has provided permission to the inner Teacher to draw forth the teacher that will aid the self in knowing, understanding, and beginning to heal the self is one who is never abandoned. In the deepest, darkest moments of self-revelation, of self-hatred, the Teacher is present, informing the student that the self must be seen, that the self must be repulsed by the self, that the self must be ashamed, the self need feel all emotions that will aid the self in making the choice to be different. The goal is not to punish the student. The goal is not to cause suffering. The goal is not to overwhelm the student. The goal is to aid the student in arriving at the moment where choice can be made that will endorse progress upon the path.

It is important to recognize that each present is cognizant that suffering is necessary in order to learn; however, when the self is suffering, the self determines that suffering is unfavorable. It is to recognize the decision made by the self that suffering is unfavorable and to be willing to change the thinking, to state to the self, “Suffering is being experienced. I am in lesson. Opportunity is available to me in this moment to learn. Shall I focus upon the suffering or shall I focus upon the lesson?” It is to change the thinking, for the lesson plan demands focus upon the suffering.

How does one change thinking that is a part of the programming? “Suffering is unfavorable. Suffering is misery. Suffering is devastating. Suffering …I hate to suffer.” How does one change this thinking my sister (student)?

Student: I don’t know my Teacher. Will you help me understand?

You are capable of answering this query my sister.

Student: I’m sorry. I need to speak up. I don’t really know. I call upon my faith and I call upon my heart and I call upon my Teacher but I don’t really know…would you help me to understand please?

What is it that you do not understand my sister?

Student: You asked how does one change the mind…I have chanting, I have my faith, I have prayer, I have meditation – and yet, when I’m hurting and I’m tired and I ache, all I want to do is sleep. I don’t know what to do then. What do I do then?

You make the recognition my sister that you have chosen the lesson plan.

Student: I see.

Do you? It is escape that is sought from the suffering. Do you agree?

Student: I agree

Can you find this within the lesson plan?

Student: Escape?

Yes my sister.

Student: [laughing] I don’t think there’s any element in my lesson plan that doesn’t escape…uh, the mind escapes in overbearing, the student escapes in entitlement, minimizing/discounting escapes in story as well as…I mean, why would I want to feel pain you know…I’m entitled.

Indeed. When the self has made recognition, when the self has achieved understanding – which I believe you have done my sister by answering the query…why do humans suffer – then there is no reason that will be embraced by the Teacher for why the student fails to address the lesson, why the student fails to present the self, why the student declines examination of that which has been brought forth by the inner Teacher. Do you understand?

Student: I do – thank you.

It is important for all present to recognize that humanity, as a whole, cries out for leadership. Most have the inner compass that states, “this is not right…this is not appropriate…this is wrong”; yet, leadership continues to guide them in the same direction. Many consciousnesses are here to experience that which is being provided and many are here to experience breaking free of that which is widely available – to step forth to guide others to a new way of being, to a different way of thinking – one that fulfills the desire of the self, one that states to the inner compass, “this is the right path for me.” Those individuals who are in power upon the planet at this time set the example – one that is needed - to teach that which is inappropriate for one who seeks to return to divinity.

Why should the student wish to change the self’s way of being? When the student first begins to walk the path to healing, the self is classified as unhappy, oftentimes miserable, bereft - unable to function in the face of stress or pressure of any sort. The Teacher begins to release the volumes of energy that have been stored within, overfilling the bodies; it is the overfilling that has created the state of mind often noted as depressed or miserable. The self exudes misery, darkness; they are bitter, angry, resentful, lashing out at all around the self or speaking to no one.

It is important for the student to recognize that great change is realized, is experienced, when the path is first approached, when the Teacher first embraces the student. Once the student learns a few techniques, changes the habit of behavior that has created the greatest disruption in the life experience, the path becomes a bit more rugged. Behaviors that are upon the surface are those that are easily remedied, for the self can see them quite clearly as can all those around the self. Changing these behaviors takes time of course, but once again, it is relatively simple to make these shifts due to the apparent appearance of the behavior and the predictable nature of the experience once the behavior has surfaced.

Once these behaviors have been managed, controlled, changed, the student begins to go to the next level; this level is far more subtle in nature – one that is difficult to recognize. It is seen in others but rarely seen in the self. The behavior is elusive, only coming forth at particular times, when the self feels safe in exhibiting these behaviors. The Teacher will draw to the student others who can provide example of who the self is being. Once confronted by another, judgment is inevitable, for the behavior lies deep within the self and has yet to be uncovered, yet to be recognized. The self will find the self provided with example after example of the behavior of that which lies within the self, until recognition has been made. It is then that choice will be available; the self may determine to keep that which has been unveiled or the student may choose to change.

It is important for all to become aware of how the time is spent, for self-realization requires the majority of the self’s time. It is difficult to set aside activities, as well as foodstuffs – drink, drugs – all those things that lure the consciousness back into this environment lifetime after lifetime to experience, to experience, to experience. Self-realization is not for all consciousnesses; it is for the consciousness that has determined that the self’s existence is empty, for divinity alone is desired - all else determined to be of little value to the self.

Plenty of opportunity is provided to the student to determine if the choice that is stated when the self is not engaged, is truly the choice of the self once engagement has been initialized. It is a strengthening of the will that is an offshoot of this type of testing; it is not to taunt the student - it is to teach the student. Each lesson that is presented to the student strengthens the will, the commitment, the dedication, or weakens the same. The path to healing, the spiritual path itself, is not intended for all those who apply; there are many who shall walk it a short distance, to abandon it for the balance of the lifetime, potentially for a day, a week, a month, a year, 5 years, 10 years prior to returning. The Teacher never abandons the student; the Teacher is always waiting in the wings for the student to decide, “I am ready once again to walk my path, to be different, to improve my plight in subsequent lifetimes.”

What does it mean to know the self - to truly know the self, to delve deeply beneath the façade that has been created to keep all others outside, that has been created to make the self more acceptable to the self and potentially to others? Why would one truly seek to know the self? If the self is happy, it is unlikely that the self would delve deeply within to determine who the true self is. It is the self that is unhappy - the self that typically refers to the self as miserable - that begins to see that the self is not who the self projects outwardly, the misery painted in bright colors of sarcasm, provided to others so that it is more palatable. Even the self begins to believe that maybe the self has earned this misery.

Failure to see the self interferes with one’s ability to be different. Failure to welcome the assistance of another informs others that the self is not desirous of seeing the self as the self is seen by another; the self prefers the self’s view. To know, to heal the self requires commitment, dedication and will to overcome the darkness that lies within, that triggers the lesson plan. It is the habit of the self to welcome the lesson plan, to allow informed response to react, rather than thinking, rather than aborting habit, informed response, with changed behavior. Until the student recognizes that the self’s responses are programmed for failure it is unlikely that the student will engage the will and begin to demand choice for the self. Recognizing that others are placed about the self to aid the self, as long as the self welcomes the assistance, is necessary, for the student that attempts to walk this path alone is the student that fails.

It is my deepest desire to see each move forward rapidly upon the path that demands choice in order to learn. It is failure to choose that results in failure; choice always results in success, for there are no wrong choices. Choice nets experience – that which is needed by the consciousness.

Sol: If there is a relationship between quantum mechanics and self-aware consciousness how does that apply to A Path to Healing?

To understand quantum mechanics as it is brought into the mind - it states that all things are energy, all things matter, all things have possibility of intelligence if linked appropriately with another. And so, you ask how to view quantum mechanics – where all things have possibility of intelligence – with Path to Healing. Am I correct?

Sol: That’s correct

Path to Healing employs energies, negative energies – those energies that are the polar opposite of love, in order to teach all consciousnesses that have come into this dimension in order to learn. What have they come to learn? They have come to experience separation from the one Supreme Being that is known, that is believed to be a part inseparable from the self; the self, the quanta that has joined with its Creator – each possessing intelligence, each capable of survival independently. When coming into this particular dimension separation is believed to occur, for the wall is placed between the self and its Creator, communication aborted, as the self begins to experience all things that this dimension has to offer. Much experience available upon this planet has been experienced previously - living with others like the self, survival issues, and the beginnings of emotional attachment. Here within this dimension the physical relationship is experienced, the emotional relationship that comes, particularly following physical connection, is now experienced – the emotion far greater than that which was experienced in previous kingdoms.

It is important to recognize that all consciousnesses come into this dimension to learn how to choose, to become cognizant of the availability of choice. Myriad experience is provided to each consciousness where the choice is removed for the self, followed by lifetimes of choice, bounteous choice that the self determines that another can begin to choose for the self; that which was hard fought only a few lifetimes previous, now willingly provided to another. It is this lesson that the bulk of humanity continues to be provided. Will you choose or will you forfeit your choice? There are myriad characters to convince the self to forfeit choice. “The self’s choice does not matter,” states one character. “The self’s choice can create difficulty for the self,” says another character. “The self’s choice will alienate the self from others,” says another character.

For most consciousnesses upon this planet destroy the body well before the possibility is in sight that the lesson plan may be overcome and so, it is back into the central pool, awaiting the next incarnation and the body once again brings forth lesson so that the self may choose to forgo the poisons, the hazards – those things that are short-lived pleasures - in favor of that which will further my existence, for there is much left to ingest that endorses the self’s goals. It is true that there is far more that must be forfeited than that which will remain; it is the choice of the student. No one else can make this choice for the self.