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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Personal Counsel: Te Auna

I shall now address the lessons of the physical teacher. It has been a most difficult year as myriad lessons have been brought forth and great restriction been experienced from many different directions – all that has been well-loved has been attacked, has been diminished, has been eliminated, removed from the self’s experience – all except individuals. It is to recognize that the physical teacher has agreed to draw forth wisdom from these higher realms; higher consciousness entities speak through this channel in order to bring forth that which is believed to aid humanity. Many, many, many years have been dedicated to this planning. Many lifetimes have been led in preparation. It is important for all to recognize that the physical teacher has suffered for each student; it is for the student to determine if the self need suffer as well.

I am the Teacher of the teachers that inhabit this planet – those that have stepped forth lifetime after lifetime, stating their desire to teach, to aid others. The student is tested relentlessly; suffering is experienced from the minimum to the maximum, so that the teacher can understand that which is being felt by the student, so that the teacher may open the heart and compassion may flow between the teacher and the student.

Te'Auna has learned much this year, yet much remains, for to teach one must eliminate all negativity. In the days and weeks to come Te'Auna I wish for you to focus upon loving the self, upon elimination of self-doubt, to recognize that the way that the self thinks about the self is damaging and amplifies those energies that have been transferred from the astral into the physical body in order to be resolved in this lifetime. It is to love the self that will guide you to the ability to love all others. It is to accept the self that will allow you to accept all others. I am with you. I am Kuthumi.