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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Negativity

It is to recognize that the energies of failed lesson create material - tangible material - that then resides within the body. If the lesson is associated with a particular part, area of the body, the energies settle here; the organs are most usually impacted last, for it is this that can interfere with the ability of the body to continue to function while the lessons are being learned. The body is indeed impacted by the energies that are created by failed lesson – whether the physical, mental or emotional is the source body, so to say. It is important for each to understand that when a lesson is failed and the self chooses not to resolve the lesson, that the self is choosing to damage one of the bodies, for the energies will indeed be stored within that body until the lesson has been learned.

It is important for all students to recognize that to teach is no simple task, for the Teacher teaches the current self with full knowledge of the lessons that have been failed by the composites – those selves that comprise what is referred to as the composite. The current self is often shocked and dismayed at the tactics employed by the Teacher, believing that the voice of the Teacher is indeed the voice of the ego; the ego’s voice is kind, nurturing, compassionate, telling the self that protection and defense is critical to the self’s survival. Negativity is employed to amplify the messages being sent to the self from the mind, increasing negativity within the bodies exponentially, until the emotional body has overwhelmed the self completely; failure to recognize the tactics of the bodies results in failure for the student time after time after time. The Teacher can provide knowledge to the student of the variety in which I am providing in this moment but if the student fails to study, to draw forth the words into the heart, to feel them, to understand them deeply, then the next time that the mental body begins propelling the self with message, and the emotional body begins to overwhelm the self, all is forgotten.

The experience of negative emotion – humiliation, embarrassment, anger, depression – indicates that the self, the unhealed self, has yet to truly understand that which has been presented to the self, for all of these responses are those belonging to the ego. It is the ego that protects; it is the ego that defends. The ego merely consists of negative energies that are a part of each body belonging to the human; it represents those unhealed portions of each body – each body will continue to cry out in a negative fashion until the lesson has been learned, for each body is programmed to respond in a particular fashion until awareness has been awakened for the self, until response favorable – that which could be regarded as positive or that belonging to the light – is made by the self automatically.

It is important for all gathered to understand that the pursuit of knowing and healing the self is one that is fraught with peril for one who fails to recognize the presence of the ego; the ego, energies created by the self when failure was experienced – negative response, negativity that now resides within the body and for most upon the planet, embedded deeply within all bodies. As these energies are drawn forth and many released, the self is in awe of the quantity, finding it difficult to embrace that the self could have so much negativity within the self. The goal of the lifetime is to eliminate negativity, to draw forth the inner Teacher, so that lessons may be presented to the self, utilizing all time available to the self to learn. As long as the ego maintains its stature of dominance, the inner Teacher is forced to utilize others to teach the self; oftentimes, forced to accept that the self has mis-taken the lesson once again and rather than releasing negativity, increasing negativity.

It is the ego that speaks to each; the ego that provides the self with message that is seemingly of great assistance to the self, for it is indeed – the ego must gain the trust, the faith, the loyalty of the self. It is known that it cannot do so by only providing negative choices, negative options, for it is then easily seen – unveiled, so to say.

It is the Teacher’s duty to guide the student as long as the student presents the self for lesson. It is for the student to honor, to respect the teacher; to honor and respect all those participating in the self’s healing. Failure to provide honor and respect drains all, leaching off vital energies that could be utilized to endorse all students, for the teacher must be love in the face of negativity; the ego that determines to challenge the teacher is well-placed, as the teacher must be tested many, many times. Can the teacher rise above the negativity being propelled towards the self or does the teacher succumb?

Do you realize that the energies that are present upon the surface for the self interfere with the opening of the heart, with the speaking of the words to another that the self would most like to state? It is the energy of judgment. It is the assumption of the self that the self will be judged; it is the recognition of the self of the past that is provided with precedence over that which is being experienced in the present, over that which may be experienced in future. It is those experiences of the past my brother (Loereve) – it is your belief, due to judgment, that these same experiences will be had by the self in the present day, as well as in future. The self does not allow others to change - the self does not encourage the self’s change; therefore, the self believes that all experience will be that which has been experienced previously.

Recognition that the self can change and that others are also capable of change will inform the mind to stop making snap assessments, to stop informing the self that that which has occurred in the past is all that can be experienced in the present and in the future. It is to inform the mind that the self is prepared for new experience, that the self is prepared to allow others to be different and that the self can embrace the new experience and draw new conclusion. It is to question the self my brother, when negativity arrives – on what do I base the presence of this negativity? Why am I focused upon that which is negative, rather than shifting the focus to a positive outcome for all? Do you understand my brother, that when negativity arrives, that defense and protection have been called for, that the past interferes with the present, and the self is unable to be different? It is to take notice in the moment my brother and to focus upon the heart, drawing forth the desire of the self to be love and to take action against the defense and the protection that has been erected to prohibit the self from being different this time.

It is the lesson plan that blinds the self to all things unfavorable; rather, it is the emotional body that views another through what is referred to as rose colored glasses, seeing only that which is perceived to be positive, quickly and readily discarding all that which is seen that is negative. “I shall not focus upon the negative” the self says to the self, “for that is inappropriate for one who walks the path to healing. Rather, I shall focus upon the positive and hope that the negative disappears.” It is merely another way for the self to ignore the self’s duty to another to draw forth recognition, identification of that which resides within the other to thwart their progress in this incarnation. Failure to recognize the self in another states that the self has yet to know the self; therefore, many others shall be drawn forth by the inner Teacher until recognition has been made, “This is merely myself that is opposite me – I seek to aid myself, I seek to aid others. I shall share deeply of myself with this other self, for in doing so, they too may share what they see in me; thereby aiding myself forward upon the path that I have chosen.” Illusion is the atmosphere that most students surround the self with; it is the illusion provided by the rose-colored glasses – to discard all that which is negative, to focus upon the positive, and to fail to aid another while doing so.

To understand the experiences of our sister is to recognize that the student oftentimes travels a path that is difficult, potentially impossible to recognize when darkness overwhelms the self. It is for each student to recognize that darkness need be drawn forth, externalized, vocalized, illumined by the scrutiny of others; for if darkness is harbored, provided indeed with safe harbor, darkness will destroy the self.

The student that listens to the ego, continuing to hide that which has been exposed, prohibiting others from seeing the self as damaged, as one who is in need of assistance, says that the student prefers to endorse the lesson plan - Denial primarily, Separation secondarily; for even though the individual is weak, flailing, suffering, the ego will not allow the self to seek assistance, to seek relief, to seek understanding. The self chooses to bare the self to another or to continue to provide safe harbor to the darkness that lies within.

It is pain that need be understood. Is there a malady, as with the skeletal system - a maladjustment that need be rectified to aid the physical body, for the physical body can become damaged? The inner Teacher is unable to repair this damage until the lesson has been learned; there are humans placed upon this planet that can ease the pain - that can aid the self by remedying the maladjustment, by remedying disease - providing the self with additional opportunity to learn in future. Ignoring the problems of the body is not suggested, for this often results in early death of the housing. It is to recognize that failed lesson creates negative energy that is embedded within the body. The accumulation of failure, without desire to correct the actions of the self to those that would better endorse the physical body, results in illness. The typical student has been storing negative energies within the bodies for decades prior to awakening. The body begins to rebel at this storage; when the quantities have achieved certain levels, disease becomes more likely.

You shall speak of all negativity that is experienced by the self to another human being immediately upon the recognition. It is not several hours later my brother (Sol) – it is immediately. It is to begin to build the habit to be different, to draw forth negativity and to resolve it in the moment, rejecting field connection, thereby protecting the stores of energy inside that are positive in nature. Your acceptance of field connection for several hours depletes these stores. It is the cause of depression. It is the cause of aimless wandering for days following engagement. It is the reason for deep dissatisfaction with your path. It is the reason for the inability to make contact within the meditative state, for the etheric body has been depleted once again. It is time to be different my brother, if it is indeed your desire. If you choose the ego, as stated previously, I shall honor this choice.

We do not create the lesson plan - the lesson plan is assigned; it is the artist’s brush that dips into each individual lesson plan to paint upon the canvas, to create the individual that has been selected in the current lifetime. Do you understand?

Student: I do – thank you.

It is the lesson plan that influences that which takes shape upon the canvas, whether it be of darkness, whether it be of light. Those who recognize the lesson plan and its influence are capable of painting that which is light upon the canvas, for all is seen through a positive lens; those who choose the lesson plan paint darkness upon the canvas, for all is seen through the negative lens – that which the self cannot change, that which the self is victim to, that which the self has become miserable because the self cannot control the self. It is the lesson plan that focuses upon external control, rather than internal control. The student who chooses the lesson plan is outwardly focused at all times. Control is a lifelong lesson for most students. The student that focuses upon the lesson plan, utilizing the positive lens, recognizes that the goal is self-control, recognizing that the self controls whether the self responds with love or hate.

Laughter is employed within lesson presentation to immediately dispel the accumulation of negative energies that have been introduced with discord. The student need be aware that the ego will discourage the use of this devastating weapon against negativity. Forced laughter becomes true laughter once the student recognizes that all battles against another are really battles against the self.

I am Osiris. I am the Teacher that draws forth all that which lies within the self that may or may not damage another. “I love you my students with all that I have to give to you” and I state for each to understand that this statement precedes the drawing forth of negativity that lies within that I am most desirous of resolution.