mountain tops - PTH is like climbing a mountain until you see the light

The Path to Healing

Teachings - Commitment

Attempting to compare the self to another based upon the other’s experience is rarely appropriate for one who walks the path to healing. It is difficult for the student to understand the journey; it is far more difficult for the student to understand the journey when comparing the self to one who has yet to awaken, who has yet to dedicate or commit the self to this journey. The student is presented with many challenges by the Teacher; the student that determines that the Teacher is seeking something from the self inappropriately is one who shall decide that the path is not quite worn enough for the self to tread forth, that the self has not cleared the way for the self to walk this path any farther.

It is important for the student that has committed the self to the Teacher to recall the commitment made, to ask, “Why was this commitment sought from myself? Have I benefitted from this commitment or have I suffered detriment? Has this request strengthened my will? Has it brought forth lesson so that I may learn?” The Teacher never requests that the student perform or submit to any thing without great purpose. It is important for the student to make this recognition. The probationary path is long and arduous indeed, prior to the presence of the inner Teacher becoming truly known to the self. Much is requested of the student; those students that are willing to see the self are those that proceed forth.

It has been my honor to join you this day for the sharing of wisdom. I am Kuthumi.