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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Voice

It is important for each student to recognize that the teachings are provided in order to allow each the opportunity to choose - to recognize that choice is indeed available and that the self has been discarding the self’s opportunity to do so; for it is the lesson plan that demands automatic answer, that demands speedy response - that states, “do this”, the self says yes…it then says “do that”, the self says yes…it says “don’t do this”, the self says yes…it says “don’t do that”, the self says yes. It is to defy all things that is the desire of the ego, for the ego is disagreeable – it seeks dominion, it enjoys its position at top where all beneath it are under its control and if the ego has done its job well, all are beneath it – all bodies, the self, the soul, the Teacher – all are beneath the ego, for none can be heard above this voice.

It is important for all students to recognize that to teach is no simple task, for the Teacher teaches the current self with full knowledge of the lessons that have been failed by the composites – those selves that comprise what is referred to as the composite. The current self is often shocked and dismayed at the tactics employed by the Teacher, believing that the voice of the Teacher is indeed the voice of the ego; the ego’s voice is kind, nurturing, compassionate, telling the self that protection and defense is critical to the self’s survival.

The student has been listening to the ego throughout the lifetime – the voice is soft and comforting, telling the self exactly that which the self desires most to hear. It is the voice of the Teacher that wrangles the nerves, that shocks the self with its depth of cruelty. It is this alone that takes the student out of the self’s comfort zone and begins to cause the student to begin to focus upon the self, shifting the focus away from the other, where the ego has maintained it throughout the lifetime, onto the self, relentlessly exposing the behavior of the self by drawing forth another and another and another that exhibits the behavior of the self - amplifying the emotion, the response of the self to the other who maintains the same behaviors as that which has been concealed from the self’s recognition.

It is the voice of the Teacher that is unkind; the voice of the ego that is indulgent. It is for the student to recognize that the Teacher will use any tactic necessary in order to draw the self’s attention to the self – that when the voice is seemingly unkind, seemingly jabbing the self, poking the self pointedly, damaging the self - it is to recognize that the Teacher loves the self with all that the Teacher has to give and because of this love the Teacher will use whatever tactic is needed to awaken the self to the behaviors of the self. It is important for the student to recognize the voice of the ego. Failure to do so results in the self listening to the voice of the self – that portion of the self that has been created by failure.

I am Osiris. I am love, unconditional. It is my honor to assist all those who step forth stating their desire to know and to heal the self. Recognizing that the ego is negativity - is not love, and is not desirous of the self experiencing love should assist the self in recognizing that the kind voice – the one that informs the self in the words that the self seeks most to hear – is the voice that need be eliminated. As I have stated in previous teachings, it is the ego’s voice that is preferred by the student; it is the Teacher’s voice – whether the inner Teacher or the physical Teacher – that is judged, that is determined to be not what the self is desirous of hearing. It is to recognize that the intention of the self – to know and to heal the self – has been heard and the inner Teacher has called forth the physical teacher or has stepped forth to teach the student. The voice utilized by the Teacher is intended to draw forth the ego, so that the story of defense, the need for protection, can be destroyed. If the student fails to see the damage that is desired by the ego and fails to abort the behaviors demanded by the lesson plan, the student will fail to achieve the goals stated by the intention.

The student who walks the path to healing is arrogant. The connection with the ego is strong, the bond tight - only the student can weaken this bond, can loosen the hold maintained by the ego throughout the lifetime. If the student proves that the ego’s voice is indeed desirous, then the student must be released – it is that simple Te' Auna; for the teacher cannot win against this voice, for it is not intended. The student that prefers the voice of the ego need be allowed to maintain this relationship without injury by the teacher.