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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Pattern

It is for all to recognize the characters that are utilized each time lesson is presented to the self - failure to choose demands that defense and protection be employed. The self that recognizes that defense, that protection prohibits experience, is the self that increases the odds that the lesson will be recognized, that the lesson may be integrated this time. It is merely words to say, “I do not seek defense…I do not seek protection” as long as the self provides the driver’s seat, so to say, to the ego, as long as the self is determined to protect the false image created by the characters and embraced by the self.

Recognition of the self’s pattern, recognition of the self’s responses, recognition of the appearance of the character – none of these things are possible unless the student has observed the self closely, unless the student has sought the assistance of another – one that is close to the self, one that is willing to speak honestly as to that which is seen by the self when you are engaged. Change is only possible for the self that has recognized the responses that are employed routinely by the composites - also known as the characters, also known as the ego - each time the self is challenged with lesson.

Understanding the lesson plan is critical to the success of the student. It is my intention to provide knowledge this day to aid each forward upon their journeys. It is the portion of the lesson plan known as Lesson Avoidance that I shall focus on for a few moments.

The Engagement utilizes energies of the parent energy belonging to the engagement; this energy is present due to the storage of samskaric energy – lessons that have been failed in the current as well as previous lifetimes, wherein great emotion was experienced and resolution avoided. This portion of lesson avoidance is typically the shortest; it is the starting gun, so to say – that which is the fuel that lights the fire within the self that results in the self deciding that battle is not only necessary but vital to the self’s continued existence.

It is the Battle Plan wherein the self calls forth the behaviors and characteristics that belong to the primary lesson plan (Life Lesson #2); this lesson plan, which is engaged, focused upon shall I say, starting in the fourth septenary for the human – the age of 28. It is referred to as the primary lesson, for it is of primary focus of the Teacher once the student has attained this age, and will continue to be the primary focus until the lessons have been understood, until the self begins responding in a fashion that convinces the Teacher that understanding has indeed been achieved and choice has been made by the self to return to the consciousness’ original state of divinity or to continue forth to experience. It is understanding of the lesson that is the goal of the Teacher; the student alone determines the course of action that will be taken once understanding has been achieved. The Battle Plan equips the student with particular behaviors and characteristics – those that will endorse lesson failure, those that will thwart the efforts of others to aid the self to know and to begin to heal the self. The student that fails to recognize that others have been placed about the self in order to aid the self is one that will continue to battle all those who are sent as example, as mirror, as assistant, as teacher. To refuse the aid of another is the goal of the Battle Plan.

The Retreat – these energies are insistent upon failure. The student has been busy defending the self and has determined that the self has either won or lost the battle; the Retreat phase of Lesson Avoidance begins in the moment that this determination has been made. The behaviors and characteristics are drawn forth, utilized by the student to make a hasty retreat – some will seek to cover the trail, some will simply bolt from the scene, some will depart with no intention of ever revisiting, of ever resolving the experience that is about to end. The student has decided how each experience labeled as disagreeable, as uncomfortable, as confrontational shall be dealt with, each time employing the behaviors and the characteristics that belong to the self’s Retreat lesson plan.

It is important to understand that the Retreat provides energies to the Teacher to call forth lesson in future, for negativity remains within the self due to the status of the experience, for it is rarely resolved for either party. Interactions with the other in future shall always be overshadowed by the discomfort that is felt by each due to the unresolved nature of the experience that each agreeably abandoned previously.

The energies of the Retreat forbid resolution; the disagreeable nature of the experience remains with the self, the original conclusions expounded upon time after time with all who will listen, the self having decided that the situation cannot be rectified, that the self is indeed helpless and hopeless, that the self has no control over how the self has been viewed. The self refuses to approach the other to determine if misunderstanding occurred, to determine that which can be provided by the self to allow the other to see the self more clearly. It is the Retreat portion of the lesson plan that damns the future of the self, for the self has decided how the self will respond, the self has decided how the other will respond, the self has decided that nothing can be changed.

It is the Teacher that strums these energies periodically to encourage the student to resolve the past, to review that which has been experienced and to decide differently, to recognize that choice is always available to the self, that the self can respond differently, that another can respond differently, for humans change; change is always possible. The student that fails to accommodate change for another will also fail to accommodate change for the self.

The Teacher that draws forth the student gently, calmly, slowly is the Teacher that will succeed, potentially, 10% of the time; for one individual in ten will open in response to love – the other nine students will take advantage of this Teacher. It is the Teacher that draws the student out by inciting them, by engaging the student’s pattern, so that example can be brought to the self’s attention – is the Teacher that will be successful with the majority of students. Those who remain focused upon the Teacher, rather than utilizing that which has been drawn forth by the Teacher are those that will learn that the self cannot learn as long as the ego and the ego’s agenda is endorsed by the self. It is indeed the ego that is focused outwardly, that is not desirous of focus upon the self; it is the ego that will do whatever necessary to defend, to protect the illusion that has been created, that has been well crafted, potentially through many, many lifetimes, in order to secure the yoke of the lesson plan about the consciousness.