mountain tops - PTH is like climbing a mountain until you see the light

The Path to Healing

Teachings - Focus

It is to dedicate the self to spending less time with mental gymnastics and more time with the inner Teacher. It is to increase this time gradually, focusing the mind upon the issue that the self seeks to resolve, calling forth the inner Teacher, asking for guidance. Guidance will be received. It is for the self to then pursue that which is made available to the self. Journaling that which has been determined is suggested.

The self that seeks to draw forth that which lies within must learn to focus, to focus upon the self completely, eliminating all outside distraction. The thoughts are gathered, examined, related to the lesson plan, the characters identified, the behaviors of the self now recognized time after time after time in the self’s current lifetime. The mind is puzzled, “How have I missed this behavior? How have I been so blind to this character, for the behavior is so very obvious to my sight at this time?” It is to recognize the veil that is placed between the self and the lesson plan, for the self believes the self to be good, the self believes that the self is doing that which is most appropriate for the self; for the self’s view has been hampered by the veil of darkness that remains until illumination is received. The self that learns to focus all attention upon the self, only focusing upon another when it is necessary to observe the self’s response – for it is this focus that will bring forth all that need be revealed so that future choice becomes possible. To provide the self with adequate time each day in silence, focused upon the self, inviting the thoughts, examining each to determine what the Teacher is trying to illustrate for the self is suggested.

The mind is difficult to focus - silence is abhorred by the human, silence is rarely welcomed; the mind begins to fill the space with thinking. The self grows tired of silence and so the self decides to nap, to check out, rather than receiving the opportunity to hone the skill of focusing the thinking while with others who are doing the same. Those who join together with others in order to accomplish find that the way is smoother when all are similarly focused. It has been stated many times to our brothers how difficult it is for Te' Auna to maintain her focus when they decide to check out; for it does indeed require others who are interested to bring forth my voice, to bring forth teachings of wisdom. I shall state once again that in future silence that is provided to this group is purposeful; it is to open the mind, to rest upon its silence, to seek wisdom, continually refocusing the mind upon wisdom, disallowing the lesson plan, disallowing distraction, disallowing the body rest that is unneeded. Am I understood?

Sol: I’m not clear as to how to focus on wisdom.

Do you desire my teachings my brother?

Sol: Yes, I do.

It is to call forth the feeling - when the self believes that the self will receive teaching – there is a feeling behind that is there not?

Sol: Yes

That is what I wish for you to call forth.

Sol: Thank you, I understand.

The student who walks the path to healing begins this path focused outwardly the majority of the self’s waking hours. As the self becomes more dedicated to knowing and to healing the self the focus begins to turn inward, until the majority of the self’s time is recognizing and identifying lesson presentation by focusing inward. The self that continues to seek outwardly, to state that the goal of the self is to learn so that the self can teach, is one that will continue to fail to focus appropriately when the opportunity is provided to be different. It is a slight shift in attitude that need be experienced by the student – that which speaks of selfishness to many is that which ensures success for the student of the self - to be focused upon the self so that the self may learn. Recognizing that the self may never provide teaching to another is important.

I am Osiris. I am love. It is my counsel to each of you to focus upon the self at all times. “What does this lesson mean to me? What am I to be learning? How should I be responding? How am I failing? How can I be different?” It has been my honor to be with you this day.

Recognition dawns slowly upon the self who begins to walk the path to healing, for externalization of all things is demanded by the ego: “It was them, it was he, it was she. I was merely responding. It was not I. It was not my fault. It was they” …always another. The ego forbids embracement for the self, encourages the self to do to another what has been experienced by the self; for the self believes that this is the way to get what the self wants. Self-focus is encountered by all lesson plans; it is no more or any less intense for any lesson plan, for all humans upon the planet at this time are self-focused. It is all about the self - what the self can garner for the self. The consciousnesses that are awakened recognize that the self will always have what the self needs as long as the self is love. To be love - is the antidote for all lesson plans.