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The Path to Healing

Teachings - True Self

I should like to bring forth for you my sister, that the majority of your characters are very well liked by the self. They have been embraced wholeheartedly. Do you see this my sister?

Student: I do

You like the wit. You like the character that comes forth, for the self is typically uncomfortable with the self, the self is typically uncomfortable with others – it is the character that is comfortable with others. Do you understand?

Student: Absolutely – I do.

It is for this reason that the characters dominate my sister, for you have granted them permission to do so.

Student: How do I shift that so that I’m more comfortable with myself and don’t need the characters?

This is the dilemma - is it not my sister, for it is in determining how to do so that the true self shall be located. It is the belief system of the self – that you need to be comfortable, that you need to respond, that you need to be the center of attention, that you need to be seen by others, that you need to be accepted by others.

Student: Yes

And what would occur if you were not seen, if you were not the center of attention, if you are not seeking endorsement? What happens my sister?

Student: I don’t know

I would suggest that you try it.

Student: Thank you – I think that sounds like a good idea.

To the typical human the true self is viewed as boring – the true self is one who loves the self, who takes care of the physical body, eating the appropriate foods, taking proper precautions, minimizing risks – those things that could damage the self’s ability to remain in this atmosphere until all lessons have been learned. The true self is loving, giving, caring – they are rarely believed to be humorous or fun; boring is the typical assessment of the unhealed human for one who is exhibiting the true self. The example that comes to this one’s mind is Miss Melanie in Gone with the Wind – one who was open, giving, warm to all that she met – boring, lackluster, gullible and many other judgmental terms, placed upon her by those who surrounded this fictional character. It is the characters that convince the self that knowing and healing the self, becoming love, will cause the self to become boring, will cause the self to become friendless, will cause the self to lose the self’s desire to remain in this atmosphere.

“Is this my true desire or am I working to accomplish, am I striving to experience something that is not truly desired – that may thwart my purpose for having come back into this atmosphere at this time?” It is desire that fuels the self - that determines the focus that oftentimes takes one away from the true focus, the true purpose of the inner Teacher, the true self.

The true self struggles to allow the self those experiences that are most desired; it is desire that is the focus for most upon the planet at this time. The self is desirous of so much, for there is so much to be experienced - to travel around the world, to see all places, to experience all things in a single lifetime is the desire of many upon the planet at this time, for travel has been improved greatly in the preceding century. It is unfortunate that the consciousness that lies within is unable to speak with the current self, to inform the self, “Beloved, we have seen all things…we have experienced so much and the desire that burns so deeply within you, to experience these things anew, is intended to awaken the desire within you to greet me – your inner Teacher, for it is I who holds the key that unlocks the door to all memories, all experiences of the consciousness that is now you.”

It is to overrule the ego, my brother, when the ego decides to distract you, to absorb your time – it is the ego’s desire to go, to do, to be busy. The true self seeks time to ruminate – to think deeply, to search deep within for the answers that elude the self upon the surface; for the answer was earned many lifetimes previous and need be uncovered – this uncovering is not possible when the self is only willing to provide snatches of time towards the effort.

It is indeed a long and arduous journey pursuing a path that will return the self to the state of divinity that was experienced prior to entering this dimension. The common man is unable to embrace that this journey is desirable, for from the outside looking in, it is filled with misery, sacrifice, pain - the joys of this world tarnished, no longer desirable; rather, the self is focused upon removing the layers that have been placed, creating the burden that now hides the true self belonging to the consciousness.

Lifetime after lifetime, the composite shifts, changes, and is provided with challenge, pleasure - both new experience and old, that which has been experienced in previous lifetimes; it is the experiences of previous lifetimes, profound experiences of joy or abject misery that linger, surrounding the new self, drawing or repelling the new self to or from experiences in the current lifetime. Those consciousnesses that awaken and determine that the self is ‘fed up’ with this life, ‘sick and tired’ of existing within this dimension, are those who have endured many lifetimes of lessons that have typically been failed, preparing the self for the lifetime when success can most likely be tasted, if only the consciousness can awaken to the self’s true potential.

Illusion colors all things, including the student’s purpose. Why am I here? Why have I returned to this hell? Why must I experience so much pain, such difficulty? When will joy be tasted? When will bliss be experienced? The Teacher observes the student and is unable to answer these questions, for it is not known how the self will respond to the lessons that must be provided, that must indeed be learned before forward progress is experienced. The self who has achieved an understanding of the self’s purpose, of karma, is the self that recognizes the lesson, the presence of the lesson – not necessarily the definition of the lesson. This student will then approach the lesson by measuring, “Why am I here? What am I to learn from this experience? How can I do so without damage to myself or to another?”

Failure to recognize that all lesson presented to the self is necessary and need be welcomed – for it is the welcoming that provides the perspective that is needed in order for the student to see that which is truly being presented, that which the self need recognize, that which the self need then act upon. The typical student views lesson as challenge, views lesson as abhorrent, hating every moment of the presence of negativity, failing to see that the Teacher has called forth energies that have been created by the self and stored within the body for myriad reason - to enable the self to learn the lesson, to understand the experiences that came prior, and to then release the energies that were created by the self when the same lesson was failed previously.

How does the student pursue the path to become the true self when the true self is unknown to the self?

It is indeed learning the lessons, freeing the self from the burden of the lesson plan, changing the DNA encodements that demand that lesson continue to be called forth for the self. Recognizing the self’s lesson plan, recognizing the self’s desire to be love is necessary for the student who walks the path to healing.