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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Removal of Negativity

Failure to recognize that all lesson presented to the self is necessary and need be welcomed – for it is the welcoming that provides the perspective that is needed in order for the student to see that which is truly being presented, that which the self need recognize, that which the self need then act upon. The typical student views lesson as challenge, views lesson as abhorrent, hating every moment of the presence of negativity, failing to see that the Teacher has called forth energies that have been created by the self and stored within the body for myriad reason - to enable the self to learn the lesson, to understand the experiences that came prior, and to then release the energies that were created by the self when the same lesson was failed previously.

The presence of negativity – negativity on the surface of the body, negativity within the body itself – should be cause for celebration, for the self can state quite clearly, “I feel these energies, the denseness…I can almost see it – they are oppressive, they cause my body to tighten, to ache, to swell, to malfunction. It is with great joy that I welcome their presence; for I see opportunity is at hand – to learn and then to release these energies, so that no further damage may be experienced by my body. It is this perspective that I seek to instill in each of you, to recognize that the presence of negativity represents opportunity to the self to be different, to learn, so that understanding may be accomplished and then shared with others to aid and to ease another’s journey, as service, repaying the Teacher for the assistance provided to the self. It is difficult for the student to make this shift, for it is a mental, an emotional and indeed, a physical shift. The physical body learns to deal with the energies, to manage the pain. The mental body learns to stop amplifying the pain, to simply provide message to the self, “The pain is present. The pain is still present. The pain remains present.” – so that the self remains informed that the lesson has yet to be learned. It is the emotional body that requires the greatest effort of the self, for it is the emotional body that amplifies the pain, “I have a slight headache.” One hour later, “I have a terrible headache.” Two hours later, “My head is killing me.” Three hours later, “I cannot bear this pain any longer. It is one day, two days, three days, four days, five days, six days present – I cannot bear it” – and the focus is now upon the pain, rather than the location of the pain, rather than the purpose of the pain; for the pain is only elevated when the Teacher feels that the student is ignoring the lesson.

Energies brought forth and enlivened provide the student only with sufficient pain to encourage attention to that which has been brought forth; the Teacher does not seek to damage the self, the Teacher seeks to garner the attention of the self. The presence of the energies upon the surface of the body oftentimes can become caustic, can be damaging, if the student does not pay heed to the lesson, if the student does not attempt to learn that which has been presented. It is important for the self to recognize that when energies are drawn forth by the Teacher that their presence over a period of time can be adjusted to mentally and emotionally; it is a small pain that grows, thereby increasing the self’s tolerance to pain, thereby encouraging damage by these energies for the self who fails to understand the lesson and to then release these energies that are causing damage.

Recognizing that the self need call upon the Teacher for assistance whenever the self is struggling, whenever the self is unable to determine the lesson, so as to prohibit damage from occurring when these energies are present and active upon the surface. It is to understand the lessons associated with each area of the body. It is to recognize the activities that cause the body to struggle. It is to realize that the mental [and] the emotional demands often tax the physical body. It is balance that is being sought. It is the body, the physical body’s demand to be accepted, to be embraced as equal partner to the mental, to the emotional, to the self.

It is important for each present to understand that energies are placed inside the physical body each time lesson is failed, beginning very early in the lifetime. In addition, energies are reunited with the new physical body by the age of 2, drawing forth energies that are placed within the physical body to create weaknesses – those that shall provide clue to the self as to the area that is most in need of the self’s attention. What has occurred for you, my brother, is you have proven to the Teacher sufficiently that you will continue forth to learn the lessons; the energies that have been built within the bodies had achieved a status that could result in your demise in several different ways – the heart, the bowel, the colon, the stomach. Great care has been taken to allow you to eliminate these energies with as little impact as possible to the life experience, so that you may continue forth upon your journey to learn, to embrace that change is indeed necessary if the self seeks to continue forth in this incarnation.

To draw forth wisdom from within, the student need learn. Negative energies are released as the lesson is integrated, making possible that which is known to come to the surface, to the student’s recognition. Recognizing that all things come to those who work hard, those who place effort behind the commitment – the reward is promised – few collect it, for most abandon the path well before the reward is in sight.

It is pain that need be understood. Is there a malady, as with the skeletal system - a maladjustment that need be rectified to aid the physical body, for the physical body can become damaged? The inner Teacher is unable to repair this damage until the lesson has been learned; there are humans placed upon this planet that can ease the pain - that can aid the self by remedying the maladjustment, by remedying disease - providing the self with additional opportunity to learn in future. Ignoring the problems of the body is not suggested, for this often results in early death of the housing. It is to recognize that failed lesson creates negative energy that is embedded within the body. The accumulation of failure, without desire to correct the actions of the self to those that would better endorse the physical body, results in illness. The typical student has been storing negative energies within the bodies for decades prior to awakening. The body begins to rebel at this storage; when the quantities have achieved certain levels, disease becomes more likely.

Emotion is stored within the body when it is not understood; emotion that is understood is released. It is important for each student to recognize that failed lesson is reflected throughout the body, that the inner Teacher has done its best to store these energies in areas that would provide clue to the self of the lessons that are being failed. Often, other areas need be utilized to prohibit debilitating disease. It is for the student to ask in the meditative state –“What is this pain? What does it represent? How may I understand the lesson at hand? Please present another and another and another, until I see that which you are trying to illustrate for me. Unfortunately, the typical student becomes upset, focused upon the physical malady, determined to eliminate the malady versus understanding the reason for its presence. It is important for each student to ask the inner Teacher if there is anything that can be done by the self to aid the physical body and to then turn the attention to providing just that, so that the physical body can support the goals of the consciousness. It is partnership that is needed between the self and the physical body, for if the physical body has been informed that the self is indeed desirous of learning the lessons, disease can be held at bay, awaiting the time that the self has determined that the life experience is acceptable to the self as it stands and that change is no longer desirable.

The goal of the lifetime is to learn – the body is programmed to teach. As the self determines that the self is willing to embrace the lessons for the self, is indeed desirous of changed behaviors, energies that hold the potential for damage to the bodies can then be released.

The student that fails to pay heed to the memories provided, that is unwilling to examine the self’s behavior – to seek clarity on the behavior of the other to make certain that the self’s memory has not been skewed due to lesson failure – it is this student that will fail to understand the lessons that have now been learned. The Teacher must wait for the student to recognize that the self’s behavior has indeed shifted. The self recognizes the lesson failures of the past; the self realizes that the behaviors have been absent for some time. The reason for the shift in behavior is brought forth and discussed with others. The self takes steps to aid another who is witnessed exhibiting the same behaviors that previously belonged to the self. It is all these actions that inform the Teacher that the student has indeed learned the lesson sufficiently to enable release of energies that lie within - energies that are utilized to call forth lesson once again in future, whether in this or subsequent lifetimes.

Release of energies then frees the student to respond without the pulse of energies being activated, freeing the student’s energies to accomplish the sharing, openhearted sharing, with another that causes the other to decide that maybe it is now time for the self to change as well. The presence of negative energies is sensed unconsciously by the other. The will that is utilized by the individual who is attempting to aid another can override these energies; however, they may never be overcome completely for the energy match has been made and is felt within the other. This means that negativity has been activated within the other. The ego has determined that suspicion is necessary, “The other is saying one thing but another is being sensed. The other is attempting to control. The other is attempting to change me…I feel it…I sense it.” It is merely the presence of negative energies – these energies are utilized by each individual’s Teacher to draw to the self those who have similar lesson. One who proselytizes will naturally draw another who proselytizes to the self; it is that individual that will feel that another is attempting to change them, that the other is attempting to control them, that the other is attempting to make them be something or someone that they do not wish to be.

It is the rare student that recognizes the teacher that is also student and that overrides the response of the self’s own ego to disregard that which is being proffered.

To understand the reason why teachers upon this planet have marginal success is to understand this lesson. To recognize that the majority of teachers are also student - student of the self, for the self remains unknown.

When I begin to speak through Te' Auna there is a certain time period that is needed for acclimation. It is a transference of thought that is taking place – my consciousness does not reside within this shell; rather, the thought comes to the mind and is translated and then spoken, using the voice that I have chosen – that which differs from the instrument. To be desirous of understanding this process is normal; curiosity is often the human’s companion. The instrument that is chosen by those who are regarded as higher consciousness beings has been trained, tested through many, many lifetimes.

Service is provided oftentimes as medium, as one who is clairvoyant – one who is known as a seer into the past or into the future; for this service creates the pathways needed for the mental body, as well as the emotional and the physical bodies, in future lifetimes. This service is not a singular lifetime occurrence; it is one that takes many, many lifetimes to perfect. It is in this lifetime that the plan can quite possibly come to fruition – to draw forth wisdom from the higher realms that will truly assist humanity - those individuals who seek to know and to heal the self. It is my honor to assist Te' Auna with the removal of negativity that has prohibited the connection that guarantees that distortion will not occur. As the mind is freed from belief, the likelihood of distortion is minimized to that which can be corrected in the moment by myself, simply stating “Correction,” and restating the thought or the teaching. To understand that each of you have been instrumental to this process is important, for as you teach Te' Auna to teach, I am permitted to release negativity from within that prohibits her ability to do so without error, without judgment.

Why should the student wish to change the self’s way of being? When the student first begins to walk the path to healing, the self is classified as unhappy, oftentimes miserable, bereft - unable to function in the face of stress or pressure of any sort. The Teacher begins to release the volumes of energy that have been stored within, overfilling the bodies; it is the overfilling that has created the state of mind often noted as depressed or miserable. The self exudes misery, darkness; they are bitter, angry, resentful, lashing out at all around the self or speaking to no one.

It is important for the student to recognize that great change is realized, is experienced, when the path is first approached, when the Teacher first embraces the student. Once the student learns a few techniques, changes the habit of behavior that has created the greatest disruption in the life experience, the path becomes a bit more rugged. Behaviors that are upon the surface are those that are easily remedied, for the self can see them quite clearly as can all those around the self. Changing these behaviors takes time of course, but once again, it is relatively simple to make these shifts due to the apparent appearance of the behavior and the predictable nature of the experience once the behavior has surfaced.

Once these behaviors have been managed, controlled, changed, the student begins to go to the next level; this level is far more subtle in nature – one that is difficult to recognize. It is seen in others but rarely seen in the self. The behavior is elusive, only coming forth at particular times, when the self feels safe in exhibiting these behaviors. The Teacher will draw to the student others who can provide example of who the self is being. Once confronted by another, judgment is inevitable, for the behavior lies deep within the self and has yet to be uncovered, yet to be recognized. The self will find the self provided with example after example of the behavior of that which lies within the self, until recognition has been made. It is then that choice will be available; the self may determine to keep that which has been unveiled or the student may choose to change.

The student who walks the path to healing often loses perspective, for experience - myriad painful experience - has been garnered. The self who may have viewed the self positively when starting the journey now views the self negatively, ever fearful that the ego dominates, ever fearful that the true self has yet to surface. It is critical for the student to survey the journey periodically, to see the self, to see who the self was, to see who the self has become and to think about the self’s goals that will cause the self to become something other than who the self currently is.

Who are you becoming? This question is frequently asked by the Teacher to determine if the student is cognizant that the self has changed and the self continues to change with each lesson that is presented, recognized and integrated. As the self learns, the Teacher is able to release energies from within the bodies that have previously restricted the self’s ability to learn; the self’s ability to experience spiritually has also been hampered by the presence of these energies. It is important for each student to realize that the spiritual experience is limited for one as long as negativity is endorsed; indeed, the spiritual experience is oftentimes limited for the student once the Teacher has stepped forth and is present at all times. Why would this be true? Why would the Teacher limit the student’s experiences spiritually?

Shifting the attitude from that which is negative to that which is positive is a most difficult feat to accomplish. When the consciousness first comes into this atmosphere the attitude of joy, excitement, that which states, “I am here to experience…all experiences are welcome” – it is this attitude that is lost as the self continues to experience, as the experiences garnered begin to be classified as that which is negative or undesirable. Lifetime after lifetime, negativity is experienced and oftentimes negative experience far outweighs that which could be classified as positive, joyful – that which brings happiness and a desire to continue in this dimension.

When the student first begins to walk the path to healing negativity is its constant companion; it is difficult for the self to recognize the difference between positive and negative for all things have been colored by previous experience. Decision has been made as to the appropriate classification of each experience. Lesson is now always classified as painful, difficult – that which results in struggle, oftentimes followed by failure. It is the self’s decision to view the opportunity in this way that builds the character that will step forth, utilizing field energies, to overwhelm the self’s defense system – the self’s will, to ensure that the experience is classified as negative. The student that begins to recognize that lesson is opportunity to prove the self’s merit, to prove that the self is truly desirous of being different, of change, to prove that the self is capable, to prove that the self understands the teachings provided and that even if failure results, the experience shall be regarded as positive, for the student has had opportunity to practice, to hone the skill – that which will ensure future success.

It is to change the attitude, to view all things in light that is positive, to forbid the mind from drawing forth judgment that demands that all be viewed as darkness, as undesirable, as negative experience. The inner Teacher struggles to teach the student, the self, that lesson is joyous; for without the opportunity to prove that the self has indeed learned, the inner Teacher cannot release the energies that tie the self to the lesson plan. The inner Teacher is unable to ease the pain that is experienced within each body due to the energies that have accumulated in this and previous lifetimes due to lesson failure. Presentation of lesson is opportunity to prove that the self has indeed changed, that the self does indeed understand the purpose of the self’s existence, thereby granting permission to the inner Teacher to release the energies that draw forth lesson, that ensure discomfort that will garner the attention of the self each time lesson is drawn forth. Failure to view lesson in a positive fashion ensures that the characters shall at least gain center stage; it is only the will of the self, if awareness is invoked, that will eliminate their influence.