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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Desire

The battle rages within to prohibit others from knowing the self; holding onto every shred of evidence is the duty of the ego – that which condemns and, for many, that which enshrines the self known in the current lifetime. It is difficult for the inner Teacher to bring forth that which lies within the self. Lifetime after lifetime, the inner Teacher determines how the self will respond to the information provided – will it destroy the life experience or will it enliven the ego to massive proportions, wherein the self becomes ensnared in the being that was exhibited by the consciousness previously, to the detriment of the current lifetime? Knowledge of previous lifetimes is often helpful, for the self can begin to understand the self by reviewing previous selves behaviors, seeing clearly those behaviors that have been with the self for many, many lifetimes – an aversion to responsibility, addictions, an inability to embrace the self’s intellect, an inability to step outside of that which is known as the mental pursuits.

The self born in each lifetime begins anew until the bodies join the new self, drawing forth behaviors and characteristics - tendencies, phobias, addictions – all those things earned by previous selves in previous incarnations – those that have yet to be understood, examined and destroyed. I refer to those things that are negative in impact to the self’s progress upon the path, the spiritual path – the path that will return the self to the original state of divinity. As long as the behaviors remain with the self and are viewed as singular in nature - an issue of this lifetime alone - the individual can be greatly overwhelmed at the degree of difficulty at shifting the behaviors. Addiction, in particular, is most difficult for the inner Teacher to break through the belief system of the current self sufficiently, so that change may be effected in the current and subsequent lifetimes. Failure to recognize the addiction, to understand that it is merely misunderstood desire, guarantees that the addiction will be enlivened once again in future lifetimes. The self who is able to eliminate addictions in the current lifetime and who then prohibits the self from partaking is quite likely to be tested and to fail once again in subsequent lifetimes. It is to recognize that all is choice and that choice can only be made when all things have been understood.

Loereve: I have a question – how does the inner Teacher determine what to bring forward and what not to at any particular time?

It is that which is most important to the student at this time. For the student with addiction, it is if the addiction has become so detrimental as to prohibit the student’s ability to focus elsewhere; it is then that the Teacher will draw forth recognition and seek resolution by relentlessly drawing forth one after another after another that reflects the image of the self and the self’s behavior.

Setting the course for the self, allowing others to continue forth upon their separate journey is the only course to be chosen by one who has awakened to the inner guide, the inner self, the true self that states, “We have experienced sufficiently, my beloved – it is time for us to journey back to our divinity.”

Once awakened, the consciousness is reborn, lifetime after lifetime, and the inner guide/the true self begins the tasking to awaken the new self; it is the fruits of this planet that prohibit success for the true self, for the consciousness can be consumed with myriad experiences for the entire lifetime. Oftentimes, the self is consumed until the years are in great number and then, due to the myriad experiences, the health has been lost - the body no longer vibrant, the mind no longer sharp. And so the inner Teacher decides to leave the experience, hope-filled that the next experience, the next self, will be strong enough to awaken sooner – while there is still time to save the body, while the mind is still sharp and desirous of learning.

The true self struggles to allow the self those experiences that are most desired; it is desire that is the focus for most upon the planet at this time. The self is desirous of so much, for there is so much to be experienced - to travel around the world, to see all places, to experience all things in a single lifetime is the desire of many upon the planet at this time, for travel has been improved greatly in the preceding century. It is unfortunate that the consciousness that lies within is unable to speak with the current self, to inform the self, “Beloved, we have seen all things…we have experienced so much and the desire that burns so deeply within you, to experience these things anew, is intended to awaken the desire within you to greet me – your inner Teacher, for it is I who holds the key that unlocks the door to all memories, all experiences of the consciousness that is now you.”

It is as with your trip with Te' Auna the preceding month – to discover that the desire no longer was resident to return to those places that the self thought and spoke of fondly for many years; to recognize that there are many other destinations that could provide you with opportunity to learn, versus the opportunity to re-experience again and again and again the past. The lifetime of the human is relatively short – long in terms of the second and the third kingdom but short in terms of the experiences that are available to each; there is not sufficient time to perform the same tasking again and again and again and again and to experience forward progress upon the path.

It is to experience new things that is suggested; it is the belief system that prohibits the self from generating enthusiasm for the new. It is the mind that wishes for the self to only embrace that which has been previously experienced – therefore, previously known - for it is caution that the mind urges. It is the mind that convinces the body that caution is necessary, for its safety could be in jeopardy, convincing the emotional body that damage could be done to the self should the self venture into areas where embarrassment, humiliation, or the invitation of judgment may be made by the self of another, due to the veracity of the self in choosing this experience.

All bodies eventually follow the desire of the self. Each body has desires, wants, needs that need be addressed directly by the self – failure to do so causes the desire, the want, the need to become amplified as signal is passed to the mental body: I am uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable. I am hungry. I am hungry. I am hungry. I should like to move. I should like to move. I should like to move. I am bored. I am bored. I am bored. The mental body is the instigator of distraction, for the mental body prefers action, data; the absence of these stimuli results in the release of that which lies within – that which has been tamped down, for the mental body is incapable of rationalizing, making logical those issues that are most troublesome. Encouragement has been received to not think about these things, to put them away for they are in the past and need be forgotten…there is nothing to be done – do not think of them - the mind aids the self in finding distraction.

The student that is vigilant to the antics of the mind will find that it is most difficult to focus upon those issues of the heart – those issues that do not have logical outcome. Be assured that no thing has been placed away into the drawer unresolved if it were possible for the mind to resolve it. It is the mental body that utilizes that which is known to the self to solve all problems, all issues that come before the self. The mind grows tired of those issues that are wrapped inside of emotion and will encourage the self to put it away, will convince the self that it is of little value. It is the self that must aid the mind, encouraging it to aid the self, for deeper review is needed as long as negative energies remain, drawing forth the thought time after time after time after time. The mind becomes adept at cancelling the thought by bringing forth distraction, using the body and its needs frequently. It is important for each present to recognize the self continues to allow distraction to prohibit the self’s ability to eliminate that which lies within.

Te' Auna has asked: how does the self convince the mind to aid the self? Through recognition, Te' Auna, when the self recognizes the mind is distracting the self – the self finds that the self is wasting time…time passage of 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 minutes, remembering that the self was thinking about something important before the pursuit began that consumed a few or many minutes. It is to draw the attention back to the topic that was abandoned and to watch the mind, for it may convince you that the body is in need or that there are other things that are more important that need be addressed at this time. Once it is recognized that the mind is attempting to distract the self, it is to speak directly to the mind, “why do you seek to distract me from this issue?” the body responds with “I’m so tired…I must eliminate…hunger…a little snack…I have seen no one for hours…I shall go visit…there are many things on the desire list - I shall go seek one out.” The mind is desirous of protecting the self but first and foremost, is desirous of success.

Is it your desire to open the heart my brother Loereve? It is to focus upon the heart and to tell it, “I am no longer in need of protection nor defense. I seek your opening so that we may experience and grow in our depth of knowledge – that which promotes wisdom and progress upon our path.” You must confront the ego face-to-face my brother, for the ego has encouraged your weakness; the ego has emphasized the emotional response that tells the self not to battle or that tells the self to battle. The course of action taken is always to the benefit of the ego, always to the detriment of the self and the self’s desire to move forward.

Greetings to those gathered for the sharing of wisdom. I am Osiris. It is faith, trust and love that I return to each present.

For without faith one cannot walk the path to healing; without trust, one cannot share openly, honestly, without fear of judgment or retribution; without love, one is unable to love the self first, for it is this love – the deep and abiding love of the self – that causes the self to open the heart to another.

The recognition that the self is not truly capable of drawing forth faith, trust and love for another is necessary for each to make, for the self does not quite have faith in the self, the self does not quite trust the self, the self does not quite love the self. Focus upon this recognition may aid the self in taking the steps necessary to have true faith, true trust and true love for the self. Do you understand my brother Sol An Ka that you welcome me with the desire to share faith, trust and love with me?

Sol: I see it as sharing now – when I have been saying it, it has been as an offering to you.

I am asking you to make recognition my brother, that the offering is in word alone. Do you understand?

Sol: Yes, I do. Thank you.

It is the desire of the self that often pulls the self forward upon the path; it is true desire that fosters commitment and dedication. It is not my intention to diminish your desire; it is simply to call to your attention that what you are sharing with me is your desire to have faith, trust and love to provide to me. Do you understand?

Sol: I do – thank you.

The true self struggles to allow the self those experiences that are most desired; it is desire that is the focus for most upon the planet at this time. The self is desirous of so much, for there is so much to be experienced - to travel around the world, to see all places, to experience all things in a single lifetime is the desire of many upon the planet at this time, for travel has been improved greatly in the preceding century. It is unfortunate that the consciousness that lies within is unable to speak with the current self, to inform the self, “Beloved, we have seen all things…we have experienced so much and the desire that burns so deeply within you, to experience these things anew, is intended to awaken the desire within you to greet me – your inner Teacher, for it is I who holds the key that unlocks the door to all memories, all experiences of the consciousness that is now you.”

To make contact with the inner Teacher is to state frequently throughout the day, “I call forth the inner Teacher. I state my goal to know and to heal myself in this lifetime. I state as my goal to love myself without condition, to clear the bodies of all of the negativity that I can possibly remove in this singular lifetime. It is my desire to be of service. Contact with the inner Teacher is necessary.” Understanding that it is your desire alone that calls forth the inner Teacher is necessary. It is currently distraction for each of the three that interferes with this calling. The inner Teacher can guide the self and the self can continue to learn and to remove negativity from within the bodies, increasing the pleasure of the current lifetime, decreasing negativity that need be dealt with in following lifetimes. The student that seeks to know and to heal the self, that seeks the presence of Osiris, must prove to the inner Teacher that the path has been chosen – that the self will stay the course for the balance of this lifetime. Much testing is provided prior to my calling.

It is important to understand that the goal for all students is to draw forth the inner Teacher, to be in communication at all times, so that the self may utilize every moment of every day to learn. It is only after many, many lifetimes of preparation that this becomes possible, recognizing that your presence in this circle of seeking indicates that you have indeed accomplished that which is necessary. It is the desire that need be proven.

To all who are willing to step forth, to state, “I seek to learn; this is my primary purpose for being” – the inner Teacher awaits this statement from each. They are not words to be spoken lightly; each need ponder that which will change for the self once the inner Teacher steps forth. Is the self prepared for the journey that lessens the importance of all that which lies outside of the self? It is my desire to teach and I shall continue to do so as long as you are willing to listen to my words. Each lesson brings each closer to the relationship that the self seeks most between the self and the true self, the inner Teacher.

It is the student that draws forth caution, wraps the self in layer upon layer of this material in hope that no mistake will be made throughout the lifetime. The self is desirous of love, honor, respect of another – beginning with the parent and then the beloved, the boss, the friends. The stories have been heard of those who have ventured off, tried new things; the self has determined early on that these things are not for the self, even though the toe has never been dipped into the waters that provide such experience. The self believes that the self has done that which is most appropriate for the self, saving the self countless hours of pain and proposed difficulties. The imagination has determined that the self has eliminated that which would be most damaging to the self’s life experience; however, deep inside, there lies a yearning – one that is unrecognized by the self who often misreads the yearning as a desire for food, drugs, alcohol, sex, activities that cause the adrenaline to produce in massive quantity. The desire has been misinterpreted, for the self has determined that the experience most desired by the self is inappropriate; the self has determined to prohibit the self from this experience in this lifetime.

Judgment is often utilized to reinforce the belief of the self; negative reports are gathered and regurgitated to any who would suggest that possibly the self should ‘try this’. The self has determined that the self will not try ‘this’ in ‘this’ lifetime; ‘this’ could be defined as an experience that the self came into the lifetime desirous of experiencing. The yearning that lies within unsated continues to call forth desire that is then interpreted by the physical body, the mental body and the emotional body. The self overfills the self in all areas, yet the yearning remains. It is to recognize the damage that the belief system does to the self – the self’s dreams, aspirations squelched due to judgment having been employed against that which was most desired coming into the lifetime.

Opening the heart is the goal of all students that step forth, stating the self’s desire to know and to heal the self. Opening the heart is simple and can be done by any individual that is desirous of feeling love. One can focus upon the heart or one can focus upon a loved one, drawing forth the feeling within of joy, of peace, of deep pleasure, being in the company of one who is beloved by the self – one who need provide nothing to the self in order to draw forth this feeling. There are few humans upon the planet at this time that can say that they love another without condition, that the others’ behavior, that the other’s response holds no threat to the love felt for the other by the self. The majority of humans believe that they have experienced true love; yet, when questioned, determination is rapidly made that the love is conditional, for the love of the self is conditional. The self has not been accepted by the self, the self has failed the self – if the self can fail the self, how can the self possibly expect another to provide that which the self cannot provide? Therefore, all others are provided with similar love – conditional, to be withdrawn should the other fail to fulfill the expectations of the self.

It is the inner Teacher that first awakens the desire to love and to be loved. The student believes that it is another – the beloved, the friend, the pet – that has awakened this desire. It is the love provided by the inner Teacher that is diminished, criticized – indeed, refused; for the student fails to recognize that it is the Teacher’s duty to draw forth all that which lies within that prohibits the self from experiencing love in its purest state – that which is known as unconditional.

I am Osiris. I am love, unconditional. It is my honor to assist all those who step forth stating their desire to know and to heal the self. Recognizing that the ego is negativity - is not love, and is not desirous of the self experiencing love, should assist the self in recognizing that the kind voice – the one that informs the self in the words that the self seeks most to hear – is the voice that need be eliminated. As I have stated in previous teachings, it is the ego’s voice that is preferred by the student; it is the Teacher’s voice – whether the inner Teacher or the physical Teacher – that is judged, that is determined to be not what the self is desirous of hearing. It is to recognize that the intention of the self – to know and to heal the self – has been heard and the inner Teacher has called forth the physical teacher or has stepped forth to teach the student. The voice utilized by the Teacher is intended to draw forth the ego, so that the story of defense, the need for protection, can be destroyed. If the student fails to see the damage that is desired by the ego and fails to abort the behaviors demanded by the lesson plan, the student will fail to achieve the goals stated by the intention.

It is my desire to draw forth knowledge that will aid all those students that seek to overcome the power that is wielded by the ego. It is to recognize that the ego has been created by the self, as well as all previous selves; this negativity responds to the lesson plan, convincing the self of the importance of protecting, of defending the self. The self that has determined to be open, to open the heart, is the student that has learned that it is the ego alone that shields the heart. To be love is to recognize the role of the ego and to demand its cessation of activity as soon as its presence becomes known.

“I am love. I am open-hearted. I seek to assist. I seek assistance. It is my desire to experience all things.” These words incite the ego, demanding its presence to defend, to protect the self. Recognizing that defense and that protection are the responses informed by the lesson plan will aid the self in stating clearly and succinctly, “I am open to all experience. I need no protection for there is nothing to defend. I am love.”

It is love of the self that is so deeply sought after my brother – not the love of another. It is to recognize that the inner Teacher sends forth these feelings, these yearnings, to inform the self that love of the self is deficient; the self has misinterpreted these yearnings as to consist of desire for another. The self purposefully begins to seek another that will make the self miserable - this is to teach the self that the self is indeed the desired company of the self. Do you understand?

Loereve: Yes, I think so. It’s taken me a long time though.

Have you ever truly been with another that allowed you to be the self my brother?

Loereve: no

Do you understand that you shall continue to draw these individuals to you, for it was your plan to learn in this lifetime to love the self without condition?

Loereve: Interesting …that is very helpful to know.

It is Repression that is the topic this day. These energies are those that are felt physically and are represented by aches, pain, disease throughout the physical body. It is rarely if ever recognized by the individual who has yet to step forth to walk the path to healing - that the self’s behavior does indeed impact the performance of the physical body; once an individual has begun to understand that behavior, and behavior alone, impacts, affects the physical shell detrimentally, as well as positively. To understand the impact of the self’s thinking is most important, for the way that the self thinks about the self, the way that the self thinks about the world about them, the way that the self thinks about those who have been positioned around the self to teach the self – if the self fails to recognize the importance, it is the body that suffers great damage in order to send message to the self of that which need be corrected.

The physical body is rarely appreciated by the self; it is the self that chooses or fails to choose that which is most appropriate for all consciousnesses, so that all may achieve evolution within the incarnation. The self is influenced by social consciousness – those around the self known as the majority – most of which are abusing the body, stretching it to its very limit until one day the body succumbs, the damage too great for the Teacher to salvage a day, a week, a month, a year, so that consciousness evolution may be experienced if only in a very minimal way. Lifetime after lifetime the self returns to learn about the physical body – how to care for it, how to overcome the desires that destroy the physical shell. The self learns to love the body, to recognize its value to all consciousnesses and to begin to nurture the relationship between the self and the consciousness known as the physical body. It is indeed a love-hate relationship until the lifetime arrives where the self begins to appreciate that which has been provided by the physical body.

It is the self that is determined to experience all things physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that begins to recognize the hardship that is placed upon the physical body each time the self succumbs to sensual desires. The body is very forgiving, accepting that which is provided with minimal impact, for it has been programmed to manage that which is provided. It is the Teacher that determines that which need be rejected, that which need be understood by the self as detrimental even though it is much loved, greatly desired by the self. Will the self choose for the body or will the self choose for the sensual experience? This is the lesson.

Sacrifice – repression or choice?

I am with you. I understand the difficulties encountered by each when the self is asked to ingest that which is good for the self but is not particularly desired by the self, that which the self feels when the self has been deprived of something that is greatly enjoyed by the self. It is choice and choice alone that is sought by the Teacher – to choose for the body above all else.

It is to understand that sacrifice, choice is often employed through the act of repression – to repress the self’s desires, to state that the self is not desirous of a particular experience, yet the desire remains alive inside the self, repressed each time it finds its way to the surface. It is for the self to understand that desire need be satisfied, for it is only when the self can present the self stating, “I have chosen. I have chosen. I am aware that the desire is still alive within me. I am aware that the Teacher fans the flames periodically to keep this desire alive but I have chosen for the self, for all consciousnesses that reside within this physical shell, so that consciousness evolution may be experienced by all.”

The lesson associated with repression is to know and to understand the self’s desires, to recognize that the self is still desirous of cheese, is still desirous of cream in the coffee, is still desirous of the taste of meat – yet, the self has chosen to forego these desires in favor of walking the path to healing.

It has been my honor to join you this day for the sharing of wisdom. I am Kuthumi.

I seek to draw forth that which lies within for each of you so that each may be apprised of that which need be addressed should the self be desirous of forward movement, should the self be desirous of the taste of success when the self recognizes the self and chooses in the moment to be different; this process to draw forth that which lies within is one that often results in discomfort, various levels of discomfort for the student. Often, while the student is vocalizing the self’s desire, the self is also batting away that which is being drawn forth within the mind; this informs the Teacher that that which is being stated is not truly that which is desired by the self.

To garner the attention of the student the Teacher is often required to bring forth myriad lessons. Again, these lessons create the likelihood of discomfort, varying degrees of what could easily be referred to as suffering, due to embarrassment, humiliation – those emotional states, ways of being, that are experienced when the self allows the lesson plan to dominate the thinking. The self that fails to see that the Teacher is desirous of aiding the self, not to embarrass or humiliate or even to cause discomfort – the Teacher is only desirous of progress upon the path for the self.

For the self to embrace the truth of this statement often requires many months, many years, and potentially many lifetimes, as the damaged portions of the self – those that are guided, ruled by the lesson plan – change the self’s view to that which is negative. Reminding the self, “My Teacher is here to aid me; these impressions of embarrassment, humiliation and discomfort are all being imposed upon myself by the lesson plan – they are false,” and are often proven to be so, if the self follows the guidance, the counsel of the Teacher, and exposes that which has been brought forth for the self to another.

Recognition that the self is the most important component, that the Teacher is secondary – is necessary, for the Teacher can provide all that the student needs and the student can still feel empty, the student can still feel deep desire, deep lack. It is important for the self to shift the focus, to shift the view, to change the thinking from, “I have hardly anything that I need” to “I have everything that I could possibly ever desire.” All else is false; all else is illusion.

That which is needed by each student has been determined by the inner Teacher, drawing many together is done in order to aid each; it is the responsibility of the inner Teacher to guide the self, to bring the self to those others who will present what is needed to enable forward progress should the self learn. The majority of students upon the planet are consumers of knowledge, yet fail to convert the knowledge to wisdom; rather, they graze upon the fields of knowledge continuously, repeatedly drawing in the same knowledge time after time, conveyed in words somewhat different, yet the meaning, when revealed, is exactly the same. The self fails to see the message that is being brought forth and continues to partake of knowledge at greater numbers of fields, continuing to consume that which has yet to be understood. It is to recognize that when the self is ready, that the words matter not - the self will turn inward, the self will look outward - the self will seek assistance when the self is ready. As long as the self maintains a sphere of privacy, as long as the self keeps negativity – negative feelings, negative judgments – to the self, the self is telling the inner Teacher, “I am not yet ready”, for the ego holds dominion and the ego has determined that another need not know the self; in fact, the ego has decided that the self will not know the self.

It is important for each student to recognize that the ego is merely the thinking - that which has been created by the self and all previous selves to maintain the sphere of protection, the castle of defense, that prohibits all others entry for fear that the self may be damaged. Love does not fear; love welcomes all. Love is open and embraces all things; love needs no protection or defense. When the student determines that the self’s desire is to be love, the first line of attack is to uncover, to identify the thinking that prohibits the self from being love.

Opportunity to be born upon this planet has become somewhat restrictive; the consciousness must have proven that the self is prepared to change – to come forth and to further the self’s journey back to that which is seemingly most desired by our Creator. It is not the light, nor is it the dark that is leaned towards by our Creator – it is experience. The consciousness must state that the self is willing to experience differently, rather than taking its place upon the wheel to once again experience that which has been experienced previously. The Teacher guides the consciousness throughout the lifetime, encouraging new experience but the lesson plan has ingrained within the self the previous experiences, and the energy surrounding these experiences have joined the new consciousness by the second year - the personality is then formed based upon all preceding lifetimes. The die is cast, so to say, as the self begins to be drawn to the same experiences of previous lifetime – that which was of interest to the self, that which also ensnared the self - failing to recognize that the self has experienced that which has been pursued, that which is being pursued, many, many, many times previous, causing the mind to be drawn forth to the same experience again and again and again without reason, without purpose.

Whether human or animal, it is to experience differently; however, it is the human that is the focus of this teaching. The animal is limited until the species has been trained to alter the self’s behavior - the predatory hierarchy that has been designated is adhered to throughout this planet; unfortunately, it is the human that is the predator at the top of the hierarchy at this time, throughout the animal kingdom.

I should like for each to observe the self, to detect those experiences that the self states are desirous and to determine, “is this truly an experience that I wish to repeat in this lifetime?” – for the learning cycle is drawing near its close and many have been drawn back into the wheel of death and rebirth to aid, to provide service, to bring forth light. Many, however, are consumed with those things that will not fulfill the true desire of the consciousness.

I should like for all in attendance to focus upon the self, focus upon the heart, to ask the self – “Am I walking the path that is most desired by myself or am I filling my time? Am I consumed with experience – the desire to garner experience?” There is no right or wrong way of being. It is to know the self, to understand the self’s desires - to understand that which motivates the self – that which the self is seeking; for once understood, success draws nearer, for the self is able to garner the endorsement of the inner Teacher and energies unfathomable become available to the self who has sought the guidance, the counsel, the endorsement of the inner Teacher. It is the inner Teacher that provides that which is needed to the self - the experience of previous lifetimes where the self has learned all things, has experienced all things - this knowledge, once made available to the self who knows, who understands the self’s focus, the self’s desire –all things now become possible.

The student who walks the path to healing is one that is aware that the goal of the self is to be love at all times, drawing forth love to share with all whom the self interacts. Every day, every moment of every day – to be love, never losing focus upon the goal. The student is tested harshly to determine if the goal has been achieved, if the self can overcome negativity that is provided to the self – whether consciously or unconsciously; the goal for the self is to be love at all times – at all times, regardless of the challenge.

It is not possible to be love for another if the self feels that the self is not loved - if the self feels shortshrifted, if the self feels less-than, if the self feels that others receive that which the self desires most. It is to recognize that the self receives all that is needed – no more and no less is afforded to the student, for the Teacher understands exactly what is needed by the student to insure that the student will learn. Deprivation is often the tactic employed by the Teacher – to purposefully deprive the student of that which is most desired, whether it is love, support, confirmation, information – the Teacher determines that which the student is focused upon as the self’s desire and purposefully withholds this – to teach.

Sol: When a Teacher withholds that which is desired by the student for the purpose of teaching the student, could you please elaborate on that?

The Teacher withholds that which is most desired by the student my brother, in order to teach the student that others are desirous of the same from the self. It is for the student to recognize, to realize the value of that which is being withheld from the self, so that when others are seeking it from the self, the self recognizes true need, readily recognizing that which is ego desire, choosing not to provide that which is sought whenever ego is the source.

Focusing upon the self’s desire to be love. When the self is focused upon the heart and the thought to be love is manifest great energies can be created to aid the self to know and to heal the self. To be love – it is a way of being that requires energies unfathomable in order to effect, in order to change those portions of the self that are anything but love. To be love must be desired heart, mind and body; it is desire that creates potential - that the self will experience success, to know and to heal the self by becoming love. Recognition of behaviors that are not love is necessary; the lesson plan must be scrutinized, all behaviors detailed that are employed to diminish the self’s chances of success due to the employment of informed response.