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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Defend

It is important for each present to recognize the feeling deep within the self, whenever the self is presented with challenge. Feelings of defensiveness, of the urgency to defend, rise up unbidden, surprising the self with their vehemence, oftentimes shocking the other who merely seeks to assist the self. Recognizing that defensiveness and the need to protect the self indicate that lesson is active is critical to the student who walks the path to healing.

Failing to see the self is the major issue to be addressed by the self my sister, for you have indeed been plagued by blindness throughout this lifetime. When another brings to the attention the behavior of the self, the self prefers to defend, to protect, rather than to approach that which has been provided with curiosity…to state, “I didn’t realize that I was projecting myself in this way. It is curious…where does that fall in my lesson plan? What behavior is being called upon and why, for it is obvious that protection, defense, has been instituted by the ego.”