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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Embracement

Embracement does not mean that the self has healed the self completely; embracement simply means that the self recognizes that the self is indeed tied to the lesson plan and failure is often encountered due to the lack of awareness invested by the self. It is to embrace the self that I seek for each of you – to wrap the arms tightly about the self, to hold the self lovingly, particularly when the self is failing. It is to soften, to be kind and gentle with the self, to draw forth the intention - the desire of the self to learn, to know, to heal the self - recognizing that failure need not result in judgment, nor damaged feelings - recrimination need be aborted as soon as it is recognized, for it does not aid one in creating awareness in future; rather, it creates bitterness, resentment – energies that need be dealt with in future.

It is to recognize that to embrace another means that the self understands the lesson plan – the self understands that all negativity experienced by the self is due to failed lesson for the self or another for whom the self is embracing the lesson - taking the lesson upon the self, rather than recognizing that it belongs to another. Rather, the individual is focused upon the damage done to the self, blaming the other for damaging the self, rather than recognizing that the other has failed no one other than the self. Service has been provided to the self so that the self may see how another responds to lesson failure, to then examine the self to observe the self’s own failures, to determine if correction need be made. The failure of the self to cast off those energies given to the self, placed upon the self by another who was failing, is lesson indeed. To cast off those energies that are offered to the self by another who is failing to learn is simple – it is to look at the lesson to determine what the other has failed to see and it is to bring to the other’s attention that which is well seen by the self. It is holding the energies in limbo, so to say, until the other can retrieve them.