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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Physical Teacher

It is to honor the body - it is to thank it, to be grateful for all that the body has done for you - to love it completely, whether it is believed to be beautiful or plain, fat or thin, short or tall. It is for the self to embrace the self, to accept the self completely - large breasts or small breasts, large thighs or small thighs, large feet or small feet - to recognize that the self has been provided with the body most needed so that the self may learn. It is to be grateful for all that which has been provided to the self by the body; to be vigilant to its needs for rest, hydration, food, exercise, nurture, comfort - to aid its functioning is appropriate.

To recognize that the body is perfect and will continue to respond with difficulties, as long as these difficulties indicate lesson; it is to unravel the clues that are being provided to the self when the body is uncomfortable, determining the location and the significance to the self – “What does this mean?” - to provide the self with understanding of that which is being experienced.

It is to understand that the teacher is provided with lesson that oftentimes will not be provided to those who observe this teacher. Te' Auna is learning to relinquish the hold upon food as desire and to begin to address food as need. It is more difficult for her as she is surrounded by those who desire food and much effort is placed by her into the creation of desirable meals; this is appropriate as service and the service has continued as she begins to separate desire from need as it regards food.

It is important for you to recognize that the ego seeks to be fed, the ego seeks to be right; affirmation need be received from the teacher to the student. Challenge is the duty of the teacher – to question the student, “Is this how you feel? Are you certain? Are you certain? Are you certain? Are you certain?” Why does the teacher ask the student so many times if they are certain? Because it is often that the student responds to the 3rd inquiry, “I am uncertain.” It is the duty of the teacher to get to the base, the root of the issue, assisting the student to see the self fully, as completely as possible, in a short period of time, compared to that which would be needed if the self were performing self-observation alone. The majority of students who perform self-observation progress very, very slowly, for it is the ego that is providing the observations. It is important for you to recognize my sister, that the defensiveness that resides within, the demand for feeding that you endorse readily is what provides you with the feelings of challenge, of unhappiness, following these teachings. Do you understand my words?

Student: I think so – that the hunger is the same here as everyplace else.

Indeed. Do you believe that it would be in your highest and best interests for Te' Auna to smile at you and to say, “Indeed – my student you are so clever…you are so bright, so intelligent.”

Student: I wouldn’t believe her. I wouldn’t believe her for a minute. I might like it in the moment but I wouldn’t believe her cause deep down inside I don’t think it’s true.

And so why do you seek these words my student?

Student: That’s a good question. Maybe I want to believe it’s true and maybe that’s just part of the story.

What portion of the self seeks these words?

Student: I think it’s the little kid in me.

It is story, my sister – the child was well fed, was it not?

Student: Okay.

It is the adult that has been starved. It is speaking in terms of, “It is the little kid within me that seeks adoration and praise” - that you believe garners acceptance for this behavior. It is indeed the adult that seeks the praise that was received as a child. Do you understand?

Student: I do – thank you.

It was as a child that praise was garnered for minimal effort; it is now as adult that the self is desirous of praise for minimal effort. Am I correct my sister?

Student: Probably – I have stories around being a child and being not praised in any way, so the stories I’ve told myself may have colored the real.

Indeed. It is time for you to begin to see the self my sister; it is time for you to begin listening to the teacher that I have drawn you to.

Student: I agree with you.

As negative energies are released from the bodies, quieting of the mind becomes far more likely; it is for the student to satisfy the self with a few moments of restive thinking, of peace, listening to the music that the self finds opens the heart and to recognize that it is the ego that speaks to the self until the majority of the lessons have been learned. The ego, the unhealed portion of the self – it merely reiterates the story that has been constructed by the self again and again and again, until the story has been addressed directly, until it has been revealed as false, until the new story has been written. Failure to pay attention to that which is being stated within the mind ensures that these thoughtforms shall remain; all things need be addressed – all things need be addressed directly. If the self cannot resolve that which is being stated to the self, the physical teacher need be engaged to assist the self. It is important for each to seek outwardly for assistance.

Sol: Well, is it possible for me to have …my teacher…do I have a teacher that’s waiting in the wings?

Indeed - all consciousnesses have a Teacher my brother; this Teacher is referred to as the inner Teacher, that which is comprised of the Higher Self and the spiritual guide. You receive nudgings, urgings, hints, whisperings as well as the drawing forth of lesson so that the self may continue to learn at the self’s own pace. Te' Auna is attempting to expedite the pace for each student, recognizing that you each must decide, determine for the self, if you are desirous of such. As stated earlier, there is no penalty for seeking a path that is slightly reduced in pace.

It is to call upon the teacher, both physical and the inner Teacher, whenever the self finds that the self is unable to understand the experiences of the moment. When the self becomes confused or upset the self typically hides, believing that this is best.

Recognizing that if the self will judge the Teacher, how on earth can the self stop judging others? The teaching provided by Te' Auna earlier was masterful indeed, for she has learned that judgment is firmly rooted in the thoughts of the self; if each student embraces this teaching for the self and begins to recognize that all that is thought of another is merely residue – that which has been thought of the self, then different action, reaction can be selected in future. The self will find the self laughing when the self sees someone poorly dressed and will recall the self in the poorly buttoned shirt or the mismatched socks or the tie that did not go with the suit, the dress with the broken zipper at mid-day, the skirt that was torn – discovered after a full day of work. It is to recognize that all that is judged in another has been judged in the self many, many times before by others - it is the self that has embraced the judgment of another. It is this that creates the thoughtform.

It is karma in each lifetime that causes the student to depart from the spiritual path, for the self believes that all shifted, all became worse when the self stepped upon the path, when the self committed the self to being different. It is true of course that all does become much, much worse, for the Teacher has been granted permission – the student has stated, “I am prepared to step forth upon the path once again my Teacher. I ask that you take my hand and not release it until I beg you to do so.” It is only then that the Teacher will take a step back and allow the student to depart the path once again. The student is fully cognizant of the peril that has been invited for the self to experience, for karma has been called forth and cannot be put away until it has been experienced. When the student first steps forth upon the spiritual path the Teacher and the student plan that which is to be learned – all those things that were planned to be addressed must be addressed. The Teacher has no choice for these energies have been drawn forth from the astral body and placed into the physical body so that the student becomes more aware of the deep, underlying issues – those things that have yet to be recognized by the self, those things that have certainly not been understood. Once the energies have been placed in the physical body it is impossible to return them to the astral until death occurs, death of the physical body.

It is important that all students present understand that the self has granted permission to myself to draw forth energies of a karmic nature; these energies are detrimental to the physical body. It is important that the student dedicate the self to learn so that these energies may be removed before they cause damage once again. All energies that have been drawn forth from the astral body have resulted in the consciousness’ physical death in previous lifetimes. It is this that instills the sense of urgency, that tells the self, “I must focus my attention upon these energies. I must focus my attention upon the Teacher. I must utilize every spare moment to learn, to understand, so that these energies for which I have granted permission to draw forth and to place into my physical body can be removed before extensive damage has been done.” It is for all to look to Te'Auna to understand this, for she provided me with this permission more than 6 years prior. We have worked diligently together to eliminate the energies that resulted in cancer; this cancer had begun to grow some years previous – approximately 3 and one half years previous. It is not that Te'Auna was not committed and dedicated, that she was not diligent for she was; she simply was unable to learn the lesson. It was agreed in this lifetime that she would receive minimal support; for the teacher must experience minimal support so that it is never forgotten that no student should ever be left wanting. The inner Teacher, the teacher within, will always provide the energies needed for the next and the next and the next student. It is the teacher that need be committed to every student, to place the student first as long as there is need.

Sol: My question has to do with: how can we best prepare ourselves for, or to ease the releasing of the karmic energies into the physical body and eliminate the possible fatal or deleterious effects that they can have?

Dedicating the self to the lesson at hand is necessary my brother, making certain that the lesson has been fully integrated. You are thinking, “How does one do that?” It is by employing the physical teacher, for the physical teacher has access to myself. While the physical teacher may not understand all lessons that are being presented to the student at this time, the Teacher will make certain that the physical teacher guides the student appropriately. The lesson for the student is to share deeply of the self, honestly, completely, seeking assistance; for without this foundation underlayment - the relationship between the student and the teacher - the student is doomed to failure. The physical teacher is unable to aid the self unless the self is willing to seek assistance, unless the self is willing to provide all detail, unless the self is willing to open the self completely to another.

Loereve: Are the astral energies that are brought into the physical (body), are they always potentially deadly to the body for the student as they learn?

It is to recognize my brother that the environment within this particular physical body is somewhat different from the environment of the preceding physical shell. Those energies that are brought forth from the astral body may or may not do damage to the current physical body because the student has learned the lesson. It is testing that is then provided by the Teacher – many, many, many, many tests are provided to make certain that the student has indeed learned the lesson. These energies are then released. The energies that remain within the physical body year after year after year are those that are far more likely to cause damage. It is the thinking that causes the most damage for the student; self-hatred, self-distrust, self-doubt - these are the most destructive. These thoughts are running in the background, prohibiting the student from changing behaviors that have guaranteed failure in the past - in the past for this lifetime, as well as in past lifetimes.

To eliminate these energies the student must learn the lesson. It is rare that the student learns the lesson in a single lifetime – even two, three, five, ten lifetimes. The energies grow all the more powerful as do the behaviors. The structure of the groove in which the student moves is immobile, rigid; the student can rarely see over the sides of this structure, for the behavior has become so ingrained that the self believes that the self is doing that which is most appropriate. A fine example of this is one who is focused outwardly, upon others, to the detriment of the self. It is the self’s desire to be selfless, to eliminate selfishness, to serve others.

It is important to note that the student need never be concerned as long as the self trusts the Teacher – the physical teacher as well as the inner Teacher. For all is as it should be, all is necessary. Each lifetime is a building block utilized to access the next and the next and the next lifetime. I am Osiris. I am love. I am here to aid each of you as you dedicate yourself in this new year to knowing, to understanding, and to healing of the self. To focus every moment of your time in so doing, for time is indeed of the essence – it is time for each to step forth to heal the self so that service may be provided to others. Am I understood?

Recognizing the damage that the self’s ungrateful attitude causes to others is critical for one who seeks to eliminate future karmic callings. Recognition that the self is ungrateful, that the self treats the teacher abominably, indicates that the teacher is trying to draw to the self’s attention that the self treats others abominably as well, that gratitude is lacking, that damage is indeed being incurred upon others.

The Teacher has sought the elimination of the creation of future karmic callings, yet the student continues to create such - failing to recognize the bite that is provided to all those surrounding the self who seek to aid, failing to recognize the viciousness of the attack, of words that are unleashed upon another who merely seeks to aid. Failure to see the rabid nature of the self’s own ego, the viciousness of the response provided to one who has tentatively approached the self, due to the self’s own invitation, to aid. It is these individuals that will stop approaching the self once it is recognized that the self has changed the self’s mind and is no longer seeking assistance but has returned to the desire to be left alone, has returned to the previous behaviors, indicating that there is no invitation extended to others who think or feel differently from the self.

Opening the heart is the goal of all students that step forth, stating the self’s desire to know and to heal the self. Opening the heart is simple and can be done by any individual that is desirous of feeling love. One can focus upon the heart or one can focus upon a loved one, drawing forth the feeling within of joy, of peace, of deep pleasure, being in the company of one who is beloved by the self – one who need provide nothing to the self in order to draw forth this feeling. There are few humans upon the planet at this time that can say that they love another without condition, that the others’ behavior, that the other’s response holds no threat to the love felt for the other by the self. The majority of humans believe that they have experienced true love; yet, when questioned, determination is rapidly made that the love is conditional, for the love of the self is conditional. The self has not been accepted by the self, the self has failed the self – if the self can fail the self, how can the self possibly expect another to provide that which the self cannot provide? Therefore, all others are provided with similar love – conditional, to be withdrawn should the other fail to fulfill the expectations of the self.

It is the inner Teacher that first awakens the desire to love and to be loved. The student believes that it is another – the beloved, the friend, the pet – that has awakened this desire. It is the love provided by the inner Teacher that is diminished, criticized – indeed, refused; for the student fails to recognize that it is the Teacher’s duty to draw forth all that which lies within that prohibits the self from experiencing love in its purest state – that which is known as unconditional.

I am Osiris. I am love, unconditional. It is my honor to assist all those who step forth stating their desire to know and to heal the self. Recognizing that the ego is negativity - is not love, and is not desirous of the self experiencing love, should assist the self in recognizing that the kind voice – the one that informs the self in the words that the self seeks most to hear – is the voice that need be eliminated. As I have stated in previous teachings, it is the ego’s voice that is preferred by the student; it is the Teacher’s voice – whether the inner Teacher or the physical Teacher – that is judged, that is determined to be not what the self is desirous of hearing. It is to recognize that the intention of the self – to know and to heal the self – has been heard and the inner Teacher has called forth the physical teacher or has stepped forth to teach the student. The voice utilized by the Teacher is intended to draw forth the ego, so that the story of defense, the need for protection, can be destroyed. If the student fails to see the damage that is desired by the ego and fails to abort the behaviors demanded by the lesson plan, the student will fail to achieve the goals stated by the intention.

It is my desire to draw forth knowledge that will aid all those students that seek to overcome the power that is wielded by the ego. It is to recognize that the ego has been created by the self, as well as all previous selves; this negativity responds to the lesson plan, convincing the self of the importance of protecting, of defending the self. The self that has determined to be open, to open the heart, is the student that has learned that it is the ego alone that shields the heart. To be love is to recognize the role of the ego and to demand its cessation of activity as soon as its presence becomes known.

“I am love. I am open-hearted. I seek to assist. I seek assistance. It is my desire to experience all things.” These words incite the ego, demanding its presence to defend, to protect the self. Recognizing that defense and that protection are the responses informed by the lesson plan will aid the self in stating clearly and succinctly, “I am open to all experience. I need no protection for there is nothing to defend. I am love.”

It is important for each to recognize that Te' Auna is student as well as teacher. As she learns and shares with each of you it is anticipated that each will be able to cancel future lesson for the self; this occurs only if the self welcomes that which has been shared into the heart, recognizes it as truth and then realizes its value for the self by feeling that which has been felt by another. It is only if the self feels deeply that which has been felt by another that the lesson can be permanently cancelled, for the feeling will be brought forth when the self is challenged in future by the self’s Teacher - the feeling that will inform the self that answer has been earned previously and can be relied upon, for the self has experienced the lesson through another.

It is important for all students to recognize, all those present, that you have received the endorsement of myself for great purpose - that is to share with others the self’s journey; failure to do so states that the self has failed to recognize the value of the support that has been received by the self that is, most assuredly, uncommon – that which is not typically received by one who is beginning to walk the path to healing. It is to recognize that the self has been drawn to this circle for great purpose – to know and to heal the self, to place the self firmly upon the path, to begin to cancel karmic callings by endorsing the path of another. It is indeed uncommon that students would receive personal counsel to the degree that each of you have experienced. It is to draw forth recognition that you each are benefitting from the training being provided to Te' Auna, for she is being taught to teach. In order to learn how to teach, one must teach. It is my presence that raises the internal frequencies, increasing the vibration of all bodies, increasing sensitivity. All teachers are taught utilizing this process.

It is for the student to do the work. It is for the student to hold the intention. It is for the student to recognize that the Teacher is familiar with the self’s thinking, with the self’s intention; if it has been vocalized frequently enough, the Teacher has drawn forth example, experience for the self to recognize that the self’s intention need be modified or that the self’s intention is indeed being pursued. The intention of the student should never restrict the Teacher. My statement was focused upon the narrowness of the teaching that was to be welcomed by the students, “This is my focus – this is what I seek teaching upon.” I am aware of the intention of each; I am also aware of the actions of each that either agree/endorse the intention or that makes clear that the intention is not truly that which is desired by the self. It is my duty to draw forth all that which lies within. I will dispel the story created by the ego, for it is indeed often the ego that creates the intention.

Vocalization of the intention to the physical teacher is necessary and important if the student seeks support, for the physical teacher can bring example to the self of actions, activities that are in conflict with the intention. Vocalization of the self’s struggles, of the self’s successes are welcomed by the Teacher. It is important for each walking the path to healing to recognize that the Teacher knows all that there is to know about the self; it is the self that need be informed. Vocalization of what the self believes about the self is important; for often recognition can be made by the self of the faulty nature of the belief or the intentions of the self.

Love – all seek it, few understand it; few are able to draw forth love in its pure state – one that is free of judgment, one that nourishes and nurtures all that it greets. To understand the physical teacher is to understand that teaching is thankless; it requires extraordinary energies of love, understanding and desire to assist another. The student that battles the teacher oftentimes strains the teacher; it is this irritation that is unavoidable, for unconsciously the student, providing service as teacher, is aware that the self is being drained by the other. The student that is unable to love the teacher is the student that will struggle to embrace the words provided to the self by the teacher. It is important that all students be aware that the ego will fight the self tooth and nail, so to speak, from discovering that another has only the self’s highest and best interests at heart; rather, the ego prefers to tear apart the other, to judge, diminishing that which is brought forth for the benefit of the self. The self that embraces the judgments is the self that has decided that the teachings are not desired by the self at this time. Recognizing the self is important, seeing the self as others see the self – necessary, for one who walks the path to healing; for the student who fails to recognize those who seek to aid the self is the student that drains all those that come within the sphere of the self.

It is important for all gathered to recognize that the student that presents the self believes that the self is doing all possible to learn, to overcome the grasp of the ego. It is the belief that the voice of the ego is the voice of the Teacher that misleads the student. The ego will tell the self those things that the self believes the self would not say to the self; it is the teacher utilizing negativity to teach - that which lies within the self is drawn forth and provided to the self. Karma plays a major role in the teaching style utilized with the student. The student that has been dishonest will find the Teacher providing dishonesty. The student that has misled others will find the Teacher misleading the self. The student that has been cruel to others will find the Teacher being cruel to the self. The student that fails to show gratitude will find the Teacher that demands more and more and more from the student.

It is important for all students to recognize that to teach is no simple task, for the Teacher teaches the current self with full knowledge of the lessons that have been failed by the composites – those selves that comprise what is referred to as the composite. The current self is often shocked and dismayed at the tactics employed by the Teacher, believing that the voice of the Teacher is indeed the voice of the ego; the ego’s voice is kind, nurturing, compassionate, telling the self that protection and defense is critical to the self’s survival. Negativity is employed to amplify the messages being sent to the self from the mind, increasing negativity within the bodies exponentially, until the emotional body has overwhelmed the self completely; failure to recognize the tactics of the bodies results in failure for the student time after time after time. The Teacher can provide knowledge to the student of the variety in which I am providing in this moment but if the student fails to study, to draw forth the words into the heart, to feel them, to understand them deeply, then the next time that the mental body begins propelling the self with message, and the emotional body begins to overwhelm the self, all is forgotten.

The Teacher is patient. Lifetime after lifetime lessons are presented - lifetime after lifetime after the first, second, third, fourth awakening the self is determined to learn, to heal, to know the self. Many, many, many lifetimes pass as the experiences are garnered by the consciousness, making possible the time well into the future when the student will regain the original divinity belonging to the consciousness by removing all negativity, by becoming love unconditional once again. It is the Teacher’s duty to guide the student as long as the student presents the self for lesson. It is for the student to honor, to respect the teacher; to honor and respect all those participating in the self’s healing. Failure to provide honor and respect drains all, leaching off vital energies that could be utilized to endorse all students; for the teacher must be love in the face of negativity – the ego that determines to challenge the teacher is well-placed, as the teacher must be tested many, many times.

The Teacher that draws forth the student gently, calmly, slowly is the Teacher that will succeed, potentially, 10% of the time; for one individual in ten will open in response to love – the other nine students will take advantage of this Teacher. It is the Teacher that draws the student out by inciting them, by engaging the student’s pattern, so that example can be brought to the self’s attention – is the Teacher that will be successful with the majority of students. Those who remain focused upon the Teacher, rather than utilizing that which has been drawn forth by the Teacher are those that will learn that the self cannot learn as long as the ego and the ego’s agenda is endorsed by the self. It is indeed the ego that is focused outwardly, that is not desirous of focus upon the self; it is the ego that will do whatever necessary to defend, to protect the illusion that has been created, that has been well crafted, potentially through many, many lifetimes, in order to secure the yoke of the lesson plan about the consciousness.

The teacher provides no negativity to the student; rather, the teacher draws forth that which resides within. The student that fails to understand this basic tenet of the student-Teacher relationship is one that begins to resent all that which the teacher brings forth for resolution. The student that claims to be desirous of knowing and understanding the self determines that the teacher is too harsh, is too combative, too aggressive; indeed, the teacher is damaging the self. Those surrounding the self – if the self is vocal, if the self has shared the self’s journey with others – are frightened for their loved one, fearful that the individual that is known and loved will disappear. All begin to draw the student towards them, away from the path, indicating that the self was far happier prior to the onset of this journey – that the self is loved, the self is accepted…why does the self seek such misery for the self? Many turn away from the path at this time, determining that the self is no longer as desirous of this pursuit as the self believed the self to be. It is important to understand that the Teacher draws forth only that which is believed to be necessary, only that which the student can bear. Recognizing the attitude that places the burden upon the teacher rather than upon the self is primary, for failure to do so results in all focus being placed upon the teacher; it is the ego that is most desirous of the focus upon the teacher.

The student who walks the path to healing is arrogant. The connection with the ego is strong, the bond tight - only the student can weaken this bond, can loosen the hold maintained by the ego throughout the lifetime. If the student proves that the ego’s voice is indeed desirous, then the student must be released – it is that simple Te' Auna; for the teacher cannot win against this voice, for it is not intended. The student that prefers the voice of the ego need be allowed to maintain this relationship without injury by the teacher.