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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Depression

You shall speak of all negativity that is experienced by the self to another human being immediately upon the recognition. It is not several hours later my brother (Sol) – it is immediately. It is to begin to build the habit to be different, to draw forth negativity and to resolve it in the moment, rejecting field connection, thereby protecting the stores of energy inside that are positive in nature. Your acceptance of field connection for several hours depletes these stores. It is the cause of depression. It is the cause of aimless wandering for days following engagement. It is the reason for deep dissatisfaction with your path. It is the reason for the inability to make contact within the meditative state, for the etheric body has been depleted once again. It is time to be different my brother, if it is indeed your desire. If you choose the ego, as stated previously, I shall honor this choice.

To feel is the goal for all students; to feel begins with the experience of shock, awe, horror, amazement, dismay, disappointment, depression. The student that judges that which is being felt, rather than allowing the experience, is one that spends considerable time wallowing within the lesson plan rather than understanding that to feel is often a shock, is often unpleasant, is rarely pleasurable. It is the ego that sets the expectation for pleasure – that the self has earned these experiences - and when the experience is not favorable, it is the ego that draws forth disappointment, anger, sorrow in response, rather than allowing the self to feel the anger, the sorrow, the disappointment – to recognize it, to wear it, to taste it, to sense it, so that when the self meets with another who is suffering similarly, the self knows exactly what to do to aid the other. Rather, most humans avoid pain and pursue pleasure with abandon, care-less of those who are stepped upon so that the self may experience pleasure while forgoing pain. The student that fails to experience pain is often the student that inflicts pain upon others, for the self has yet to understand that which has been inflicted upon other; were the self cognizant, it is almost certain that the self would choose to be different.