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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Lesson Plan

It is important to understand terminology – integration: integration of the physical and the emotional body, integration of the physical, the emotional and the mental body, integration of the mental and the physical, integration of the mental and the emotional. This is what we seek when we speak of integration of the bodies – that the physical body work with the emotional body, the emotional body work with the mental body, the mental with the emotional, the mental with the physical, for they are all programmed to draw forth the lesson plan uniquely, each standing alone, each functioning to bring forth the lesson as demanded by the lesson plan selected by the inner Teacher for the student. It is as the student begins to learn, as the student begins to modify the self’s behaviors, as the student embraces wholeheartedly that each body is indeed programmed to respond in a particular fashion – it is then that the student can begin to step back, choosing more appropriately and allowing the bodies to function as they will, once the programming yoke has been discarded. The human body has been created to function in unity, for if the body, the physical body, fails to work with other components, the body would rapidly decline and become less than viable in short order.

It is to recognize that the self determines when the physical body, the emotional and the mental bodies, can begin to function cooperatively together; when the mental body stops amplifying the messages, when the emotional body stops creating confusion, when the physical body starts to inform the self more reliably of that which is needed. In order to do so, the self need step forth and state, “I seek understanding of each body. I seek understanding of the programming that prohibits the bodies from operating independent of the lesson plan. I embrace that the lesson plan is the cause of upset, of discomfort, of failure to recognize, failure to understand who I am not.” Failure to recognize the lesson plan provides permission to the inner Teacher to continue to draw forth to the self those individuals that will provide example, experience that is needed, in order for the self to see the self more clearly.

It is for all present to recognize that the self, as a child, is capable of triggering the parent and the parents’ lesson plans; the parents are chosen so that the child is presented with experience early in the life, so that the lessons can be learned. Recognizing that all things that happened to the self as a child were intended to bring forth choice, opportunity for choice – so that the inner Teacher could determine if the self had learned the lessons or if retesting was necessary in this lifetime. All lessons provided to the child are lessons that are being retested, including that of Communication and Soul’s Mission. The child that chooses appropriately, meaning that the child has learned the lesson, has responded in a fashion that states, “I understand the choice. I choose to be honest. I choose to speak only truth. I choose to look outside of my self. I choose to aid others. I choose to recognize that others fail, and it is not always my fault when another does so. It is to realize that until the consciousness responds appropriately, testing continues.

It is important for each student to recognize that the teachings are provided in order to allow each the opportunity to choose - to recognize that choice is indeed available and that the self has been discarding the self’s opportunity to do so; for it is the lesson plan that demands automatic answer, that demands speedy response - that states, “do this”, the self says yes…it then says “do that”, the self says yes…it says “don’t do this”, the self says yes…it says “don’t do that”, the self says yes. It is to defy all things that is the desire of the ego, for the ego is disagreeable – it seeks dominion, it enjoys its position at top where all beneath it are under its control and if the ego has done its job well, all are beneath it – all bodies, the self, the soul, the Teacher – all are beneath the ego, for none can be heard above this voice.

I shall now focus upon the communication style that is influenced by the mental body. This individual is capable of conveying information to another in a fashion that is ensured to provide that which is needed so that each may understand each. The desire of the individual to be understood becomes far more important later in the life, for the self determines that often the penalty is too great when the self shares too openly with another; rather, the mind is being utilized to observe the other to gain the upper hand, to understand the weakness as well as the strength in the other, which is often regarded as the opponent. The individual with the mental communication style often seeks to be recognized as better than, as more intelligent, as preferred above the rest…all others. The mental body fails to recognize the existence of the physical and the emotional bodies - it fails to make connection with the other in a way other than to size up the opposition, to recognize whether the other need be befriended, for their strength has been noted as equal to the self’s, or discarded, for their weakness renders them of little value to the self. It is to draw forth the physical and the emotional that is needed for the mental communicator, to purposefully make connection with the other, counseling the self that all others are not the opponent; rather, they are that which is needed by the self, so that the self can learn to communicate genuinely, utilizing the physical and the emotional bodies.

It is the ego that convinces you that that which has been requested is unimportant; that the desire of the self, the desire of the body, the desire of the emotions, that the mental desires – they are all more important than that which has been requested of the self. Judgment has been utilized to dismiss the request. It is to observe the lesson plan, my brother (Loereve) and to understand that judgment is ever present. That which is requested of you is judged to be important or to be unimportant. That which has been read by the self and believed is utilized to diminish the importance of that which has been requested by the Teacher of the self. As long as you allow the ego to dominate, judgment to be utilized, fortitude will be diminished, destroyed, as the self decides to stand back and wait until the self’s way is chosen, and then the self will step forth, for the self knows best according to the ego.

The student that has the lesson plan of Repression will attempt to repress another, to provide them with concepts or ideas that are believed to be more correct than that which is held by another. These energies are those that are passed to the lesson plan of Shame, as well as the lesson plan of Separation. The lesson plan of Shame will utilize the knowledge to be contemptuous and to diminish another who thinks differently. The lesson plan of Separation shall utilize the knowledge to overwhelm another completely, to inform another either audibly or silently that they are a fool to think differently and that the self cannot associate with one who is obviously so ignorant as to maintain such belief. It is important to note that the individual that is repressing another is providing valuable service – to awaken within the other anger or sorrow, to draw forth deep emotion that will cause the self to recognize, “I am being manipulated. I am being used. I am being diminished. I am being threatened” – so that the self recognizes the behavior of the self has invited this repression…has indeed invited this lesson.

All that is found within the lesson plan is not karmic in nature until the self has learned the lesson. Once the self has learned the lesson, the drawing forth of karma – to, in effect, repay the self for that which has been wielded/provided to another becomes appropriate. The student’s lesson plan draws forth others who can provide the self with lesson – that which has yet to be learned by the self, that which has yet to be learned by the other – the two then present lesson to each other. With the lesson plan of Repression, there will be one who fails to speak up for the self - there will be the other who, with this particular individual, has no difficulty whatsoever in speaking up for the self; this same individual however, with another who is stronger, would never respond to one who is attempting to repress the self. It is the lesson – to speak – that is being presented. The self represses those that are weaker than the self and allows the self to be repressed by those stronger. It is for the self to be the same self at all times – the self that speaks is the goal.

In order to learn the lesson plan of Repression, Shame or Separation, the self must begin to invite scrutiny, to invite assistance of another in all things; failure to do so states that the self chooses to repress the input of others.

I shall mention that a form of repression that is utilized frequently by those with the lesson plan of Shame and Separation, [not that it excludes the student that has only the parent energies of Repression] the behavior is to not share, to hide information from another. It is to keep information to the self, for this most effectively represses the input of another – if the other has no knowledge, how could they possibly attempt to aid the self? The self of course views that which is believed to be aid by the other as interference. The self is not desirous of interference; therefore, the self does not share experiences of the self with others.

It is my desire to draw forth knowledge that will aid all those students that seek to overcome the power that is wielded by the ego. It is to recognize that the ego has been created by the self as well as all previous selves; this negativity responds to the lesson plan, convincing the self of the importance of protecting, of defending the self. The self that has determined to be open, to open the heart, is the student that has learned that it is the ego alone that shields the heart. To be love is to recognize the role of the ego and to demand its cessation of activity as soon as its presence becomes known.

“I am love. I am openhearted. I seek to assist. I seek assistance. It is my desire to experience all things.” These words incite the ego, demanding its presence to defend, to protect the self. Recognizing that defense and that protection are the responses informed by the lesson plan will aid the self in stating clearly and succinctly, “I am open to all experience. I need no protection for there is nothing to defend. I am love.”

It is these statements that are suggested each time that the student becomes engaged. I am love. I seek to experience all things. I banish the need for defense and protection. I am love. To cough forcefully, to laugh, to do whatever is necessary to dispel the energetic hold that the ego has taken over the heart chakra; the heart has been shielded – the self has become cold, has become defensive, has become offensive, is no longer connected to those around the self, has withdrawn the self’s energies completely, for the self is in need of defense and protection. Failure to recognize that the self is engaged states that the ego has been provided with permission to conduct the experience once again; be assured the ego will select defense and protection each time it is provided with dominion.

I am love. I seek to experience all things. I banish the need for defense and protection.

The student that learns these statements, emblazoning them upon the memories - drawing them forth each time lesson is presented, feeling them within the heart – cannot fail. As long as they remain words in the mind, failure is ensured. It is suggested that the student work with these statements, to feel them – associating the feelings of love with the statement, “I am love” – drawing forth the fondness, the joy that is felt deep inside whenever the self feels loved…the safety, the reassurance that is felt by one who knows that the self can be the self. I seek to experience all things, recognizing that negativity teaches; those who fail to learn are damaged. The goal of the self is to learn. The student that has presented the self to the Teacher, desirous of knowing and healing the self, does not seek to damage the self any longer. It is calling to mind, “This experience brings negativity with it – I do not seek to damage myself nor the other. I shall take this energy, I shall draw it forth and I shall expel it [cough] forcefully. I shall shake the hands, I shall move the feet, I shall run in place, I shall do anything necessary to release the energies from my body until I become proficient at gathering them and expelling them with the cough. It is to recognize that the negative energies are there to ensure failure. The student that becomes aware of the presence of negativity and begins to expel this negativity is the student that learns rapidly.

To defend, to protect guarantees failure; for the other that seeks to aid the self has been informed that the self is not desirous of their assistance - the other that has learned will withdraw, leaving the self fortified, defended, righteous. It is the other that knows that the free will of another should never be interfered with by anyone other than the Teacher. The student that has presented the self to the Teacher has granted permission for the deconstruction of the ego; much testing has been provided prior to the student’s embracement. It is indeed the Teacher that ignores the behaviors, the actions of the student, until the student determines that the path is no longer for the self; only then will the Teacher relinquish the duty that was embraced when the student was accepted.

I am Osiris. I am with you to guide you to the goal to free the self of the lesson plan, to draw forth all that which lies within the self that prohibits awareness, that prohibits the self’s ability to recognize the lesson and to choose appropriately so that the lesson may be integrated.