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The Path to Healing

Teachings - Prejudice

The inability to forgive another is at the root of most controversies experienced by humanity at this time, throughout time indeed - controversies that are fueled by each new generation that are born and taught to never forgive, to never forget, to treat all those that come after the offender as if they were the original offender - this is the root of prejudice. The human that is able to understand the definition of prejudice - to pre-judge, to prohibit choice for another by informing them that they are incapable of being different; there are large portions of the population that are held in stasis by the thinking of other large portions of humanity. The belief that a particular race are slow or lazy or ignorant, incapable of caring for the self; these thoughtforms attach to these individuals, prohibiting them from escaping the field that has been created by those who pre-judge. Recognizing prejudice within the self is critical to breaking free of the field that fuels this thinking, important to all those who walk the path to healing, to recognize that all consciousnesses upon the earth are equally important, for each are present to bring forth particular experience, particular lesson.

Recognizing the self in others is tasking that few are proficient at performing; rather, the self is drawn to another who has similar interests, for the other reminds the self of the self and they are repelled by those behaviors that belong to the self that have yet to be revealed. Those who are viewed as obnoxious, controlling, conniving are those that are merely reflecting the image of the self’s own behavior back to the self. Failure to recognize the self in another ensures that lesson shall be drawn to the self so that the behaviors found to be so repugnant in another are soon revealed as belonging to the self as well. It is the inner Teacher’s duty to uncover all that which lies within, both positive and negative, until the self has embraced and decision made to retain the behaviors or to change. It is not the duty of the inner Teacher to accomplish change – it is the duty of the inner Teacher to accomplish recognition alone.

I shall ask each of you to survey the judgments made of the other three within this circle and to then survey the self to determine, “How does this behavior manifest within my self?” It is to be honest with the other, to inform them of the judgment and to then aid them in seeing the behavior that eludes them, to provide suggestion for change if the other vocalizes that they are desirous of doing so. It is for each to aid the other that is the goal of this circle – never to maintain silent judgment; for it is this that is detrimental to the other’s ability to be different. I refer you to the teaching labeled as “Prejudice”- for when the self judges another they eventually become prejudiced against the other, prejudging all behaviors, all responses, thereby prohibiting the other from being different in future, for opportunity is rarely extended by one who has already determined in the self’s own mind the outcome of this offering.